Matte Black Vessel Sink

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Matte Black Vessel Sink

Matte Black Vessel Sink

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Buy a luxurious black matte vessel sink to impress your guests and complete your chic bathroom decor. Our unique selection of carefully crafted European black matte vessel sinks for sale is the perfect solution for discerning interior and home designers, searching for high-end products with effortless style. Combining luxury with functionality, our upscale sinks are considered to be an excellent long-term investment as they are durable and easy to maintain. Vessels sinks made of our remarkable proprietary stone composite material NeroX™ , are considered to be a smarter alternative to traditional stone, as this material is lighter in weight and can be purchased for a more affordable cost. Buy a beautiful black matte vessel sink in oval, round, rectangular or unique shapes to add some wow factor to your bathroom look.

Aquatica’s Innovative Black NeroX™ Material

We heavily invested in our research and development department to create a truly innovative material for an affordable cost that is durable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, fire & heat resistant, low-maintenance, and UV resistant. NeroX™ (formerly AquateX™ Black) is a blend of Hematite and Boehmite minerals with cutting edge acrylic modified resins and a high-purity carbon black pigment. Our experts created an aesthetically stunning, high-performance black solid surface material using a high-speed, vacuum-assisted, dispersion and mixing method.

Easier To Clean Than Any Other Black Stone Sink

NeroX™ can be easily cleaned with a simple detergent and microfiber cloth, removing cigarette burns, ink, hair dye, crayons, wine and coffee stains. A simple, periodic treatment with Nanowax can act as a stain protective barrier to minimize any wear and tear.

NanoGuard™ Protects Against Scratches and Chemicals

Customers who buy a black vessel sink online can benefit from NanoGuard™ protection. This is a nanotechnology-based sacrificial layer of protection. It makes the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches and harsh chemicals. This is a great choice for interior designers who are buying sinks, baths or lavatories for commercial facilities. 

Reasons To Buy Online A Black Matte Vessel Sink:

●    World-class, stunning & sustainable products;
●    Luxury for an affordable cost with great sales; 
●    An enjoyable purchasing experience;
●    Attentive 24/7 online support chatbox;
●    Efficient delivery & reliable crating solutions;
●    Flat rate shipping on most purchases;
●    Rigorous quality control procedures.

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