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Inground hot tubs, also known as built-in spas can be found in the backyards of the rich and famous. Exemplifying ultimate luxury, outdoor inground spas really add the wow-factor, enhancing a property’s aesthetics and value.

Inground Hot Tubs

April 19, 2022

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Inground hot tubs, also known as built-in spas can be found in the backyards of the rich and famous. Exemplifying ultimate luxury, outdoor inground spas really add the wow-factor, enhancing a property’s aesthetics and value. Inground spas create an exclusive spa sanctuary in an outdoor space, providing a place of therapy and retreat. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor spa-inspired spaces have been increasing in popularity, as homeowners seek to create the perfect paradise in their garden, or on their terrace. Similar to a swimming pool, it is installed beneath the ground, but installation is faster and easier. Outdoor inground spas can be installed fully submerged into the ground or partially exposed above the ground. Inground spas help homeowners to create the backyard of their dreams, so let’s take a closer look.

Design Your Perfect Backyard

If you're looking to design your perfect backyard, you can start by searching online for ideas and inspiration. You can explore different outdoor design themes such as contemporary, romantic, tropical, rustic, Scandinavian, Hamptons, zen and electric. Remember, your perfect backyard should fulfill your practical and design aspirations, enhancing your property’s appearance and also improving your daily wellbeing.

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When designing your perfect backyard, you need to consider the fixtures you would like to install, such as a hot tub, fireplace and outdoor shower. You also need to think about the type of lighting you need to create the right ambiance. Incorporate nature into your design to create a relaxing environment, by planting shrubs, trees and large-scale perennials. Upscale backyards should include a walking path for convenience and aesthetics. For hosting parties and events, it is important to have an attractive and accessible walkway for your guests.

Swimming pools and hot tubs are normally on homeowners wish lists for their dream backyard. Swimming pools can take up alot of space and can cost a lot to heat, so outdoor swimming pools are normally not used all year-round. Underground hot tubs provide the same wow-factor as swimming pools without taking up too much space. Outdoor inground spas are also more cost effective and easier to maintain. One of the biggest advantages of a hot tub is that it can be used anytime of the year, in both hot and cold weather. If you choose an inground hot tub for your backyard design, then make sure it is the focal point. You can place trendy outdoor storage units, and install an outdoor shower beside the underground hot tub for additional convenience.

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In-Ground Hot Tub Installation Tips

1. Select A Location
It is important to carefully consider and plan your in-ground spa installation, as it will be permanently installed into your backyard, so make sure you choose the best location. Select an area, which is the most convenient for you and enhances your outdoor space's overall appearance. In-ground spa installation is normally pretty easy and straight-foreward when plans are well-thought-through, so it is important to hire good contractors and specialists to help you install the inground hot tub.

2. Consider Capacity & Space
In order to choose the right sized inground spa tub for your space, you need to understand your capacity needs and the amount of space available in your backyard. A small 2 seater inground hot tub is a great choice for individuals and couples. A medium 4 seater is perfect for small families, or homeowners who enjoy hosting small get-togethers. If you are unsure about the capacity, as you have a relatively small outdoor space, then you can check the exact exterior dimensions of both options, and then measure the location where you plan to install the spa to see which inground tub would fit best. Make sure the selected area for installation is big enough to fit your inground hot tub shell and its foundation. It is recommended to leave around a foot of space on each side of the spa.


3. Hire Installation Supervision
A hot tub is a big long-term investment, so it is important to make sure the hot tub is installed correctly and functioning well. Using a specialized installation service to help and support your contractors can provide you with peace of mind, by making sure the inground hot tub is installed correctly. Aquatica offers the option to have an experienced engineer or technician dispatched to your home to train your installer, and supervise the entire installation process. Aquatica Professional Services ensures the inground spa is working properly. This helps to eliminate any warranty covered deficiencies.

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4. Install A Concrete Base
Make sure your contractors prepare detailed plans of the site with a solid foundation, such as a concrete base. This is important, as it helps to support the inground spa’s weight when filled with water. If you plan to leave access for the motor and pump, then your contractors should pour a concrete pit of at least 30 inches larger than your spa. Your contractors will then need to construct a removal deck around the perimeter. An in-ground hot tub requires access to power, so remember to consult with a licensed electrician. If you are concerned about your entire backyard becoming a construction site, do not worry, just discuss this with your contractors in advance to make sure only the necessary amount is dug up and is conducted in a tidy manner.

5. Think About Drainage Options
You also need to carefully think about how you plan to fill and drain your inground spa. Installing a floor drain system ensures the tub does not collect rainwater, which could potentially damage the hot tub. Aquatica offers the option to buy an Automatic Electrical Fill and Drainage system, which can help you to quickly fill and drain the spa’s water, eliminating the hassle of filling the hot tub with a garden hose. Aquatica’s electronic draining system features a 2” tandem valve system for the spa and compensation tank, ensuring super-fast draining. This innovative system is a popular choice for individuals installing an inground hot tub on a yacht.

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6. Make Sure You Have Easy Access
Access to the inground hot tub’s control elements and plumbing components is crucial for maintenance purposes. If you don’t want to build access panels or a trap door, then Aquatica’s offers the option to purchase the Pneumatic Spa Elevator . This is the one of the best solutions for inground spas, as it gently lifts and lowers the tub, providing fast access to all the control elements and plumbing components that are normally difficult to reach in built-in tubs. The Pneumatic Spa Elevator eliminates the need for any unattractive access panels and makes maintenance a simple and stress-free experience. It can be operated by a common air compressor (e.g. vehicle, light commercial or recreational air compressor).

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Benefits Of An Inground Hot Tub

  • Enhances The Property’s Appearance & Value
    Outdoor inground hot tubs provide the wow-factor, improving the overall appearance of your outdoor space and enhancing your property’s value.
  • Numerous Design Possibilities
    Extremely versatile, underground hot tubs provide a wide array of outdoor design opportunities and can easily blend into any existing outdoor theme or decor.
  • Provides Easy Accessibility
    Underground hot tubs are easier to access than freestanding spas. Suitable for all mobility levels, individuals can easily enter and exit the inground hot tub.
  • Offers A Wide Array Of Health Benefits
    Inground hot tubs and spas equipped with wellness features such as hydromassage jets and chromotherapy lights can help to enhance both physical and mental health.

Aquatica Inground Hot Tubs

Sometimes homeowners choose freestanding hot tubs instead of inground spas, as most inground hot tubs for sale on the market do not have many jets, and lack hydrotherapy technology. Aquatica’s international designers and engineers developed state-of-the-art inground spa hot tubs to enhance your wellbeing, featuring the right amount of jets to ensure a therapeutic underwater massage. Aquatica’s inground spas also feature chromotherapy LED lighting, Dual Action Ozone and UV disinfection system, soft ergonomic headrests and an easy-to-use control keypad. The inground hot tub shell comes with a 10 year limited warranty. Optional features are available such as Integrated Bluetooth Audio, the Aromatherapy Package, the Pneumatic Elevator, and the Electrical Fill and Drain system. Let’s take a look at some of Aquatica’s top inground spas for sale.

The Downtown is Aquatica’s most compact inground hot tub spa with an exterior of 79 x 59.25 x 31.75 inches. Featuring a spacious interior, four adults can enjoy a therapeutic hydromassage experience in ergonomically designed lounge chair seating with soft built-in headrests. The Downtown Inground Spa is equipped with four chromotherapy LED spot lights, 32 hydro-massage jets, 12 air massage jets and back massage with Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™). If you're looking for an indoor inground hot tub, then the Downtown Built-In HydroRelax Bathtub , featuring the same dimensions is also a good option.

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The Vibe is Aquatica’s most exclusive inground spa for sale, specifically designed to enhance the mood with active and passive therapy. It is equipped with chromotherapy LED lights, 40 whirlpool jets, 24 air massage jets, and innovative flotation style seating. The inground hot tub’s shell features dimensions of 94.75 x 77 x 33.5 inches, and a spacious ergonomically designed interior with soft pillows for optimum comfort.

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The Vibe Infinity is Aquatica’s largest inground hot tub featuring a shell exterior of 110.25 x 92.5 x 33.5 inches. The spa’s multiple perimeter LED lights creates a visually stunning infinity edge. If you're looking for the most exclusive spa on the market to impress guests, then the Vibe Infinity will certainly do the trick! Infinity inground spas look incredible when they are installed overlooking breathtaking mountain or sea views.

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