Commercial Outdoor Shower

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Commercial Outdoor Shower

Commercial Outdoor Shower

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Commercial Outdoor Showers

Commercial outdoor showers are a great addition to any resort, pool, private beach club, or other facilities. These showers can help keep your property clean and allow your staff to focus on other aspects of the business. Selecting the right shower is crucial to creating a sleek design and allowing your showers to blend seamlessly into your property. Consider these ideas when choosing your outdoor showers.

Selecting Your Outdoor Shower

Commercial outdoor showers make life easier for you and your customers, but knowing what to purchase for your business is crucial to getting the best results with your showers. Whether your patrons use the shower for a quick cool down or to rinse off after a day in the sun and sand, the showers need to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Here are a few tips on what to look for when selecting the right showers:

Commercial vs. Residential. Be sure you're looking at the right shower for your purpose. While a residential shower may seem less expensive initially, the materials are lower quality and will not withstand day-to-day use, costing you more in the long run. Take time to find a solid commercial shower that is suited for daily use by your guests.

Location. Will your shower be freestyle or hanging from a wall? Where on your grounds will it be placed?

Materials. Look for a shower that uses Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L. This low carbon stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and durable, making your shower investment look stylish for years.

Shower Nozzles. Find a shower that has an anti-lime nozzle. These nozzles ensure there is no lime build-up so your shower continues to function properly and is easy to clean and maintain.

Water Emptying System. This system helps keep your property looking nice and stops water from running all over your grounds. If you're in a cooler location, consider this integrated winter draining system to prevent freezing in the colder temps.

Additional Features. Consider your purpose for the shower. Additional features like height and width, hot or cold water, and hand-held nozzles to get sand off are luxury items that can be useful for your guests.

Advantages to Having Commercial Outdoor Shower Fixtures

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Outdoor showers are perfect for keeping your business clean for your guests. Modern designs with alluring elegance will blend beautifully into your property and help with easy maintenance. Patrons can rinse off sand from the beach, wash off the chlorine from your pool, and refresh after a strenuous run or workout. The grime stays out of your business, keeping both guests and employees happy.

Outdoor commercial shower towers are made to be placed where you deem them most applicable. Swimming pools, hot tubs, or even your garden or recreation area. You choose where your guests will need them the most.

Why Choose Aquatica’s Outdoor Showers?

Aquatica has top-of-the-range hanging and commercial outdoor shower towers for sale for your pool, beach area, or outdoor gym. They are made with weather-resistant, high-quality materials. Aquatica's showers are durable, eco-friendly and offer a timeless beauty that harmonizes with any property’s appeal.

With ergonomic design, advanced engineering, and a 5-year warranty, these luxury showers are the best on the market. Aquatica controls all aspects of shower production at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and we only use high-quality components directly from the United States or Europe.

Check in with Aquatica and see how our shower designs can fit your project and price budget today!

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