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Tooth Brush Holders

Tooth Brush Holders

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If you're looking to buy a high-quality bathroom cup or toothbrush holder, take a look at Aquatica’s exclusive collection of bathroom accessories for sale online. Aquatica’s toothbrush holders are made of Memory Gel, an innovative and eco-friendly polyurethane gel. This premium material ensures the cups are durable, waterproof, elastic and non-toxic. 

Do I Need To Buy A Toothbrush Holder?

Yes, every bathroom needs a toothbrush holder, so it is important to buy the best storage cup to match your style and practical needs. Toothbrush holders collect a lot of dirt and bacteria, this is the reason you need to choose a hygienic and easy-to-clean bathroom cup for storing dental essentials, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. 

Aquatica Beatrice Self Adhesive Bathroom Drinking Cup & Toothbrush Holder

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The Aquatica Beatrice Bathroom Drinking Cup and Toothbrush holder is a smart and stylish bathroom storage accessory. Exceptionally flexible, the toothbrush holder is technically unbreakable, even if you squeeze it, the bathroom cup always returns to its original shape. This makes it a fantastic product choice for a family bathroom, as even babies or toddlers cannot break this truly durable bathroom cup. The toothbrush holder is currently available to buy online in various beautiful finishes, including white, black, blue, dark grey, light grey and dove grey. To discuss other colors and bespoke bathroom accessories, chat with our dedicated 24/7 online customer support specialists.

What Is Memory Gel?

The Beatrice Bathroom Drinking Cup and Toothbrush holder is made of a leading-edge polyurethane gel, called Memory Gel . Aquatica designs and crafts a wide array of unique and useful bathroom accessories from Memory Gel. Polyurethane liquid is poured into meticulously designed molds where it solidifies. The end product is completed by hand and given different looks according to the process they undergo. All products made of Memory Gel are durable, shock resistant, elastic and non-toxic. 

Buy Matching Bathroom Accessories  
If you're looking to buy other bathroom accessories to match your toothbrush holder, then it’s time to discover Aquatica’s entire collection of Beatrice bathroom accessories. These smartly designed accessories include an ergonomically designed bath headrest , storage tray , soap holder , soap dispenser , self adhesive mirror , shower stool and a toilet paper holder

Benefits Of Aquatica Toothbrush Holders

  • Smartly designed bathroom accessories 
  • Versatile aesthetics to match any decor
  • Hand-crafted artisanship, using innovative Memory Gel
  • Technically unbreakable, the cups are durable and flexible 
  • Suitable for different purposes such as a storage or drinking

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