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Towel Warmers

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Towel warmers are a life-changing bathroom accessory. A luxury bathroom is not complete without a high-tech heated towel rail to keep your towels nice and warm. Discover Aquatica’s Sophia, a world-class electric towel warmer, which is durable, energy efficient, heats evenly, and diffuses a pleasant aroma to ensure your bathroom always smells fantastic. Aquatica offers two different styles of towel warmers to choose from, the vertical Sophia-V or the horizontal Sophia-H

An Energy-Efficient Towel Warmer

The Sophia is an energy efficient electric towel warmer, consuming only a very small amount of electricity. Easy-to-install, and use, just simply plug the Sophia Towel Warmer into the wall, thanks to the Plug & play installation system with a NEMA plug for the US market. It also comes with a plug for other countries. 

Enjoy The Magical Aroma Of Lebanese Cedar

The Sophia is made of a simple slab of Lebanese cedar wood with peeled edges. The product’s stunning wooden aesthetics makes it one of the most beautiful heated towel rails on the market. It not only enhances the overall appearance of the bathroom, the Sophia heated towel rail also makes the bathroom smell better. When it warms up, this innovative towel warmer releases a pleasant scent of resin typical of Lebanese cedar. 

Improves Hygiene & Prevents Bathroom Mold 

The bathroom is one of the most unhygienic rooms in the home, where bacteria and mold easily grow. Investing in easy-to-clean bathroom fixtures and accessories help to keep your bathroom clean and healthy, reducing the risk of catching an illness. Towel racks are considered a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Heated towel racks are a more hygienic alternative to regular towel racks, keeping towels dry, and preventing exposure to bacteria. The heat from electric towel warmers kills bacteria and reduces growth by up to 90% between uses.

A Great Idea For Family Bathrooms

Heated towel racks are also a great idea for a family bathroom. If you live in a cold country, then wrapping your child up in a warm towel after the bath prevents your kid from getting too cold after a warm bath. You can also heat up your child’s bathrobe or place your kids’ clothes on the heated towel rail in the mornings to make sure your children’s clothes are warm and smell great, before heading off to school. 

Benefits Of Aquatica’s Towel Warmers

  • Stylish wooden aesthetics
  • Simple plug & play system
  • Energy-efficient electric warmer
  • Suitable for US & other countries
  • Pleasant aroma of Lebanese cedar
  • Improves hygiene & reduces bathroom mold

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