Aquatica Therapy Systems

Enhance Relaxation & Wellbeing With Aquatica Therapy Systems

Aquatica’s Therapy Systems can transform a regular bathroom into an exclusive spa sanctuary. Hydrotherapy is known for providing a wide array of health benefits. We offer three different therapy systems, designed to enhance relaxation levels and improve wellbeing.

  • HydroRelax: Delivers a world-class hydromassage with a stimulating heated massage. Equipped with up to 40 underwater chromotherapy LED lights, water recirculation with heating and temperature control featuring a high-tech keypad.
  • Relax AirMassage: Includes a keypad, ozone disinfection, up to 16 air jets with various pressure modes and up to 40 LED Lights. The Relax Pro is a two in one system, offering bathers the opportunity to enjoy a heated air massage.
  • Tranquility: Features an effective recirculation system with heating, and ozone disinfection. Two small integrated glass keypads allow you to keep the water at a desired temperature and select different chromotherapy modes.

Additional Components & Finishes

Take your spa experience to the next level with additional features:

  • Wetroom Add-On: Protects Aquatica Therapy Bathtubs against water damage, by concealing electrical components inside the tub body.
  • Bluetooth Audio: Perfect for music fans, this integrated waterproof audio system features powerful Class D amplifier technology and other high-tech features.
  • Covers: This stylish accessory ensures full protection in any climate. Made of antimicrobial synthetic leather, Leaderplast BIOCOTE®, it is hygienic, easy-to-clean, durable and stain resistant.
  • SuperGrip Mounting: Designed for yachts and balconies, this special system provides extra grip, making sure the tub remains in place.
  • Aromatherapy: The soothing perfume canister is plumbed into the air blower system, heating the air and releasing therapeutic fragrances from specially-infused beads.
  • Water-Chiller Heater: This state-of-the-art pump can either heat or cool the water in a hot tub, allowing you to enjoy a hydromassage experience outdoors in any temperature.
  • VorteX Minijet: Delivers hundreds of thousands of tiny air bubbles for an intensifying deep tissue hydromassage.
  • Control Panel: A high-tech keypad allows you to control all spa functions, including the pumps, air-massage, chromotherapy and water temperature.
  • Multiplex Bath Filler: Features a thermostatic valve and hand shower, along with other useful features.
  • Pneumatic Elevator: Gently lifts and lowers the bathtub or spa, providing easy access to all the control elements and plumbing components that are normally difficult to reach in built-in tubs.
  • Door Handle Extension: Ergonomically designed, the large handle provides better control, making it easy for all bathers to open and close the door. Available in white, red, orange, green or blue.