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Luxury Outdoor Shower

Luxury Outdoor Shower

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Luxury Outdoor Showers

A high-quality luxury outdoor shower is a fantastic addition to your resort, hotel, private club, outdoor swimming pool, or gym. Aquatica Gamma outdoor showers are perfect for those looking to rinse after being in the pool or ocean or cool down after a long workout under the hot sun. The sleek designs blend seamlessly into your property, adding to the sophistication and elegance of your space.

How to Choose a Luxury Outdoor Shower

Selecting a suitable outdoor luxury shower is crucial to giving your guests the first-class experience they expect from your properties. The showers provide a comforting and refreshing cool down for your guests after time in the pool, sand, or other outdoor recreation areas, and they help keep your properties clean. Using high-end outdoor showers that are aesthetically pleasing and durable can enhance your guest's experience and keep them happy. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your shower.

  • Location. Will your showers be freestanding or wall-hanging? Consider the property it is on, the surroundings, and the decor you are trying to blend in with when you choose the location and style of your shower.
  • Materials. Being outside, your showers will face the elements every day. Look for a shower made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Nozzles. Anti-lime nozzles prevent lime buildup so your shower continues functioning as it should and is easy to clean.
  • Water Emptying System. If you’re in a cooler climate, consider an integrated draining system to prevent the water from freezing in the winter.

There are additional features you can also consider, such as the height and width of the shower, whether you prefer hot or cold water, or even a hand shower or foot shower for your guests. 

The last thing to take into account is the use of the shower. If it is used by many, invest in commercial outdoor luxury showers, as they are more durable and will stand the test of time.

Advantages of Luxury Outdoor Showers

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Modern outdoor luxury showers are a great way to keep your properties clean and provide a stylish look. The elegance and sophistication of a luxury outdoor shower can add a touch of class and glamour to any outdoor space while it keeps the sand, dirt, and sweat on the outside.

By placing them in areas where guests need them most, such as by pools and hot tubs, near your recreation area , or as your patrons are just coming off the beach, you’ll keep your business spotless and let your guests know you are taking care of their needs.

Why Select Aquatica's Showers?

Aquatica is known as a luxury manufacturing brand for world-class indoor bathroom wares, outdoor spas , and showers. The showers are made with weather-resistant, marine-grade stainless steel and give your property a timeless beauty that synchronizes perfectly with any decor.

Our advanced engineering, innovative designs, and five-year warranty offer the best luxury showers on the market. All components for our showers are sourced directly from the United States or Europe, and our quality control team meticulously checks each item, ensuring a quality product.

If you’re looking for high-quality, luxury outdoor shower fixtures, check out Aquatica today. Then, let’s see how our incredible showers can fit your budget and property!

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