Infinity Edge Hot Tubs

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Infinity Edge Hot Tubs

Infinity Edge Hot Tubs

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An Infinity Edge Hot Tub uses what makes hot tubs great as its foundation, with a framework of something truly magical. These extravagant spas create a special relationship with the outdoors. Not only do these spas transform their environment and work well with a scenic view, but the “vanishing” edge removes any abstractions as well, allowing you to truly soak in the view of a lifetime, whether on a yacht, in a backyard, on a beach, or anywhere else life has taken you. This unforgettable spa experience only gets elevated with the newest technology, luxury, and function available in the market.

Benefits of Infinity Edge Hot Tubs

A spa like no other - we don’t just mean looks. Tech, innovation and speciality add to create an appreciation that only gets accentuated by a sleek and modernistic design ample for 4-6 people.

  • The spa’s water level always remains the same, with no price to pay in return. No matter how many people are inside, entering, or exiting.
  • Recirculation creates an exceptionally sustainable product that only loses a few drops due to splashing. This also allows the infinity system to retain heat and need fewer spa care products.
  • Deep Soaking bathing experience.
  • Hydrotherapy and Chromotherapy
  • Study-proven benefits in relieving muscle pain and tension, as well as the mind through stress relief.
  • Additional features: Bluetooth audio, a water chiller , electrical fill and drain system, a pneumatic elevator , and more options.
  • Thorough Filtration: A sanitizing process using a double and single cartridge filter, dual action ozone disinfection, and strain basket creates a safe yet simple-to-manage system.
  • A seamlessly integrated LED-lit capacitive glass keypad allows you to change the edge and water colour, temperature, therapy cycle, filtration and more to your convenience.

Infinity Hot Tub Design Features

To ensure the highest quality possible, Aquatica goes infinity and beyond of what is expected. The intent with every intricate detail is what truly makes an already beautiful product take that next step.

  • Maridur : Maridur is a smooth-to-the-touch, moisture-resistant material that can withstand harsh climates and heavy wear and resist rapid color degradation.
  • Thermory Wood : Aquatica’s natural wooden hot tub panels are made of 100% real wood, which gets thermally modified in a chemical-free process. This makes the wood waterproof and hard-wearing material, allowing the warm timber tones to live on and on in its natural outdoor habitat.
  • Luxury easy-to-clean composite material DurateX™ - found in each spa, another juggernaut capable of withstanding exposure to chemicals, scratches, and UV-Rays.
  • Continuous flow over the spa’s “vanishing” edge creates a seamless water surface effect.
  • Decide between freestanding or inground installation.
  • Integrated noise isolation creates a peaceful and quiet spa.
  • Aquatica’s spa’s hydromassage jets are also free-moving and completely adjustable, meaning you can implement them to your leisure needs.
  • Implemented and perfected ergonomics. Multiple people can lie down in relaxation up against our world-class memory gel headrests.

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Why Aquatica USA?

Aquatica sets the bar in the bath and spa industry for others and itself - constantly trying to outdo itself at any cost. The same standard applies to Infinity hot tubs. Rooted in the company is the traditional formula of crafting an eco-friendly product of high-tech, and exquisite style, which creates solutions in our world. Manufacturing through EU powerhouses, using the best European and American materials , designers, engineers, and components, and pioneering modern function and features, it is clear how actions begin to speak louder than words regarding pinnacle quality. Proving a correlation, the best-selling luxury Vibe Infinity Spa made a resembling mark in recency, becoming the world’s first Hydromassage spa that combines active therapy with passive therapy, created entirely by care-driven ambition—showing that with Aquatica’s newest step in the infinity spa space, the refinement of our process only accumulates.

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