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Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

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Buy the best bathroom mirror online to match your style and fulfill your practical needs. Aquatica’s versatile selection of chic bathroom mirrors can complement a wide array of trendy designs from retro to contemporary. Handcrafted in the EU from Memory Gel, a special liquid polyurethane gel, Aquatica offers a variety of colorful and eco-friendly mirrors to choose from, including the Beatrice, Infinity and Eclipse collections. 

Aquatica Beatrice Self Adhesive Mirror With Holder

Beatrice Self Adhesive Mirror with Holder 05 07 (web)600

If you're looking for the ultimate mirror for all occasions, then it’s time to discover the Aquatica Beatrice Mirror . This smartly designed portable mirror allows you to accurately check your appearance in any bathroom, washroom or bedroom in your home. The Beatrice mirror is also a great accessory for your office, as you can place it on your desk, using the mirror’s holder case. Easy to transport, you can even take the mirror in a large handbag or small suitcase. Featuring dimensions of 7.75 L x 3.5 W x 10.25 H inches, the mirror is a similar size to an iPad. You can even put your tablet inside the holder, using it as a stand to watch a series or read a document. 

Aquatica Eclipse Self Adhesive Wall-Mounted Mirror

A quirky mirror with an unusual shape and style, the Aquatica Eclipse Wall Mounted Mirror provides a trendy appeal in a cool and subtle manner. This unique mirror can brighten up a contemporary minimalist bathroom, adding a groovy or eccentric twist without causing too much distraction. Statement mirrors can sometimes look a little gaudy, but the mirror’s small size of 7.75 L x 7 H provides a subtle style statement, without appearing flashy or over-the-top. 

Aquatica Infinity Zoom Self Adhesive Wall-Mounted Mirror

infinity zoom self adhesive wall mounted mirror (web)

Homeowners and interior designers looking for a round mirror online should consider the Aquatica Infinity Zoom Mirror . This cleverly designed mirror magnifies two fold, providing the best reflection for shaving or applying makeup. Featuring a simple symmetrical shape, this chic mirror can easily match any modern or contemporary bathroom design. This beautiful Infinity Mirror is also available to buy on our online store without the zoom magnifying effect. 

What Is Memory Gel?

Memory Gel is an innovative polyurethane gel. Aquatica’s experts pour polyurethane liquid into meticulously designed molds where it solidifies. The end product is completed by hand and given different looks according to the process they undergo. All products made of Memory Gel are exceptionally durable, resistant, elastic and non-toxic. 

Colorful Bathroom Mirrors

Memory Gel bathroom mirrors are available to buy online in a wide range of colors including black, white, dove gray, gray shadow, light gray and blue, as well as semi-transparent. Aquatica´s mirrors are designed to perfectly complement your existing bathroom finishes. 

A Smooth User Experience

Designed to provide a smooth user experience, Aquatica’s mirrors are easy to install, and can be used in any room. The Memory Gel’s elastic properties allow the Self Adhesive Mirror to easily stick to surfaces without drilling. Considered a hygienic choice, Memory Gel accessories are extremely easy-to-clean and maintain. 

Benefits Of Aquatica’s Self Adhesive Mirrors

  • Smart & stylish mirrors to match any decor
  • Crafted using a high-quality polyurethane gel
  • Wall mounted & portable mirrors for any room
  • Shock-absorbent and memory foam product
  • Available to buy online in our most popular finishes
  • Adhesion is excellent on glass, pottery, plexiglass and plaster

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