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Shower Heads

Shower Heads

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Our store has a full range of dynamic and innovative shower heads that are both functionally practical and aesthetically beautiful. Designed using the highest quality in solid brass material, with chic, smooth, matte or glossy finishes. Our rain showerheads, can also stimulate the senses and can offer you an entirely new showering experience.

Spring MCSQ 500 Built In Shower Head 01 (web) 500

All of our shower heads come with integrated chromotherapy systems, some of them with one set color LED lights and some with multi-colored LED’s including a variety of different chromotherapy programs. Featuring integrated LED lights, users can choose between green, blue or white colors or a stunning rotational spectrum to create an in-shower light show that is guaranteed to soothe and relax. Available in different shapes, from circular, rectangle and square as well as in different sizes (from 8.75 - 12.00 to 23.60 - 33.50), our showerheads can be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted.

Choose from a selection of simple showers or multi-programed showers, which include cascade and rain functions, and even have a showerhead with integrated MP3 for an extremely stimulating shower experience!

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