Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers

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Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers

Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers

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A Deluxe Range of Stainless Steel Outdoor Showers

Why Do You Need a Stainless Steel Outdoor Shower?

Aquatica takes the outdoor showering experience to the next level with the Gamma range of stainless steel showers. We have transformed the outdoor showering experience from a rinsing necessity into a relaxing, luxurious, self-indulgent sensation. Showering under a Gamma stainless steel outdoor shower allows you to remove sand, salt, and chlorine in style. Aquatica’s Gamma shower collection is the perfect addition to your garden, swimming pool, hot tub, or yacht. Our stainless steel outdoor showers can fit in any setting anywhere in the world. They are self-sufficient standalone units that are easy to install. 

Advantages of AISI 316L Stainless Steel

Aquatica Gamma 514 Freestanding Outdoor Shower02 600

Aquatica invests in research and development to create premium products with the best materials . Our Gamma stainless steel showers are made from structural AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel tubing.  AISI 316L is a low carbon stainless steel alloy, making it extremely durable and corrosion-resistant compared to other stainless steel materials. This makes it a safe and long-term investment, as it is weather resistant and will remain durable despite exposure to salty water and chlorine. This type of stainless steel surpasses the highest quality requirements. It is also superior from an aesthetic perspective as it looks sleek and elegant. 

A Contemporary Sleek Design

The Gamma collection exemplifies Aquatica’s philosophy of function, form and fashion. The stainless steel outdoor showers are simultaneously practical and attractive with linear straightforward geometric lines. The simple, contemporary and minimalist design ensures these showers fit perfectly in any setting and do not distract from the beauty of the outdoors. Aquatica Gamma outdoor showers are constructed from a single monobloc stainless steel tube with an integrated linear showerhead. This luxurious line of outdoor showers come with an in-ground mounting system, water supply connections, and winter water draining system.

Handheld Outdoor Shower

Gamma 626 - New Model 2020

The 626 freestanding stainless steel luxury shower is the latest addition to the Gamma collection. It is the only Aquatica outdoor shower with a handheld feature. It also contains an automatic antifreeze emptying system, making it a great shower for high latitudes. It is safe to install in a wet room and out by your exterior spa.

Outdoor Showers for Hot or Cold Water

The Gamma 524, 527, and 520 come with a simple mixing valve, making it easy to control the temperature. 

Gamma 524 & Gamma 527

The Gamma 524 and 527 both feature a valuable mixing valve, a minimally intrusive floor fixing mechanism, and a groundwater supply. Gamma 524 is slimmer than the 527 with a width of 2.3" (6.0 cm) diameter.

Gamma 520

The modern Gamma 520 is angled at the top to create the incorporated shower jets with anti-lime nozzles. 

Outdoor Showers With a Progressive Mixing Valve

Aquatica Gamma 514 Freestanding Outdoor Shower01 2

The 510 and 514 freestanding showers feature anti-lime nozzles, a ground fixing, and a water supply system. These stainless steel outdoor showers are fitted with simple progressive mixing valves and come with integrated water emptying mechanisms.

Gamma 510

The chic Gamma 510 freestanding outdoor shower has its own multi-jet shower head for a steady flow of warm water. 

Gamma 514

The Gamma 514 stainless steel shower is perfect for both outdoors and indoors. This slimline modern, ground or floor mounted outdoor shower also bends simply to the integrated, multi-jet showerhead. 

Cool down with one-water stopcock cold showers

Gamma 509

The Gamma 509 stainless steel outdoor shower is easy to install and does not require costly construction work as it features a water inlet just a few inches off the ground.

Gamma 511

Aquateica Gamma 515 shower03 600

The Gamma 511 is ideal for high latitudes. It contains an automatic antifreeze emptying system. It is safe to install inside a wet room and in the outdoors. It also has a minimally intrusive floor fixing mechanism, groundwater supply, and a thermostatic valve. 

Gamma 515

Aquatica’s slimline Gamma 515 freestanding outdoor cold water shower features both a self-closing tap and a self-closing foot washer jet. It is perfect for limited water supply and sustainability purposes as it has a clever push tap system that automatically shuts off after approximately 25 seconds. 

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