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How to Choose the Right Hot Tub?

Follow these simple steps to find the right hot tub for you. 

  1. Hot tub seating
    Start by deciding the amount of seats you will need, to ensure your family and friends enjoy the most comfortable and relaxing hot tub spa experience. 
  2. Size
    Based on your measurements of the area you plan to install the hot tub, choose the best exterior length to make sure the tub perfectly fits your space. 
  3. Installation type
    Select either a freestanding hot tub or an easy to access built-in hot tub to suit your style and needs.
  4. Material
    Select the right material to match your design vision, made of light-weight DurateX™ composite with different options for the exterior, including a natural Thermory Wooden cabinet, a German-made Maridur® white composite panel cabinet and more. 
  5. Additional features & accessories
    Finalize your order by adding some extra features and services to create the best spa experience and meet your practical needs, such as Bluetooth Audio , a Hot Tub Cover , the Aromatherap y Package, a Pneumatic Elevator , an Electrical Fill , an Electrical Fast Drain System for Yachts and Installation Supervision.

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Luxury Hot Tubs For Sale - Create the Best Spa Experience

Buy a state-of-the-art hot tub with therapeutic benefits for your home or commercial property, to provide some luxury and tranquility to your indoor space. Hot tubs with an impressive aesthetic design always add the wow factor, impressing guests and completing your beautiful decor. Aquatica’s exclusive collection of world-class hot tubs come in different shapes, styles, sizes and prices. We designed all of our hot tubs to ensure customers receive the best possible hydromassage spa experience with a special ergonomic design, powerful jets, chromotherapy, bluetooth, aromatherapy and other great features. Aquatica offers in-ground and freestanding hot tubs made of our cutting edge light-weight composite DurateX™ , combined with different types of beautiful exteriors including natural wooden siding , Maridur® white composite panels and more. 

Add a Hot Tub to Your Home 

Unwind after a long day’s work or at the weekend in an ultra-relaxing hot tub. Having a hot tub in your home can not only improve your daily lifestyle, but it can be great for parties and celebrations. Hot tubs are a great form of entertainment, and create a fantastic atmosphere for you to enjoy meaningful conversations and special moments. Buying a hot tub can also enhance the commercial appeal of your property, if you plan to sell it at some stage. 

Buy a Hot Tub to Grow Your Business

A hot tub can enhance your commercial property’s appeal, making it an attractive destination for a spa getaway. Hotels, b&bs, cottages, lodges, log cabins and apartments for rent with a hot tub are usually high in-demand. A room in a hotel with a hot tub offers that special VIP celebrity feel. Hot tubs are perfect for couples to enjoy a romantic trip, and celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and wedding proposals. A hot tub with a beautiful exterior combined with high-tech and therapeutic features can help your business stand out from the crowd, improving your customer reviews and online ranking.

Physical & Mental Health Benefits

Many health experts believe hot tubs provide a wide range of health benefits, curing both the body and soul. Medical research supports the use of hot tub spa hydrotherapy for the treatment of stress, anxiety, lower back pain, insomnia, sport injuries, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, and arthritis. Many celebrities and athletes are big fans and have hot tubs in their homes. 

Enjoy a Magical Chromotherapy Effect

Create the most relaxing atmosphere with special chromotherapy treatments, thanks to the LED spotlights in the Colour Sense system inside the hot tub spa. Enjoy a magnificent chromotherapy performance at night when the water’s surface glows, transforming into a sequence of soft colours. 

Ergonomically Designed for All Heights

The special ergonomic design of Aquatica’s outdoor jacuzzi hot tubs guarantees the most comfortable spa experience for all heights, shapes and sizes. The Downtown spa series feature adjustable, high-volume jets with a rotation effect. Thoroughly pre-tested jet placement ensures the most enjoyable balanced full body massage with an emphasis on the back.

Long-Lasting Structure

Aquatica hot tubs are made of a sturdy stainless-steel structure that extends their service life. The stainless-steel structure distributes and supports the weight of the hot tub and will last for decades in service, even under humid conditions. Aquatica hot tubs include a structural warranty of up to 25 years, which demonstrates their outstanding durability. 

Safe & Effective Hot Tub Water Treatment

All Aquatica hot tubs consist of a state-of-the-art hot tub water disinfection system. Utilizing Advanced Oxidation Process (“AOP”) technology with integrated ozone and UV disinfection process makes it easy to maintain, clean and clear water with minimal need for bromine. 

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Extra Features & Hot Tub Accessories

  • Bluetooth - Listen to your favorite tunes with our integrated Bluetooth option, featuring high-quality sound.
  • The Aromatherapy Package - Enjoy a therapeutic spa experience with our special aromatherapy package. Our soothing perfume canister releases fresh fragrances from specially-infused beads, when the air is blowing.
  • Hot Tub Cover - Buy a fashionable hot tub cover made of a special, durable material to protect your hot tub. Aquatica’s hot tub covers cool 20% faster than vinyl covers. In freezing temperatures, our UltraLeather tub covers do not stiffen or crack like genuine leather or vinyl. 
  • Electrical System for Yachts - If you would like to buy a hot tub for your yacht, you can add the Electrical Fill and Electrical Fast Drain System to your order. 
  • Pneumatic Bathtub and Spa Elevator - Some of our hot tubs include the option to buy the Pneumatic bathtub and spa elevator. This makes it easy to maintain and service your built-in therapy bathtubs, hot tubs and spas with our new pneumatic elevator. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should I pay for a hot tub?

Online prices for hot tubs, whirlpools and spas can differ greatly. It is important to view a hot tub as a long term investment. Buying a smart and durable hot tub can save you money and time on repairs, maintenance and energy consumption. 

How much does an Aquatica hot tub cost?

You can see the price of the hot tub under each hot tub and spa listing. Prices for our outdoor hot tubs range from $13,995 to $35,990. 

Where can I find the dimensions of an Aquatica hot tub? 

The dimensions of each hot tub are mentioned on each product listing. You can also download the illustrations under the technical documentation.

What is the weight of an Aquatica hot tub?

The weight of the hot tub depends on the product model. You can find the weight of each hot tub in general parameters under the details section of the product listing. 

How many years will my new Aquatica hot tub last?

Aquatica hot tubs come with a 10 year warranty for the hot tub shell and a 25 year structural warranty. Some hot tubs for sale online may only last a few years, but our warranty demonstrates the durability of Aquatica’s hot tubs and spas. 

How do I install my new Aquatica Hot Tub? 

The hot tub installation guide can help you understand the installation process. We also offer a special supervision installation service for certain destinations. We can dispatch an expert engineer or technician to train your plumber and oversee the hot tub installation process.  

How do I clean and maintain an Aquatica Hot Tub?

Aquatica hot tubs, spas and whirlpools are made of an easy-to-clean material. You can read our cleaning and care manuals under the technical documentation downloads on the product listing page. 

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