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Adding a simple, sleek shower to your outdoor space offers unlimited design opportunities. Aquatica’s outdoor showers can easily be installed in a garden, backyard, terrace, open-air bathroom, outdoor gym, private beach club, on a yacht, beside a swimming pool or hot tub.

10 Beautiful Outdoor Shower Ideas

July 30, 2021

Adding a simple, sleek shower to your outdoor space offers unlimited design opportunities. Aquatica’s outdoor showers can easily be installed in a garden, backyard, terrace, open-air bathroom, outdoor gym, private beach club, on a yacht, beside a swimming pool or hot tub. The beautiful Gamma Outdoor Shower Collection featuring a real rain effect can perfectly complement any decor choice, including contemporary, tropical, rustic, scandinvian, Hamptons, zen and electric. Let’s take a look at 10 beautiful outdoor shower ideas, and some of the best outdoor showers available. 

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Partner Your Shower with a Beautiful Outdoor Bathtub 

Combine a freestanding shower with an outdoor bathtub, to create the most luxurious open-air bathroom. This is a truly beautiful outdoor shower idea as you can soak in style, while watching the stars, and then rinse off with a revitalizing shower. One of Aquatica’s Gamma showers would look beautiful beside the truly captivating Lacus Outdoor Drop In Acrylic Bathtub. The sleek design of the Aquatica Gamma shower collection would also perfectly complement the Pamela HydroRelax Pro Jetted Bathtub.

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Add Plants for Tropical Touch

If you are searching for exclusive, tropical or private outdoor shower ideas, simply add some trees, plants, flowers or decorative planters. You can also install the free standing shower in an existing garden area, under an exotic palm tree on the beach or even in a forest. A unique outdoor planter would also look exceptionally chic beside one of Aquatica’s sleek freestanding steel showers. The Agave Outdoor Decorative Planter by Talenti is perfect for those searching for unique outdoor shower ideas. Designed by world-renowned Italian designer, Roberto Serio, it is available in white or graphite black. Each planter is precision cut, using laser technology and is weather resistant.  

Enjoy a Refreshing Rinse after the Hot Tub

Rinse yourself in style after relaxing in a hot tub with one of Aquatica’s outdoor showers. The sleek, minimalistic style of the Gamma outdoor shower collection would perfectly compliment any hot tub. If you are searching for modern outdoor shower ideas, you should consider combining the contemporary Gamma shower with one of Aquatica’s ultra-modern, hydromassage Downtown Hot Tubs for the best possible outdoor spa experience. 

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Play Your Favourite Tunes with DJ Bluetooth Hi-Fi

Dance under an outdoor shower, while listening to any tune you desire. By simply adding the DJ Aquatica Bluetooth Hi-Fi Audio System to your outdoor space, you can create any mood you wish, from romantic to chill. This impressive audio system was specially developed for outdoor use in high temperatures, and high humidity applications. It can operate in temperatures from -10° to +60°C and in humidity up to 98%. 55It integrates hi-fi sound from omnidirectional speakers with a Bluetooth receiver and RGB LED lighting to create impact or soft, mood-setting light diffusion. This is a really cool outdoor shower idea, which is perfect for a pool party or beach club event.

Add a Seat

Another beautiful outdoor shower idea includes adding a seat under your shower to sit while you rinse. You could also place a chair and a small table near your shower, to enjoy a refreshing drink and snack after your shower. The Aquatica Universal Waterproof American Walnut Wood Bench would look absolutely beautiful beside a Gamma outdoor shower for a rustic or nature centric appeal. It is also available in Teak or Iroko Wood. This is a really simple outdoor shower idea to implement, which will make your outdoor showering experience more comfortable. 

Side by Side or Multiple Showers

Installing two or more showers is one of the best outdoor pool or beach shower ideas for commercial residences, such as villas, apartment complexes and boutique hotels. Two showers standing side by side, or opposite each other can also be a beautiful outdoor pool shower idea for residential properties. This will give you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy showering beside your loved one, such as your partner or child. Multiple outdoor showers are also suitable for those searching for outdoor shower ideas for the beach, or for those looking for ideas to improve their outdoor gym.

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Indoor/Outdoor Shower Design Plans

Designing an indoor/outdoor shower bathroom plan is a beautiful outdoor shower design idea for colder climates. This offers the flexibility and freedom to shower outside when the weather permits, or to stay inside when the weather is colder. It is also suitable for warmer climates, especially if you live close to the beach, and wish to rinse off before entering your bathroom. 

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Include a Cabinet & Waterproof Storage

If you are searching for outdoor shower enclosure ideas and other outdoor shower designs, you can install a wooden cabinet or build a stone wall around your outdoor shower. This outside shower idea will provide a more private and exclusive outdoor showering experience. You can also add some waterproof storage to your open-air bathroom or backyard, by installing a high-quality, Waterproof Wooden Towel Rack . The Aquatica Waterproof Wooden Ladder Shelf is also a great outside storage option for those searching for unique outdoor shower ideas. Having a place to store towels, shampoo and clothes is a hygienic and super cool outdoor shower idea. 

Light Up Your Outdoor Shower Space

Shower under the stars by installing some lights or outdoor lamps near your freestanding shower. This can really make your outdoor shower design special, and stand out from the crowd. Fairy lights and lanterns can create a romantic ambiance, while a stylish lamp such as the Cleo Floor Mounted Lamp provides a more exclusive appeal. 

Cleo Floor Lamp by Talenti 01 (web)

Choose Tiles or a Wooden Floor

Set the tone of your outdoor shower design, by incorporating tiles or a wooden floor.  This is one of the best backyard outdoor shower ideas, as you can select any design or pattern from bright, colourful tiles for a fun, quirky look, to black and white tiles for a classic luxurious appeal. A wooden floor can offer a more rustic or countryside feel. 

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