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Who said bathrooms couldn't be as elegant as other rooms? Aquatica's extensive selection of corner bathtubs can help you create a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom without overwhelming the space. These tubs have been ingeniously engineered to fit into the often-neglected or underutilized bathroom corners, allowing you to maximize your bathroom's floor space. Read on to understand how this works.

When You Need to Choose a Corner Bath

Is a corner bathtub something you've considered for your bathroom but aren't sure if it would be a perfect add-on? Or are you not satisfied with your bathtub and looking for something more luxurious? A corner bathtub could be precisely what you need to transform your bathroom into an elegant relaxation haven.

So, when should you choose a corner tub? Below are a few reasons:

  • To save space: As the name suggests, corner bathtubs occupy the less-used spaces in bathroom corners. This arrangement creates extra room at the center section for easy movement, drying off, and dressing tables.
  • To create a relaxation area: A corner tub is an excellent choice for those who value privacy when unwinding at home. These tubs are perfect for a relaxing whirlpool soak away from other family members.
  • To add luxury to your bathroom: The elegance of corner bathtubs can add a touch of class to even the dullest bathrooms, enabling you to experience spa-like indulgence from the comfort of your home.

Advantages of a Corner Freestanding Tub

Corner freestanding tubs are ideal for traditional-style homes. Unlike conventional built-in corner bathtubs, they are not mounted on the bathroom floor or wall. They, therefore, require less time and effort to install.

Some of the advantages of corner freestanding bathtubs are:

  • They 'float' in the room, giving the space a sophisticated traditional look
  • You can easily move them when washing the bathroom because they're not mounted on the floor, enabling you to keep the space around them clean
  • Most of them have spacious corner rims, allowing you to install other accessories like a shower and shower curtain. 

Advantages of a Soaking Corner Tub

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Soaking corner tubs are often 55 to 66 inches long, deeper than average bathtubs. Some brands, like Aquatica, produce even longer models–up to 70 inches long.  They're perfect for homeowners who love whirlpool baths .

Most soaking tubs are freestanding and feature full-body submersion, thus ideal for ultimate relaxation. They typically come in three materials — acrylic, stone resin, and cast iron. Many homeowners favor acrylic tubs due to their sleek appearance and affordability compared to resin baths . Enameled cast iron is your best shot if you want a tub that's easy to clean and has excellent heat retention.

Advantages of a Deep Corner Bath

A deep corner bath is a steep-sided bathtub. Most of these tubs have compact designs. You can relax in a full-body soak in a sitting or reclining position in one of these tubs. As with most baths, deep corner tubs are available in acrylic , stone resin , or cast iron.

So, why should you choose a deep corner bath? Here are some of their benefits:

  • They offer ultimate relaxation by allowing full body immersion, ensuring the knees and other body parts are not left to freeze, even for tall people
  • They occupy less space
  • They enhance your bathroom's look.

Why Aquatica USA?

When you search for "corner baths for sale in the U.S.," you'll find tens of manufacturers and vendors claiming to offer the finest tubs. So, why choose Aquatica USA over other suppliers? What sets us apart from the rest?

Aquatica invests heavily in quality. We collaborate with top-tier designers and artisans to ensure our customers receive the best bathtubs and freestanding corner tubs. Before certifying any product for dispatch, our specialized quality control team must examine it to ensure it satisfies our stringent standards. 

We're so confident in our items' quality that they're all backed with warranties. Our acrylic corner tubs, for instance, come with a 10-year limited warranty. 

The best part is that you can access our inventory and select the most comfortable bathtubs without leaving home, thanks to our demo videos, 360 bathtub model reviews, and 3D bathtub ergonomic visualization app.

Our call lines and live chats are always open should you have questions about our bathtubs. We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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