Whirlpool Bathtubs

Whirlpool Bathtubs


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Bringing a range of unique and innovative features, Aquatica hydromassage bathtubs is like a breeze of fresh mountain air for the otherwise stagnating industry.

Smart, connected and beautifully designed to relax and entertain, Aquatica HydroRelax series bathtubs have carved their unique segment, well above its unimaginative competition.

In our advanced hydromassage bathtubs (HydroRelax and HydroRelax Pro series), you will find features unseen from other players:

  • Beautiful capacitive glass keypads
  • Smartphone like wireless keypads
  • Hot tub like temperature control with temperature +/- feature and support for Fahrenheit in select models.
  • Integrated audio with subwoofer
  • Dual pump systems for larger models
  • Electronic turbo massage for Fusion and Dream series
  • Compensation tank for Fusion series (will replenish water automatically when one or more bathers leave)
  • Electronic drain and fill capability