Toilet Paper Brush Holders

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Toilet Paper and Brush Holders

Toilet Paper and Brush Holders

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You should never underestimate the importance of finishing touches. Bathroom accessories can complete your decor, and enhance your bathroom’s overall appearance. Interior designers recommend buying matching bathroom accessories, rather than choosing different styles that clash and distract. Explore Aquatica’s selection of smart and stylish accessories to match your bathroom style, including toilet brush holders and toilet paper roll holders.

Aquatica Beatrice Toilet Brush With Holder

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Featuring a cool sculpture-like appearance, the Aquatica Beatrice Self Adhesive Toilet Brush Holder conceals the real purpose of its existence within its soft, elegantly sculpted walls. This fashionable and functionable accessory is more hygienic than many other holders on the market, as it is extremely easy to clean. If you're looking to buy other bathroom accessories to match your Beatrice Toilet Brush Holder, then it’s time to discover Aquatica’s entire collection of Beatrice bathroom accessories. These cleverly designed accessories include an ergonomically designed bath headrest , storage tray , soap holder , soap dispenser , self adhesive mirror and a shower stool.

Aquatica Comfort Self Adhesive Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Undeniably part of the Comfort family, this toilet paper holder features the characteristic anodized aluminum surface and memory gel body found in the rest of the collection. Buy matching bathroom accessories online for ultimate comfort and style, including ergonomically designed bath headrests , shelves and mirrors

Aquatica Rio Self Adhesive Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Roll Holder

If you're looking to buy a simple yet stylish toilet paper holder, then take a look at the understated Aquatica Rio Toilet Paper Roll Holder . The small toilet paper holder features dimensions of 4 L x 2.75 W x 4 H inches, making it one of the best accessories for a tiny bathroom. The Rio collection also includes a waste basket and different types of  wall-mounted holders for towels & bathroom robes .

Aquatica Uno Self Adhesive Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Featuring dimensions of 4L x 4 W x 4 H inches, the Aquatica Uno Wall-Mounted Holder is a small yet study accessory for your toilet paper. This is a great toilet paper roll holder for small bathrooms, and you can choose a fun color to brighten up your tiny space.

A Smooth & Long-Lasting User Experience

Low quality toilet paper holders often fall down, annoying homeowners who are then forced to buy new holders. Buying a high-quality toilet paper holder made of only the best materials will save you both energy and costs in the long-run. Aquatica’s toilet paper holders are super simple to install on the wall, and do not require any drilling. A special glue is included with your product purchase to increase the load capacity of the holder without having to drill the surface. 

Colorful Toilet Paper & Toilet Brush Holders

Memory Gel bathroom accessories are available to buy online in a wide range of colors including black, white, dove gray, gray shadow, light gray and blue, as well as semi-transparent. Aquatica´s bathroom accessories are designed to perfectly complement your existing bathroom finishes. 

What Is Memory Gel?

Memory Gel is an innovative polyurethane gel. Aquatica’s experts pour polyurethane liquid into meticulously designed molds where it solidifies. The end product is completed by hand and given different looks according to the process they undergo. All products made of Memory Gel are exceptionally durable, resistant, elastic and non-toxic. 

Benefits Of Aquatica’s Toilet Paper & Toilet Brush Holders

  • Smart & stylish toilet paper and toilet brush holders
  • Versatile design to complement any bathroom decor
  • Carefully crafted from a high-quality polyurethane gel
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean and durable holders
  • Shock-absorbent and memory foam product
  • Available to buy online in our most popular finishes

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