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Smart & Stylish Bathroom Accessories To Hold & Dispense Soap

Complete your bathroom decor by adding some final touches with Aquatica’s modern collection of stylish accessories. Handcrafted in Europe, Aquatica’s in-house developed bathroom accessories are made of a cutting edge Memory Gel material. Combining fashion with functionality, our extremely durable soap holders and dispensers are ideal for all types of bathrooms, including commercial and residential. Technically  unbreakable, our smart accessories are completely safe to use in family bathrooms.

A Smooth & Enjoyable User Experience

Designed to provide a smooth and flawless user experience, our cleverly designed soap holders and dispensers are extremely easy to use. The Memory Gel’s elastic properties allow the Self Adhesive Soap Holder to easily stick to surfaces without drilling. Considered a hygienic choice, Memory Gel accessories are extremely easy-to-clean and maintain. 

What Is Memory Gel?

Memory Gel is a state-of-the art polyurethane gel. Aquatica’s experts pour polyurethane liquid into meticulously designed molds where it solidifies. The end product is completed by hand and given different looks according to the process they undergo. All products made of Memory Gel are exceptionally durable, resistant, elastic and non-toxic. 

Choose A Colour To Match Your Bathroom

Memory Gel Bathroom Accessories are available to buy online in a wide range of colours including black, white, dove gray, gray shadow, light gray and blue, as well as semi-transparent. Aquatica´s fashionable accessories are designed to complement your existing bathroom finishes in remarkable style.

Advantages Of Memory Gel Accessories

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  • Easy-to-clean with soap & water 
  • A safe, non-toxic & sustainable material
  • Memory Gel is thermally insulated, preserving heat 
  • Naturally adhesive, it can easily adhere to surfaces
  • Includes a special glue to increase load capacity without drilling

How Do I Install The Memory Gel Soap Holder?

Carefully remove the protective plastic slowly and steadily before applying the self adhesive Memory Gel Soap Holder to the wall or bathtub. Make sure the area is dry and clean before attaching it to the surface.

How Do I Reposition The Soap Holder?

  • Follow these simple steps to reposition the Memory Gel Soap Holder:
  • Gently remove the soap holder with your hands, avoiding abrupt movements
  • Spray some water in order to facilitate the removal
  • Wash the product carefully with soap and water
  • Air-dry the soap holder, making sure it is 100% dry
  • Gently reposition the soap holder on a clean surface 

What Adhesion Factors Should I Consider?

  • Adhesion is excellent on glass, pottery, plexiglass and plaster. Be cautious when re-positioning the product on plaster as the plaster could be spoiled
  • Adhesion is reduced on mosaic, tiles with joints and other uneven surfaces
  • Adhesion is minimum on rough stone

Can I Buy Other Memory Gel Bathroom Accessories? 

Aquatica offers a diverse array of trendy Memory Gel Bathroom Accessories for sale online, including Head Rests , Wall Mounted Mirrors , Tooth Brush & Toilet Brush Holders , Coat Hangers & Shower Squeegees and more. 

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