Bluetooth Enabled Bathtubs

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Bluetooth Compatible Bathtubs

Bluetooth Compatible Bathtubs

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If music is the food of love, then Aquatica’s Bluetooth-enabled bathtubs will be love at first sight – or should we say soak.

Bluetooth-enabled sound in your already luxurious Aquatica bath, becomes a total sound immersion experience. Simply create your playlist on your phone or laptop whilst your bath is filling, then sink into the blissful luxury of water and clear, rich sound that will delight and rejuvenate all five senses. 

With our hi-fidelity sound system, the entire bath becomes a speaker, allowing your favorite music to wash over you, calming or invigorating depending on your selected genre.

The sound itself is created by a series of audio transducers installed around the bath to deliver a full sensory experience that nourishes the body and the soul.  Even better, if you choose Bluetooth-enabled sound systems with any of our larger models, your bath also comes with a built-in subwoofer, so you will be able to feel the music through your very core.

And, of course, if you choose to share your bath, music will help to set the perfect mood.

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