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Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone Vessel Sinks

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Buy An Aquatica Stone Composite Vessel Sink

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Wash your hands in style by buying one of our exclusive Italian designed stone composite vessel sinks. This ultra-luxurious sink will become the focal point of your upscale bathroom. We offer interior and home designers the opportunity to buy a stunning stone composite vessel sink in many different shapes, colors , styles and price options. Our sinks offer a diverse array of exciting design opportunities and can complement any style, from contemporary to vintage. Aquatica manufactures world-class bathroom ware at our state-of-the-art European factory, using truly innovative proprietary easy-to-clean materials .

An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Real Stone

Aquatica’s stone composite vessel sinks are the best sustainable alternative to marble and other real stone sinks. A growing number of consumers and interior designers choose to buy stone composite materials instead of real stone for moral and pragmatic reasons. The manufacturing of real marble and other stone for the interior design industry generates a huge amount of waste and damage to the environment. 

A Light-Weight Solution 

Real stone is extremely heavy and expensive compared to our award-winning light-weight and cost-effective material AquateX™ . It makes much more sense to buy an Aquatica stone composite vessel sink instead of a real stone sink, especially for jets and yachts, when you must take weight into account. 

Buy A Vessel Sink In Any Colour

Aquatica offers high-quality stone composite vessel sinks for sale in a variety of rich colours including red, gunmetal, green, black and blue on the exterior with a pure white interior. Customers have the unique opportunity to buy a customized stone vessel sink in any colour from the RAL colour chart, which offers 200 colours. Our specialists are available online 24/7 to help you select the perfect colour. 

Pure White Vessel Sinks

Impress your clients and guests with our award-winning technologically advanced material Aquatex. This groundbreaking material features hypoallergenic, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, durable, and fire-resistant properties. Vessel sinks made of AquateX™ are considered to be an excellent long-term investment, thanks to the material's hygienic, watertight and UV resistant features.

Black Stone Composite Vessel Sinks

Millennium Blck 90 Stone And Wood Bathroom Vanity (1) (web)2 13

Black stone composite vessels sinks are considered to be art nouveau in interior bathroom design. Our black stone composite vessel sinks made of Aquatica’s cutting edge material NeroX™ offer unprecedented aesthetics and outstanding functionality features. We substantially invested in research and development to create an exquisite, high performance black solid surface material. All of our black vessel sinks for sale online include the NanoGuard™ protection . This makes the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches and harsh chemicals.

An Ultra-Luxurious Sparking Material 

Buy a Luna stone composite vessel sink online to add some special sparkle to your home. This beautiful vessel sink features a white marble-like surface, made of AquateX™ LuX high-gloss material . This is a durable, ultra-polished material that is extremely easy to clean. 

5 Reasons To Buy An Aquatica Stone Vessel Sink 

  • A lighter alternative to real stone
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective sinks
  • Italian designed products, made in the EU
  • 24/7 professional and attentive customer support 
  • An easy and enjoyable online shopping experience

Discover the best bathroom ware available online to suit your design needs for an affordable cost with fantastic discounts and sales on offer. Benefit from reliable crating and delivery options. Flat rate shipping is available for most purchases. 

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