Aquatica's HydroRelax Series Hydromassage Bathtubs

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Designed to improve both physical and mental health, Aquatica’s HydroRelax Pro bathtubs feature world-class hydromassage technology, and a calming chromotherapy system with different modes.

Aquatica's HydroRelax Pro bathtubs provide a truly stimulating heated hydromassage experience, accompanied by relaxing chromotherapy LED lighting, water recirculation with heating and temperature control via a high-tech keypad.

Made in Europe, using only premium materials and expert engineering, Aquatica’s hydromassage bathtubs are guaranteed to last for many years.
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Aquatica's HydroRelax Tubs Feature The Following Functions:

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Most of Aquatica top model spas feature a compensation tank and infinity style overflow. The main purpose of the compensation tank (aka surge tank) is to collect displaced water when additional bathers enter the spa. The water overflows into the decorative channel that surrounds the lip of the spa. When the bather exits the spa, the water from the balancing tank flows back into the spa.
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A state-of-the-art capacitive glass keypad allows you to have full control over your exclusive home spa experience. The easy-to-use keypad allows you to easily control all spa functions, including the pumps, air-massage, chromotherapy and water temperature systems.
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Aquatica’s concealed underwater chromotherapy system provides an unparalleled light therapy effect, to balance and harmonise the body. Chromotherapy offers many important health benefits, such as reducing stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and accelerating open wound healing. The chromotherapy color palette features all seven rainbow hues, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white.
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Designed to perfectly compliment the Spa modern minimalistic appeal, the advanced spa controller features a seamlessly integrated LED-lit capacitive glass keypad. The bather can easily control and adjust water temperature, recirculation, anti-freeze, chromotherapy and automatic filtration functionalities.
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Add the optional Multiplex Duo or Trio Electronic Bath Filler to your order to enhance your bathing experience. The advanced digital faucet features a thermostatic valve, hand-shower hose, temperature and water flow control, a motorized drain, an integrated fill function via a drain or overflow outlet, and built-in cleaning and self-maintenance abilities.
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Modify your order to include the Pneumatic Bathtub and Spa Elevator, to easily access your Vibe Spa for maintenance and servicing. This special elevator is an essential element for handling large and heavy therapy bathtubs and spas. The elevator gently lifts and lowers the bathtub or spa, allowing for easy access to all the control elements and plumbing components that are normally difficult to reach in built-in bathtubs.
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Aquatica HydroRelax Pro bathtubs are available in different shapes, sizes and styles to perfectly match the bathroom design. Featuring a beautiful exterior, HydroRelax Pro bathtub cabinets are carefully constructed from the world’s finest materials, such as German-made Maridur, premium Acrylic and beautiful Thermory thermally treated wood.
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Want a tub that does not need to be emptied after each use? Whatever is your motive for reusing water, be it the convenience of always full bathtub, environmental concerns, regulations or water conservation regulations of Earth’s driest regions, Aquatica’s standalone or integrated sand filtering module is the solution that you can trust. Our pool like sand filtration system is of very low maintenance and allows to be installed with many of our tub models.

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