Composite Bathtubs

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Composite Bathtubs

Composite Bathtubs

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Composite Bathtubs – Aquatica’s True Know-How

Highly experienced engineering with deep, intimate expertise in the emerging field of composite materials , including but not limited to carbon-fiber, Kevlar, Carbon-Kevlar and Solid Surface composites.

Vertically integrated company with wholly-owned non-Asian manufacturing facilities, including new product design, engineering, modeling, and molding, means full control over schedule, quality control, and delivery.

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Types of Composite Materials used in Aquatica Bathtubs:


AquateX ™ is a technologically advanced stone-like, solid, non-porous, homogeneous composite material, developed by Aquatica® that allows us to craft superior quality designer bathroom pieces of practically any geometrical form and shape.

60% of AquateX™ is composed of the aluminum hydroxide (also used as a filler in a vast majority of oral medications in the market) that is derived from bauxite, an ore of volcanic origin. By combining a high percentage of all the best properties of natural materials; and a low percentage of state-of-the-art solid surface resins; we were able to create a desirable, high performance eco-friendly, recyclable and stone-like solid surface composite material that is specifically, suitable for high-end bathroom applications.

AquateX™ is a solid surface, which means that the color is part of the material and runs throughout the entire thickness. There is no layers of material like substrate, topcoat or base coat, therefore the material cannot wear off or delaminate. 

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AquateX™ is a remarkably durable material that cannot delaminate and stands up well in daily use.

It resists most of the impacts, nicks, and cuts that are associated with heavy use in domestic and commercial applications. 

AquateX™ is a non-porous material that is solid and homogeneous throughout its entire thickness. AquateX™ allows us to fabricate bathtubs and other bathroom articles that require multiple parts with inconspicuous seems, rendering the surface of the final article hygienic. Moreover, AquateX inhibits the growth of bacteria or fungi. 

AquateX™ is an inert and non-toxic material that does not emit any gases under normal room temperatures. It is also fire-safe and when burned emits only optically light smoke and carbon-oxides. These properties make AquateX™ basins and bathtubs suitable for public washroom applications in hotels, cruise ships, corporate offices, hospitals, and airports.

AquateX™ LuX

In addition to all the excellent characteristics of our standard AquateX™, the AquateX™ LuX offers ultra-polished, glossy marble-like surface for even easier cleaning and maintenance.

Any small signs of wear, blotchiness or accidental scratches can be easily removed using a damp microfiber cloth or a soft sponge and a mild abrasive liquid cleanser, such as Soft Scrub® gel. Rub over the problematic area, using small circular motions, from the front to the back, and then from side to side, overlapping the circles until the entire area has been cleaned. Thoroughly rinse the bathtub or basin with clean water and wipe the surface completely dry. Check to see if blotchiness is gone. If not, repeat the procedure, applying more pressure on the sponge or rag. This simple maintenance procedure will return the original gloss to the AquateX™ LuX surface.


NeroX ™ is a blend of iron-rich Hematite and Boehmite minerals with state-of-the-art solid surface resins and high-purity carbon black pigment. Using high-speed, vacuum-assisted, dispersion and mixing we were able to create a visually stunning and highly desirable, high performance black solid surface material.

NeroX™ is an inert, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100% recyclable stone composite material that combines two opposites - a warm, silky soft exterior and a tough, durable interior. It has a strong resistance to sunlight, is dense/non-porous, hygienic, durable and is pleasant to touch due to its velvety texture.


DurateX Blog

Borrowed from the yacht, speed boat and aerospace industries, DurateX ™, our newest lightweight composite platform, allows Aquatica® to realize architecturally, the most daring ideas and challenging shapes for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Available as a core material or attractive décor element, DurateX™ features excellent UV, blush, chemical & blister resistance (bromine and chlorine water), DurateX™, is capable of withstanding air and water temperature variations, which make it suitable for outdoor spa and hybrid bath-spa manufacturing with the added benefit of a very strong design element, very large sizes and relatively lightweight.

DurateX™ is not just a material, it is flexible tooling and material platform, which depending on application and application requirements, allows Aquatica to choose and combine all or any of the most advanced light-weight composite materials such as fiberglass-gelcoat, carbon fiber, Kevlar or Kevlar-Carbon, resulting in truly stunning, space-age surfaces.

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