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Outdoor showers are the perfect place to rinse off and refresh yourself after a day of gardening, sports or swimming in the sea or pool. Rinsing off outside is much more hygienic, as you won't drag dirt and sand around your home.

The Best Outdoor Showers To Buy For Your Home

July 14, 2022

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Outdoor showers are the perfect place to rinse off and refresh yourself after a day of gardening, sports or swimming in the sea or pool. Rinsing off outside is much more hygienic, as you won't drag dirt and sand around your home. Many luxury homeowners with swimming pools, hot tubs, wet rooms and saunas choose to install an outdoor shower for convenience and comfort. You can install an outdoor shower in your garden, terrace,  backyard, open-air bathroom, outdoor gym, private beach club, on a yacht, inside a wet room or outside your sauna or spa. 

Outdoor showers come in different sizes, styles and prices to suit your personal and design needs. The price of the outdoor shower usually depends on its material, size, and features. The best outdoor showers are made of weather resistant materials, and can last for many years. You can buy an outdoor shower, providing cold water, or a shower equipped with a progressive or thermostatic valve for hot water. Some showers come with hand held shower heads, while some other types may include a foot shower to help you rinse off your feet. Well designed outdoor showers feature a versatile appearance, which can perfectly blend into its natural environment, and complement any style, including contemporary, tropical, rustic, Scandinavian, Hamptons, zen and electric. 

Types Of Outdoor Showers

The two main types of outdoor showers for sale are wall mounted and freestanding. A wall mounted shower is stationary, so you must decide where you want to permanently install your shower. Similar to a shower in a bathroom, the majority of wall mounted showers must be attached to plumbing coming from behind a supporting wall. Freestanding outdoor showers offer more flexibility and design opportunities. You can install it into the ground, or attach the shower to a shower tray. Many outdoor showers are mobile and can be placed almost anywhere, by attaching it to flexible hosing. You can install an outdoor shower in your garden, or in a remote area, as it does not need to be attached to a wall.

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What To Look For When You Buy An Outdoor Shower

If you would like to buy an outdoor shower, then the most important factor you should take into consideration is the product material. Outdoor showers manufactured from premium materials, which are durable and corrosion-resistant can survive for a long time. You should also think about what type of shower head you would like, to ensure optimum comfort, while showering. If you would like an outdoor shower with hot water and good temperature control, then it is important to choose a shower with a thermostatic or progressive valve. Also, remember to select a shower, which is the best size for your height and space. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important factors you should remember when buying an outdoor shower. 

Weather Resistant Materials

It is important to buy a durable outdoor shower made of high-quality weather resistant materials. This ensures the shower does not become damaged by changing weather conditions, and can remain in perfect condition even in the snow, sun or rain. Stainless steel is considered to be one of the best material choices for outdoor showers. Choosing a high-quality stainless material such as Marine Grade Stainless Steel AISI 316L can save you a lot of time and cost on maintenance and repairs. It is considered to be one of the best materials on the market, due to its corrosion-resistant properties and outstanding durability. Outdoor showers made of this type of stainless steel remain in excellent condition in all weather conditions. Stainless steel outdoor showers can be installed beside a swimming pool, or near the sea, as it is resistant to chlorine and salty water. 

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Shower Head Type

The shower head type is another factor to consider when buying an outdoor shower. Cheaper outdoor showers may offer just a basic shower head, while more luxurious models may provide a rain fall effect, and hand held shower heads or a foot shower. Outdoor rain showers offer a refreshing, rainforest-like experience, providing full body coverage and even distribution. Outdoor showers with a handheld head deliver a more enjoyable outdoor shower for you and all your family members of different heights. It is also advisable to buy an easy-to-maintain shower head with an anti-lime nozzle. This makes sure the shower is easy to clean, and that the limestone does not affect its appearance or functionality. 

Water Temperature 

Many outdoor showers only provide cold water, as they feature just one inlet, but you can find more luxurious outdoor showers, which offer both hot and cold water for comfort. If you love a warm shower, or you are thinking of installing an outdoor shower in a colder country outside a sauna, or beside an outdoor hot tub, you should look for an outdoor shower with hot and cold water supply line inlets, and either a progressive or thermostatic mixing valve. Progressive mixing valves provide full protection from scalding, and allow you to control the water flow and temperature. Outdoor showers equipped with a thermostatic mixer allow you to set your desired water temperature. A thermostatic mixer also makes sure the temperature remains constant, even when other taps are opened. 

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Shower Size

Make sure you buy the best outdoor shower height and width to match your design and practical needs. An outdoor shower with a slim width is perfect for homeowners who would like to achieve a sleek, minimalist appeal, while a shower with a wider body provides a strong and bold appearance. Before choosing the outdoor shower height, you need to decide whether you will install it into the ground, or attach the shower to a built-in shower tray. Then it is important to check if the outside shower is the correct height for all potential users, so you and all of your family members can benefit from a comfortable and relaxing shower. 

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Amount Of Outdoor Showers

Commercial residences, such as villas, apartment complexes and boutique hotels often choose to install two or more showers for the convenience of their guests. Installing multiple showers can help to avoid people waiting for a shower, which can be a little frustrating after a long day in the heat. One or two outside showers are usually enough for a private luxury residence. Installing two showers side by side, or opposite each other can look really beautiful, and this can also allow you to enjoy showering beside your partner or child in comfort. 

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TOP 9 Outdoor Showers For Sale On Aquatica 

If you're searching for an outdoor shower store, you can take a look at Aquatica’s one-stop-shop, featuring exclusive European crafted products for your bathroom or outdoor space. Aquatica’s exclusive collection of outdoor showers enhance the outdoor showering experience, by providing ultimate comfort with a real rain effect, anti-lime shower nozzles, and other beneficial features. All of our outdoor showers are carefully constructed from a single monobloc stainless steel tube with an integrated linear showerhead. Manufactured in the EU, from the highest quality of AISI 316L stainless steel, our outside showers offer a beautiful minimalist appeal and outstanding durability. This sturdy steel features molybdenum for enhanced corrosion resistance. Our outdoor showers provide a sleek appearance with linear straightforward geometric lines. Extremely versatile, Aquatica outdoor showers can match any outdoor design, and do not distract from the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Here are some of Aquatica’s best outdoor showers for luxury spaces. 

Top 1

The  Gamma 510 is one of Aquatica’s most luxurious outdoor shower fixtures. This stunning stainless steel freestanding shower features a ground fixing and water supply system, an easy-to-use progressive shower mixer, anti-limestone nozzles and integrated emptying water system. The Gamma 510 provides a steady flow of warm water, thanks to its innovative multi-jet showerhead. The tall 88.5" high outdoor shower unit is carefully crafted from high grade stainless steel AISI 316L. This stunning outdoor shower set would perfectly compliment one of Aquatica’s outdoor bathtubs or luxury hydromassage hot tubs .

IX 510 02 (web)600

Top 2

Combining pure luxury with a minimalist design, the Gamma 520 is one of Aquatica’s most exclusive outdoor showers. You can easily control its discreet, hand-operated mixing valve hot, for warm or cold water. It includes a ground fixing and water supply system, as well as an integrated water emptying system. Both the 520 and 510 feature a height of 88.5" and a width of 15.75", making them our tallest and sturdiest outdoor showers.

Top 3

The Aquatica Gamma 624 is one of Aquatica’s most fashionable and functionable outside showers for sale. This freestanding stainless steel shower features a sleek appearance, an easy-to-use hand held hose and a standard mixing valve at waist height. It also includes an automatic antifreeze emptying system, making it one of the best outdoor shower fixtures for high latitudes. If you are thinking of installing an outdoor shower inside a wet room or outside a sauna or spa, then the Gamma 624 is a great option. 

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Top 4

The Gamma 527 is a stunning, sturdy outside shower fixture featuring a thermostatic mixing valve at waist height, a minimally intrusive floor fixing mechanism, and groundwater supply. The shower’s thermostatic mixer allows you to enjoy a constant stream of warm water at your desired temperature. It features a width of 13.75″ and a height of 83.25 H″. 

Top 5

Similar to the 527, the Gamma 524 outdoor shower also includes a thermostatic mixing valve, a minimally intrusive floor fixing mechanism, and groundwater supply. The Gamma 524 features a more slender body with a height of 79.9" and a width of 2.3". 

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Top 6

The Gamma 515 features both a self-closing tap and self-closing foot washer. This is one of the best outdoor showers for a hot climate, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing cold shower after the beach or pool. The self-closing foot washer jet allows you to easily wash off sand from your feet. The water system is operated by a push tap system, delivering a 20 - 25 seconds stream of cold water, before shutting off automatically. This can be really beneficial if you have a limited water supply. If you would also like to have hot water, you can purchase an additional thermostatic mixer.

Aquateica Gamma 515 shower03 2

Top 7

An elegant tall shower, the Gamma 514 features a height of 87.25" and a strong body with a width of 15.75". Suitable for outdoors or indoors, it exemplifies refined simplicity with a stunning streamlined form. The Gamma 514 includes a ground water supply system, an integrated water emptying system and a one-touch, progressive mixing valve.

Top 8

The Gamma 511 is one of the best outdoor showers for high latitudes. This smartly designed shower features an built-in antifreeze emptying system, making it completely safe to install inside a wet room, or beside your outdoor spa. It includes a minimally intrusive floor fixing mechanism, groundwater supply, and a one-water stop cock.

Gamma 511 freestanding outdoor shower 01 1

Top 9

Designed for existing construction applications, the Gamma 509 outdoor shower features a water inlet a few inches off the ground to avoid the hassle and additional cost of construction work. It features a ground fixing and water supply system, a one-water stop cock and an integrated water emptying system.

Outdoor Shower Design Ideas For Your Home

Outdoor showers offer a wide array of design opportunities. Some homeowners simply decide to install the shower beside their pool or hot tub, while others choose to build a stone wall around the shower, or install the shower inside a cabin, enclosure or outdoor bathroom for more privacy. You can buy an outdoor shower kit, which you can assemble yourself or hire a specialist to build it. There are different types, styles and sizes of outdoor shower kits for sale online, so choose the best outdoor shower kit to complement the design of your outdoor space. 

You can place a chair or bench inside your shower cabin or enclosure for additional comfort. When you are tired after a long day on the beach or in the garden, it is a nice idea to sit down and rest your legs, while taking a relaxing and refreshing shower. If you would like to create a rustic style, then the Aquatica Universal Waterproof American Walnut Wood Bench would look perfect inside a wooden cabin. You can also buy this bench in Teak or Iroko Wood . If you are creating an outdoor bathroom with a nature centric style, you can also add wooden storage for your towels, soap and shampoo. You could install a Waterproof Wooden Towel Rack to the wall, or choose freestanding wooden storage, such as a Wooden Ladder Shelf . The Aquatica Beatrice Shower Cabin Stool , made of a durable material called Polyurethane Gel , is perfect for modern style outdoor bathrooms or shower enclosures. 

TOP 9 Outdoor Showers For Sale On Aquatica

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