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Hot tubs and spas have become luxury items desired by many homeowners. They are in hotels and resorts all across the globe. People use them to enjoy time with friends or to spend time relaxing after a long day.

Spa vs Hot Tub

March 17, 2023

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Spa Versus Hot Tub

Hot tubs and spas have become luxury items desired by many homeowners. They are in hotels and resorts all across the globe. People use them to enjoy time with friends or to spend time relaxing after a long day.

We call them spas or hot tubs interchangeably but did you know, there is a difference? They have similar functions, and at the end of the day, sitting in either with your favorite beverage is an amazing thought. But knowing the difference between a hot tub and a spa can help you make a better decision as to which one is right for your home and your daily use.

Differences Between a Spa and a Hot Tub

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You sit in them and relax. It’s that simple, right? Not exactly. There is a big distinction between the two in the pool world, and knowing which one you are buying does matter. So what’s the difference between a hot tub and a spa?

A hot tub sits above the ground and can be made from acrylic , vinyl, or fiberglass . They are smaller than spas and generally portable. They come in fixed designs, with sitting made specifically for relaxation. Hot tubs can be plugged into your regular outlet, or if they use 220v, you may need an electrician to set up your wiring. The sole purpose of a hot tub is to relax and unwind.

Spas can also be used to relax and unwind, and have some jets and seats for this purpose. However, spas are traditionally built in-ground and can also be used for exercise and swimming. They are larger than hot tubs, with extra space for movement. The jets, while they can be relaxing, can also create resistance to be used with your exercise program.

In-ground spas will need to have the ground dug up and will need water and electrical features to be installed. These installations are usually done by professionals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Spa

Spas are popular with people that have in-ground pools and don’t plan on moving anytime soon. Your spa can be built with a pool, or custom-made. You can use the spa for entertaining, relaxing, water therapy, and exercise. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the spa tub versus the hot tub.

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Space. Spas are larger and have more space for entertaining. They have plenty of legroom so your guests aren’t crowded. You can customize the size you want and where you want your seating to be.

Features. You can pick from a variety of different features for a spa, including bubble jets, massage jets, and underwater lights in many diverse colors. You can mix and match the additional features to create your perfect spa.

Versatile. In the built-in spa vs. hot tub debate, spas win this category easily. Spas can be designed as stand-alone pools, or as part of your existing pool. They can be created as swim spas, for relaxation, or both. It can be built in and look like a part of your property, easily, so the transitions are seamless.


Hard to repair. If something were to happen to your spa, the electrical work and water fixtures are located in the ground, so they can be hard to repair. This is rarely an issue if you work with a quality spa company and a good installer.

Less energy efficient. Spas take a longer time to heat up initially, and since they are larger, they take a bit more energy to keep the water at a constant temperature.

More expensive. When looking at swim spas vs hot tubs, spas are generally a bit more expensive, largely due to their in-ground installation. This cost is lower if you are building a spa at the same time as your in-ground pool.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hot Tub

Hot tubs are fantastic for people who tend to move frequently and want to take their hot tub with them. They can also be used for entertaining and relaxing, although swimming and exercise are not common in a hot tub. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of a hot tub.


Cost-effective. Hot tubs generally are less expensive than spas. They don’t have the installation costs that are associated with in-ground spas and are smaller than a swim spa.

Easy to store and maintain. When not in use, you can cover a hot tub and store it away until you’re ready to use it again. Filters are easy to replace and cleaning chemicals are easy to add.

Energy efficient. One big hot tub vs spa difference is that hot tubs are more energy efficient than spas. They are good at keeping the water warm, and they can be covered up to keep the heat in.


Durability. Because hot tubs are above ground, wear and tear can affect the life of the hot tub. It is exposed to the elements and can get dings, and nicks from being outside.

Heating Time. Some hot tubs use 220v and some use 120v. If you are using a 120v outlet, the water will take a long time to warm up for use. This means that during the heat-up process, especially in a cold environment, you’ll use more electricity during this time. If you use your hot tub regularly, you will see an increase in your power bill use.

Seating. The smaller size of a hot tub versus a spa means that seating can get cramped when you have several people in the hot tub. Sometimes there isn’t much legroom for people.

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Peculiarities of the Placement of Baths

There is no right or wrong option when it comes to the question of a spa versus a hot tub. Ultimately it will come down to whether you prefer to have your bath above ground or in-ground.

An above-ground hot tub will obviously stick out in your backyard and not seamlessly transition into your decor, so you’ll have to plan to blend it nicely into your yard and the surrounding settings.

An in-ground spa will be flush at ground level and you can put your walkways and decor around the spa, just like you would a pool.

Whether you choose an in-ground spa or an above-ground hot tub , Aquatica has a variety of baths that will exceed your expectations. Our designers and engineers have developed our tubs to enhance your well-being and help you take care of both your mental and physical health. If you’re looking for a spa or hot tub to fit your specifications, contact our team today and let us know how we can help you!

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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