About Us

Formed in 2003 to offer a truly unique bathing experience, by combining ultimate luxury with the science of ergonomics. Aquatica’s founders explored the globe to find the most talented engineers, designers and craftsmen to create world-class bathroomware. The company’s headquarters is located in Canada and operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D center in Europe.

Aquatica’s aesthetics are rooted in timeless beauty and premium-quality Italian design traditions, offering customers a diverse range of styles from sleek and minimalist forms to imaginative reinterpretations of traditional bathtubs and basins.

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More Than Just a Bathtub™ Since 2003
Our Mission
Transforming bath and spa experiences across the globe by combining luxury with the culture of bathing and the science of ergonomics. Customers can benefit from exquisite, durable, high-tech and eco-friendly bathtubs, hot tubs, basins and accessories.
Our Vision
Investing in research and development to become the world’s most renowned producer of innovative, luxurious and sustainable bath and spa products.
Our Strategy
Aquatica’s aim is to expand our global reputation and recognition, regularly creating groundbreaking bath and spa products, and long-lasting strategic partnerships throughout the world.

Aquatica's philosophy of function, form, and fashion includes meticulous ergonomic design, advanced engineering, and the finest materials. Our customer centric approach ensures our customers receive exceptional products and premium service with 24/7 customer support and the best crating solutions.

Our Team

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Joseph Burnstein
Founder & CEO
+1 866 606 2782
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Diana Grybkovа
Co-founder, Director E-commerce
+1 866 606 2782
aboutUs industrial design
Maurizio Amato
Industrial Design Engineer
aboutUs communications manager
Doireann Mc Dermott
Corporate Communications Manager
+3 712 746 3063
aboutUs manufacturing manager
Eduards Vilnis
Manufacturing Manager
aboutUs chemical engineer
Aivars Abolins
Chemical Engineer

Our Manufacturing

Investing in innovation has been a key to our success. Researching and developing the best manufacturing methods and materials at our onsite solid surface composite laboratory allows us to create sustainable, healthy and aesthetically stunning high-end bathroomware. We manufacture award-winning AquateX™ solid surfaces using technologically advanced machinery and a special in-house developed formula, composed of acrylic modified polyester resin, filled with aluminum hydroxide and other specialized additives. AquateX™ offers remarkable chemical, stain, and fire-resistant properties.

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Our experts bind natural mineral derivatives inside our proprietary temperature controlled reactor, and cast them into moulds to create outstanding solid surface products. The parts are subjected to repeated heating and cooling cycles inside our proprietary curing oven to give our products improved surface hardness, blushing, and superior thermal shock resistance. We have full control of all aspects of production at our state-of-the-art EU manufacturing facility, ensuring the highest quality possible.