• Which Bathtub Material is the Best?

    Whilst choice of style and shape is probably what springs to mind first when considering your new bath, there are a number of other important aspects to consider. Looks are key to achieving the desired mood for your bathroom, and Aquatica has a very compressive range of luxurious, pampering and beautiful on the eye bathtubs from which to choose your personal style.

    But what lies beneath the surface of your bath has a great deal of bearing on how good it looks now, how durable it is and how long it will stay looking beautiful. The choice of material also impacts on comfort and ease of cleaning, and, critically, cost. What your new bathtub is made of also therefore deserves serious consideration.

    So, just what are your options and which bathtub material is best?

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  • What Types of Bathtubs are there?

    Choosing a bath for your new or renovated bathroom is not quite as easy as it may seem at first glance.  The modern technologies of bathroomware manufacture mean there are now a huge range of bathtub types, sizes and materials from which to choose, to create the exact style and mood you want. And of course, the greater your choice, the greater the consideration required.

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  • Why choose an Acrylic Bathtub?

    When decorating a new bathroom or planning a major renovation, you will be faced with a myriad of questions from design and décor to wiring and plumbing.

    One of the key issues will be your choice of bathtub as this is usually one of the largest and most prominent features in the bathroom and often sets the trend for the whole room.

    So how do you go about choosing your bath? Look is key of course, but just as critical is the material from which your chosen bath is made, as there are now many options in manufacture, and a wide variance in both benefits and quality.

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  • Bathing History in your Bathroom - Japanese Soaking Bathtub Ofuro


    Bathing…the essence of pleasure


    No one has perfected the art of bathing like the Japanese. This centuries’ old tradition has acquired its own unique position in the daily life of the Japanese, as an act of pleasure with its own etiquette and rituals.


    Bathing can be found in the most ancient of Japanese myths. Legend suggests it was a ritual purification after labor, first mentioned as an act of the gods during and immediately after they had worked to created the universe.

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  • Freestanding Bathtubs vs Built-in Bathtubs

    Freestanding Bathtubs vs Built-in Bathtubs

    So you are planning a new bathroom? Now the excitement begins as you contemplate a myriad design decisions.

    Whether you are building your bathroom as part of a brand new home, renovating, adding an ensuite or a second family bathroom, there is much to consider from style and mood, to colours, bathroom ware, storage, flooring and wall coverings and tapware.

    One of the key decisions will be your choice of bath as this is often the focus of the bathroom and as such can be the start of your design process. First question then is, will it be a freestanding tub or built-in?

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  • How to Choose the Right Bathtub

    All bathtubs are not created equal. That is a simple fact. No matter that they may appear the same at first glance, it pays to look beyond the surface and see just what is behind the bathtub you are considering. After all, once installed, you expect it to stay in place for many years

    There are a number of factors to consider that will ensure you are buying the best – an attractive, genuine design, high quality, reliable, robust and long-lasting bathtub. Here’s a quick checklist to get you started.

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  • Bringing Wood into the Bathroom

    Having wood in your bathroom used to be considered a big no-no, whether it was a wooden floor or even wooden covering on surfaces in the bathroom. Thank goodness modern technology has invented amazing paints, sealants and super-efficient ventilation systems, which means you can totally embrace the idea of having a Scandinavian styled wooden bathroom. Embrace and welcome wooden pieces and tones in the bathroom and you’ll be surprised at how much it softens the space.

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  • Addressing the Leaching Aluminum Rumors

    Recently, Aquatica has received a few queries and questions from clients and customers about the EWG Certification status in regards to our bathtubs. For this reason, we decided to clear up all concerns and questions in this blog post, so that we can clarify what EWG Certifications represent and where Aquatica’s Bathtubs fit into the picture.

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  • Natural Stone Bathtubs vs. AquateX™ Solid Surface Bathtubs

    We often have clients asking us what the difference is between a natural stone bathtub and our AquateX™ Solis Surface bathtubs, and it’s a very important question because you want to make sure that you select the right type of stone to satisfy your needs. So, whether you decide you're going for natural stone or engineered solid surface stone, there are a few considerations that you need to take into account when making your choice between the two.

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  • Aquatica Hydromassage Bathtubs - Our migration to 220V Hydromassage Systems

    Unlike most markets, in the US and Canada, electrical systems in homes have been standardized at 110V, with the exception of kitchen stoves and washer dryers. Unfortunately, 110V power has its limits, namely the installation of sophisticated hydromassage systems, as these require a considerable amount of power, which is simply unavailable due the limited wire size and considerable AMP draw that would be required. This is how we plan to migrate our Hydromassage systems to 220V Hydromassage Systems.

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  • Four Essential Tips for Designing a Compact Bathroom

    Perhaps you live in a tiny apartment with a compact bathroom, or maybe you’re just looking at making the most of the space in that tiny guest bedroom bathroom. We’ll tell you this much, compact bathrooms can actually be very useful and can also add to the value of your property. However it can be all too easy to miscalculate your bathroom installation and then you’ll end up with a bathroom that feels way too uncomfortable to use and that is not welcoming nor practical. In order to avoid this, we’ve come up with 5 very essential tips that can help you design the perfect compact bathroom for your home.

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  • Small Bathrooms with Big Style

    Living in small spaces is becoming something that we’ve seen people opting for more and more often over the last century. With the world’s population growing rapidly and the need to minimize everything that we are normally used to having in larger spaces, we’ve also noticed how the housing, and furniture industry have started to created products on a smaller scale.

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  • The True Ofuro Tranquility USA vs The True Ofuro Tranquility International

    Intended for limited spaces, the True Ofuro Japanese style bathtub with built-in Tranquility heating system takes up a very small footprint, is deeper than most Western bathtubs, which not only allows you to deeply submerge your body more than usual, but also uses less water. 

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  • How to Create a Rustic Bathroom

    Most bathrooms that you come across are shiny, sparkly, clean and actually come off as sterile at times! We’ve collected a few ideas that you can use to help bring the rustic and natural look to your bathroom space, by using simple elements like wood, brick and concrete you can transform your bathroom into any kind of rustic styled bathroom.

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  • 5 Bathrooms Trends Perfect for a Bathroom Remodel

    When we look at the trends that have been making their way into the bathroom scene in the last couple of months, we can’t help but get excited! There are trends that we’ve seen before, making their way back. There are trends that are completely new, but there are also combinations of trends that have gotten us excited beyond belief. Obviously freestanding bathtubs is one of the most popular trends of the year so far, with brass bathroom hardware and fixtures not far behind. We love that these trends are a lot of the bathroom trends we saw creeping their way up the wow factor ladder in 2016.

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  • Aquatica Wins Gold at the Designer KB Awards in the UK!

    Aquatica is very honored to announce that we were awarded the Golden Award for Innovation in Materials for our AquateX™ material used in our Tulip AquateX™ Bathtub. Our innovative and one of a kind material was skilfully designed with so many different factors in mind.

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  • A Brief History on the Invention and Rise of the Bathtub

    The invention of the bathtub and the invention of actual plumbing services date back quite a number of years ago, but are however very different from one another! The earliest discovered plumbing systems date back to nearly 6000 years ago near the Indus River Valley in India where archaeologists actually discovered copper water pipes in the excavation of the ruins of a palace in the vicinity. However, if we fast forward 3000 years ahead, this is about the time that the first ‘ancestral’ pedestal tub was unearthed on the island of Crete, it measured at five feet long, was made of hard pottery, and its shape resembled our modern 19th-century claw foot tub.

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  • What Shower Baths Are and How They Work

    In today's’ day and age, everything seems to be moving in the fast lane! Morning showers are rushed, and coffee is a take away so you can get the kids to school fast enough, but you still need that bathtub for the kid’s bath time at night right? This is probably why so many people nowadays are having a shower-bath installed in their home as the convenience of one is much better in a family home.

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  • Bringing Stone into Your Bathroom

    When it comes to home design and especially bathroom design, the latest craze is using stone and natural materials in the bathroom. Cleverly and innovatively incorporated into your bathroom, with everything from stone or pebble walls and floors, to how you should install a solid surface bathtub or washbasins – you can instantly create a textured and earthy look into any bathroom by adding in these simple au natural elements to your bathroom. Not only can these stone and pebble ideas, bring style and sophistication to your bathroom, but they can also be extremely practical and functional for a bathroom’s needs. By adding pebble tiles around your freestanding bathtub you’ll create a non-slip surface, plus your feet will be getting a gentle massage before and after every bath session!

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  • Using White While avoiding the Clinical-Look in Your Bathroom

    There were quite a number of popular and famous paint manufacturers who crowned the color white as the queen of all décor colors for the year 2016, and we definitely agree. The color has been in the running for being one of the most popular colors for home décor and style for a several years now, however, when it comes to using white in your bathroom, the last thing you want to do, it make everything white! It will look and feel way too clinical and sterile, that you’ll end up feeling like you’re using a hospital bathroom. So, we decided we’d let you in on our secrets as to how you can bring white into your bathroom, in an inviting and sophisticated way, without feeling and looking too clinical.

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  • Energizing your Small Bathroom with Easy Touches

    A modern designed bathroom is very often all about going the absolute minimalist route, with spa-like finishes for a clean feel. However, sometimes this kind of look can end up feeling a bit too clinical. So to make sure your bathroom actually feels as inviting as the rest of your house does, maybe you should try out some of our favorite bathroom design tips to help create a sense of personality and warmth and while still achieving that spot-on style.

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  • The Right Heights and Measurements for your Sinks and Showers

    Deciding on a bathroom layout is mostly a pretty easy process, especially if you have the plumbing in place already and you’re just using standard-size bathroom ware pieces. If you’re using an average 60-inch bathtub, there won’t be a whole bunch of different options for rearranging that typical style floor plan. However, when you’re planning on bringing your dream bathroom design into reality, you need to consider the 3D outcome and figure out what heights and measurements are right for everything that you’re going to bring into your bathroom. So to make life easier on you, we’ve compiled this little guide to help you hang, install and align the many small features of your bathroom.

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  • Bathing Bathrooms in Brightness with Chromotherapy Lights

    Bathroom and shower lighting will generally get less attention in comparison with the lighting in the rest of your house. However, we would recommend not making this mistake, because, truly, the simplest of lighting (even in color) can add such sparkle and enjoyment into one's daily routine. The correct light and color can break or make a bathroom, and most of the time, this subject is not given more thought than a mere extra downlight.

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  • Updating your Bathroom Walls for a Simple but Effective Bathroom Revamp

    It’s not often that people think much about their bathroom walls, and what to do with them. In general, most people opt for the practical option of just tiling or painting. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a simple painted wall or some white subway tile, but with a little bit of creativity, you could easily spark some personality into your bathroom.

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  • How to Achieve the 'New' Classic Bathroom Look

    There’s something about the ‘new’ classic bathroom ‘look’, which seems to be getting everyone, especially interior decorators and folk that are taking on a bathroom revamp, very excited! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that everyone loves a twist, and when you take into consideration all that needs to happen when you’re revamping or redecorating a bathroom, especially if you’re sitting with an old looking, traditional style bathroom that really needs some updating – it can be a lot of hard work to transform it into something new and chic!

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  • Bringing Japanese Soaking Tub Traditions into your Bathroom…

    For centuries now, the Japanese have taken comfort and pleasure in enjoying their country’s vast selection and locations of outdoor hot springs. So it really comes as no surprise that deep soaking tubs very quickly became popular indoors, too. Relaxing in steamy and warm neck-high water has been a long lived tradition for many families in Japan, and usually marks the end of each day. This unique custom seems to be catching on in the West.  Homeowners are more frequently asking their architects for Japanese spa features, such as Japanese soaking tubs and wet-proofed floors in their bathrooms, allowing for a maximum amount of space to create a haven of relaxation.  

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  • Aquatica’s Advice on How to Clean a Bathtub

    Aquatica’s range of AquateX™ stone bathtubs have been produced with practicality in mind, so that a clean bathtub is something you never need to worry about.  Not only have they created a range of contemporary and upscale bathtubs and washbasins, that will be perfect for any bathroom project, but they’ve developed and perfected their ground-breaking AquateX™ stone composite material, to the point where is really easy and simple to keep your tub clean.

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  • Six Small Freestanding Baths for Petite Bathrooms

    Most bathtub manufacturers will just blatantly advise small bathroom owners to go for a shower option instead of a bathtub. The reason for this, is usually because they don’t manufacture bathtubs small enough to fit into petite sized spaces.

    This is where Aquatica decided to step up their game, ever so slightly and create a range of small, deep and soaking bathtubs that will easily squeeze into those miniscule and almost non-existing spaces. From, traditional Japanese soaking bathtubs, to unique black and white bathtubs, to round, oval and even square bathtubs, you’ll find a small bathtub perfect for your tiny bathroom. Guaranteed.

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  • Glass Bathroom Walls for Master Suite Separation

    Using glass walls on the interior of your home is nothing new to architecture. You will occasionally see glass walls act as an unobtrusive but protective side to a stairwell, or even as an entire wall instead of windows. The question though, is how would you feel about using glass walls in your bedroom as the separation between your master suite bathroom? Of course, glass walls will remove a certain level of privacy from your everyday routine, so your ultimate decision needs to be whether or not you want some privacy or if you want to bare it all? Have a look at some of our ideas for a glass bathroom wall separation and see which ones would work in your home.

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  • Side Tables for the Tub

    Whether your bathroom has a new and very popular freestanding tub or a traditional built-in bathtub, it can sometimes be quite tricky to find space for all the things that you need when you’re in the bathtub. Whilst your laying back in the tub, enjoying a leisurely soak, you most likely going to need to reach over and grab a bottle of shampoo, or a body scrub – this is when having a handy little side table will play to be useful in the bathroom, more specifically next to your tub. For some much needed inspiration, we’ve decided to allow you a peek into a few creative ideas that you can very easily put together.

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  • 5 Ways to Bring Color into your Bathroom

    Most people would opt for choosing neutral and soft colors when it comes to a bathroom remodel, and in all honesty, it is the most popular shade for a bathroom. However, this shouldn’t mean that bringing color and brightness to your bathroom should be off limits. If you have a small sized bathroom, you may feel like it’s risky to bring in color to your bathroom, when in fact it’s the complete opposite! In a small scale bathroom, it’s actually quite easy to go bold with color and not go overboard.

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  • Intriguing Industrial Bathrooms

    Most people wouldn’t guess it, but many antique rural farmhouses have got a ton of aesthetics in common with big city buildings in industrial areas from the same era. Both these structures were created with the need for functionality and the minimum cost. Rural farm houses and big city buildings were both design with very simplistic and simple forms, mostly constructed form raw materials, with not a lot of focus was put on the ‘beauty’ or the looks of the building.

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  • 5 Smart Ideas for Small but Chic Bathrooms

    As much as everyone wishes they could have a huge and extremely spacious bathroom with a massive freestanding tub and huge double sinks. The reality is often the complete opposite, with absolute minimal space for luxurious tubs and huge walk in showers. However, you don’t have to give up having an elegantly chic bathroom, even if it is small, because there are a few fabulous ticks you could utilize for a lush small bathroom.

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  • The 5 Must Haves for a Farmhouse Styled Bathroom

    The American farmhouse styled bathroom is a little bit of an oxymoron. The original American farmhouses were actually constructed in an era when the only kind of bathroom was the outhouse! When farm house owners eventually started bringing the plumbing inside of their homes, they never actual built a spate bathroom. They would just stick a sink, tub and toilet into an extra bedroom and that was the bathroom.

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  • Is there a Bathtub in Your Backyard?

    We’ve all seen the vast amount of outdoor showers that have been popping in gardens all over the US over the last decade. Outdoor bathtubs though, are something we haven’t seen so much of – and we’re loving it!  We’re not talking about hot tubs that have been built on the patio or close to the pool, but actual bathtubs.

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  • The Very First Freestanding Stone Jetted Bathtub

    It's here! It's big, it's lush, it's beautiful and it's the very first of it's kind! Finally a stone resin bathtub, that has all the added luxuries of a hot tub and a Chromotherapy system all gelled into one astounding and super gorgeous looking bathtub!

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  • How to Choose between a Bathtub or a Shower

    Bathtub, shower or both!? This seems to be a question that we’ve been hearing a lot lately, especially when people are remodelling their homes, bathrooms or even when people are buying a new house. What are the pros and cons on having only a bathtub, or having only a shower, and is it worth it having both a shower and a bathtub?

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  • How to Add a Jetted Bathtub to Your Home

    When you make the decision to have a jetted bathtub in your home, you’ll quickly realise that not only is the tub going to enhance the appearance of the space you choose to put it in, but it’s going to reward you with hours of pleasure in your very own home. Adding a hot tub into your home is actually one of the easiest things of having a home based spa, so take your time choosing out the jetted bathtub you love the most, to suit your style and bathrooms decor!

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  • 3 Secrets to Keeping your Bathtub Squeaky Clean

    Cleaning your bathtub can be one of those chores that you really don’t enjoy having to do, mostly because your bathtub is usually the biggest task in the bathroom to get squeaky clean! It also usually seems like it needs a ton of scrubbing and sometimes you feel like you should just get in the tub and clean it with the amount of leaning over that you need to do right?

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  • Aquatica Purescape Relax Air Massage Bathtub Features

    Aquatica is thrilled to introduce the beautiful “Relax” range of hi-end air massage bathtubs specially made to recreate a tranquil day at the spa. The Purescape 174-B Relax and the Olivia Relax are the perfect representations of our new technology. Each of our airpool bathtubs has over 12 low-profile jets for warm air and variable speed massage with both wave and pulse modes. They also boast 20 low-profile LEDs for chromotherapy with slow colour-rotation or fixed-colour mode in one of 6 available tones. 

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  • Luxury- not only white

    During the 20th century, bathtubs began to uniformly take on the white color that we are all quite familiar with. Except for a brief trend towards colored tubs in the 1950s, bathtubs have largely been void of color. These days, contemporary bathtubs exhibit many more diverse appearances than in the past.

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  • Spa from antiquity to present day

    Whether you bathe in a vintage bathtub, clawfoot tub, or stone bathtub, see it as a form of therapeutic treatment. People have been taking baths as a form of therapy for a long time. For thousands of years, healers across the world have perscribed baths for a host of ailments, including kidney stones, tuberculosis, back pain, and pneumonia. Indeed, taking a soak has long been viewed as beneficial.

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  • Сontemporary bath - a combination of use and enjoyment

    Are there any bathroom fixtures more elegant than bathtubs? Not only are they a slice of relaxation heaven installed right in your bathroom, but freestanding whirlpool bathtubs are also beautifully designed additions to any home. And since you spend so much time in the bathroom, why not make your bathtub bold, beautiful and inviting? All in all, freestanding air bathtubs are a great option when you want to upgrade your washroom.

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  • Add A New Bath To An Old House And Give Charming Magic To The Place!

    Are you wondering how to give your old house a new look? Are you thinking of opting for a new remodeling job for your old house to make it look charming? You will need to choose a theme for the place and select fixtures and items which compliment the style and space you have. Did you know that the bath tub is one of the first things to be replaced in an old house? That old tub can be replaced perfectly with a traditional clawfoot bath tub to step up the ambience of the place.

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  • The Best Advice to Dreamers to Get the Perfect Jet Tub

    Bath tubs are all the rage these days. If you are a hopeless romantic or a dreamer who is looking for a heavenly bath tub to daydream in, then we have the right suggestions for you. There is nothing more appealing and attractive than a luxurious bath tub in a bathroom. Be it high end bath tubs, freestanding whirlpool bathtubs and jetted freestanding bathtubs, bathrooms which have this accessory installed in them, always remind you of a luxury hotel. Given the right kind of installation and maintenance procedures, bath tubs offer ultimate relaxation.
    So read on and find out the best out of these luxurious soakers according to your needs and preferences.

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  • Relax Your Mind in the Best Way

    For many individuals, a warm jet bubble bath after a long day’s work is the best way to relax, rejuvenate and de-stress. Apart from washing away dirt and excess oil, a 30 minute soaking session in a jetted bathtub has excellent therapeutic implications – especially in relaxing the muscles, improving the blood circulation, hydrating the skin and relieving pain associated with injuries, wrong posture, arthritis, hemorrhoids, spasms and menstrual cramps. Most of the physicians recommend bubble baths at home as an alternative to a session at the spa.

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  • Acrylic Bathtub – The Best Value for Price and Quality

    Known for their lasting shine despite the wear and tear,freestanding acrylic bathtubs have been the number one choice for many homeowners. Compared to the sprayed-on fiberglass bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs are thicker, sturdier and durable and have a high value for money. With a strong cast acrylic base, these bathtubs are highly resistant to cracking and chipping and are built to withstand the test of time.

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  • Experience Deep Relaxation in Bathtub – Let the Serenity Sink in Sixty Minutes

    Do you realize that with a contemporary tub at your home and an hour to spare, you can enjoy the most relaxing experience that can beat a million spa trips?
    You may already have a habit of enjoying a hot bath every now and then, and you know how soaking your body in warm water alone can have a magical effect on your mind and body. Not only does it improve the blood circulation, it also causes the release of endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones. However, what we are sharing with you today is the secret to make your experience even more therapeutic by adding bits of yoga and relaxation techniques to it.

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  • The Very Best Colors for Your Bathroom

    Green and blue? Red and beige? Lime and white with a pop of orange? One of the most difficult elements of bathroom design is choosing the colors. Choosing colors for any room is challenging, of course, but the bathroom is a space that that presents a particular set of considerations. Below are three things to keep in mind as you’re choosing, followed by three color-choice tips.

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  • Aquatica Offers You A New Store On The East Coast Of The United States!

    Have you been looking for luxurious and comfortable bathtubs to add to the charm of your bathroom? Are you remodeling your bathroom and want to include a vintage style clawfoot bathtub to enjoy a good soak every night? Do you want a chic style, unique design and shape bath tub, which can fit in the corner of your small bathroom space? Aquatica has answers to all your needs, and now within easy reach!

    If you are looking for luxury free standing bathtubs, or faucets, in every shape and size you can think of, then Aquatica offers you the chance to indulge your desires and fix up a luxury bathroom that you and your family will love, and leave your neighbors jealous!

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  • A New Tub for the New Year

    Now that Christmas is over for another year, you can finally take that deep breath and… relax. You’ve been running around taking care of everyone else for the last couple of weeks but now that

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