Metal Outdoor Showers

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Metal Outdoor Showers

Metal Outdoor Showers

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Exclusive Outdoor Metal Showers For Sale

Transform your outdoor showering experience, by discovering the shower that suits you best. Our international team of design and engineering experts has created a special collection of ultra-luxurious metal outdoor showers to fulfill the needs of every pool owner anywhere in the world. Rinse away all your stress in style, along with sand, sea salt, chlorine, and other pool chemicals.

Benefits of Our Gamma Outdoor Showers

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Our stunning selection of Gamma metal outdoor showers are sleek in design and made of high-quality low carbon AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel tubing. These outdoor showers are sustainable, low-maintenance, and durable, making it the perfect long-term investment to accompany your pool. The Gamma outdoor metal showers offer an in-ground mounting system, water supply connections, and a water draining system. 

Classic Contemporary Design

Our Gamma outdoor metal showers were specifically designed to impress, combining functionality with timeless elegance. These showers naturally compliment any modern style swimming pool. 

Handheld Outdoor Pool Shower - Gamma-626 - New Model 2020

Aquatica recently added the 626 handheld poolside metal shower to the Gamma collection. It is suitable for high latitudes as it features an automatic antifreeze emptying system. 

Metal Showers With Simple Mixing Valve

If you are searching for an easy-to-use metal shower for your outside swimming pool, then the Gamma 524, 527 and 520 might be the solution for you. The temperature is simple to control as it features a simple mixing valve. 

Outdoor Showers With Scald Protection

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The smart and stunning Gamma 510 and 514 freestanding metal showers are perfect for those who love a hot shower. Both of these showers are fitted with progressive mixing valves, offering complete protection from scalding. The 510 and 514 also feature anti-lime nozzles, a ground fixing, and a water supply system. The integrated water emptying mechanisms makes them extremely low-maintenance. 

Simple Stopcock Freestanding Cold Showers

The Gamma 509, 511 and 515 are simple stockcock cold showers, which are low-maintenance, sustainable, and easy to install. 

Outdoor Pool Shower Maintenance Tips

It is recommended to clean the nozzles and the shower body on a regular basis with a cleaning agent. Make sure to drain your poolside shower, if you are not planning to use it for a long time to avoid the growth of bacteria. 

Benefits of Buying An Aquatica Gamma Shower

Buying a Gamma shower from our online store is simple and stress-free. Our international customer support specialists are available online 24/7 to guide you through the entire process, including delivery.

  • Sleek, sustainable, premium quality products
  • Professional and friendly customer support 
  • Efficient and reliable doorstep delivery 
  • Flat rate shipping on most purchases
  • Rigorous quality control procedures
  • Trustworthy crating solutions.

Aquatica is your one-stop-shop for all luxury products to truly complete your bathroom style. Explore our diverse array of premium bathroom ware and special offers. 

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