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Enjoy Ultimate Luxury & Comfort With Memory Gel Bath Headrests 

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Carefully crafted in Europe, Aquatica’s ergonomically designed headrests provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Specially made Memory Gel Headrests take the bathing experience to the next level, allowing the body to completely unwind against a soft and flexible bath pillow. Memory Gel Headrests naturally adapt to the shape of your body, allowing you to recline and relax in luxury. Featuring superior aesthetics, the Aquatica Memory Gel Bath Headrest is a luxurious alternative to suction cup pillows, and will perfectly complement any bathroom style. 

Flexible, Durable & Technically Unbreakable

Easy to apply, Aquatica’s high-end selection of modern headrests don’t require any adhesives to stick, and adhere flawlessly to any stone or acrylic bathtub. Technically unbreakable, the headrests are extremely elastic and durable. Both comfortable and soft, Aquatica Memory Gel Headrests preserve their temperature longer than other textiles. All of Aquatica’s Memory Gel Headrests include a three year warranty.

What Is Memory Gel?

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Memory Gel is a leading-edge polyurethane gel. Aquatica’s team of specialists pour polyurethane liquid into meticulously designed molds where it solidifies. The end product is completed by hand and given different looks according to the process they undergo. Aquatica designs and crafts a diverse range of unique and useful bathroom accessories from Memory Gel. All products made of Memory Gel are durable, resistant, elastic and non-toxic. Exceptionally flexible, the headrest always returns to its original shape after use. Memory Gel’s elastic properties allow it to adhere to various surfaces without drilling. 

Benefits Of Memory Gel Accessories

  • Simple to clean and maintain with soap & water;
  • A non-toxic, eco-friendly & fully recyclable material;
  • Memory Gel is thermally insulated, preserving heat;
  • Naturally adhesive, it can easily attach to bathtubs and bathroom walls;
  • Includes a special glue to increase load capacity without drilling;
  • Available in popular colours -black, white, dove grey, light grey, dark grey, RAF blue.

How Do I Attach The Memory Gel Headrest To The Bath?

Remove the protective plastic slowly and steadily before attaching the Memory Gel Bath Headrest to the bathtub. Make sure the area is dry and clean before placing it onto the bathtub. 

How Do I Reposition the Aquatica Bath Pillow?

Follow these simple steps to reposition the bath pillow:

  • Gently remove the headrest with your hands, avoiding abrupt movements;
  • Spray some water in order to facilitate the removal;
  • Wash the product carefully with soap and water;
  • Air-dry the Aquatica Memory Gel Headrest;
  • Reposition the Memory Gel bath pillow on a clean part of the bath once completely dry.

Adhesion Factors To Consider 

  • Adhesion is excellent on glass, pottery, plexiglass and plaster. Be cautious when re-positioning the product on plaster as the plaster could be spoiled;
  • Adhesion is reduced on mosaic, tiles with joints and other uneven surfaces;
  • Adhesion is minimum on rough stone.

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