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Unique Bathtub Trays Made From Solid Wood

Aquatica’s exclusive collection of waterproof wooden bathtub trays takes the bathing experience to the next level, providing extra comfort and luxury. This fashionable and functionable bathtub tray creates the most comfortable bathing experience, allowing bathers to soak in style, while reading a book or watching a movie. Bathtub trays are also a great place to safely store a phone or a drink, while taking a relaxing bath. 

American Walnut, Iroko & Teak Bathtub Trays

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Available in American Walnut, Iroko, Golden Iroko and Teak, the natural beauty of the solid wood perfectly complements Aquatica’s stone composite solid surface bathtubs. Featuring a truly striking appearance, the beautiful solid wood presents a lovely patina as it ages. The rich wooden tones and smooth finish of the wood provides bathrooms with a cosy yet exclusive appeal. Solid wood can perfectly match a wide variety of styles from contemporary to rustic. This is a superior and safe home decor choice, as it enhances the bathroom’s decor, and will not distract from the original design. 

Durable & 100% Waterproof

Meticulously crafted in Europe, using the best-quality solid wood, Aquatica’s wooden bathtub trays combine beautiful aesthetics with outstanding durability. A special organic oil treatment provides ultimate protection from water damage. This makes sure the wood is 100% waterproof, and the beautiful wooden trays remain in impeccable condition for many years, without getting brittle, bent, swollen or cracked. The solid wood also ensures balance and excellent drainage. 

Three Stylish Designs

  • The Onde bathtub tray features a stunning slatted wooden top with sinuous curves. 
  • The Tidal model subtly rises up at the edges, ensuring it fits on most Aquatica bathtubs. 
  • The Universal tray is suitable for a wide variety of bathtubs. This model exudes elegance with straight lines and a minimalist design. 

What Is Solid Wood?

All of Aquatica’s trendy wooden bathtub trays are made from premium quality solid wood, which comes directly from trees, unlike engineered wood such as plywood, medium-density fiberboard or veneers. It is a solid piece of wood, which contains wood fibers throughout the piece of lumber, and does not need any fillers or adhesives. Engineered wood does not feature the same durability, beauty or sustainability as real solid wood. 

Matching Wooden Bathtub Mats 

Complete your stylish and sophisticated bathroom decor with an Aquatica Waterproof Wooden Floor Mat . This matching accessory is a trendier and more hygienic alternative to traditional cloth bathroom floor mats. If you're looking for more matching accessories made from solid wood, you can also consider Aquatica’s Bathroom Bench , Bathroom Ladder Shelf , Wall Mounted Towel Rack and Wall Mounted Shelves .

Benefits Of Solid Wood Bathtub Trays

  • Carefully crafted in Europe, using only the best solid wood
  • A fashionable & functional accessory for ultimate comfort
  • Enhances a bathroom’s exclusive appeal with rich tones 
  • Solid wood is 100% waterproof and exceptionally durable
  • Aquatica’s solid wood trays drain and self-dry freely
  • Easy to clean with a simple wet microfiber cloth 

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