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What Is an Outdoor Shower, and What Is Its Purpose?

Aquatica Outdoor Showers with one water stopcock progressive mixing valve mixing valve (web)
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What Is an Outdoor Shower, and What Is Its Purpose?

May 22, 2020
Diana Grybkovа

Outdoor showers are installed for rinsing off after swimming in the pool, sea, cleaning up after exercising outdoors or working in the garden, or it could be just a fantastic and intimate experience that turns into a frequent ritual!

What Sets Aquatica Outdoor Showers Apart?

Aquatica line of outdoor showers is self-sufficient standalone units made from structural AISI 316L marine grade stainless steel tubing. They come with hot and cold water supply line inlets and progressive or thermostatic mixing valves. 

Aquatica Outdoor Showers with one water stopcock progressive mixing valve mixing valve (web)
Aquatica Outdoor Showers With One-Water Stopcock, Progressive Mixing Valve and Thermostatic Mixing Valve (from left to right)

Why Is Stainless Steel AISI 316L Important For Outdoor Shower Applications?

Stainless steel AISI 316L is a low carbon stainless steel alloy, considered among the most durable and corrosion-resistant materials on the market that guarantees genuinely unique technical properties and aesthetics of our standalone outdoor shower units.

Moreover, this is what ensures safe and durable use of our products near the ocean and pool area despite exposure to salty water and chlorine.

Stainless Steel AISI 316L Important For Outdoor Shower Applications (web)
Aquatica Gamma-510 Outdoor Shower Crafted From High-Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 316L

Novel Design

Aquatica outdoor design showers are made of 316L stainless steel to highest quality standards and intended to impress with their timeless elegance.

Our outdoor showers stand out with their simple and minimalistic design that does not compete with the environment. These showers are a valuable addition to your garden or pool area.

Shower With Elegance

Our outdoor showers fit perfectly with modern architecture and other elements of landscaping and outdoor furniture to fit ideally in your outdoor garden or terrace.

The timeless beauty of top-quality 316L stainless steel rewards the minimalistic design of our outdoor showers with distinctive elegance that will delight modern design aficionados. The high quality and artisan quality of the individual stainless steel parts make our cold and hot water outdoor showers a premium outdoor product.

Aquatica Gamma 524 Freestanding Outdoor Shower With Thermostatic Mixing Valve Ground Fixing And Water Supply System And Antifreeze Emptying Water System (web)
Aquatica Gamma-524 Freestanding Outdoor Shower with Thermostatic Mixing Valve and Antifreeze Emptying Water System

Design That Brings a Desire to Shower

It is a striking and impressive design that makes our outdoor showers so unique. Equipped with progressive mixing valves, Aquatica cold, and hot water outdoor shower design is the result of a successful mix of high-quality materials and modern technology. These showers offer much more than classic pool showers. Thanks to various additional functions, refreshment in the pool area turns into an outdoor showering pleasure with a unique wellness feeling.

Gamma 510 freestanding outdoor shower 02 (web)
Aquatica Gamma-510 Freestanding Outdoor Shower with Progressive Mixing Valve and Antifreeze Emptying Water System​

Refreshment as Individualistic as Life

Whether after work, mowing the lawn, swimming in the pool, or before going to bed, treat yourself to the refreshment of the outdoor shower and enjoy the special feeling of taking a shower at your garden or on the terrace.

With So Many Different Outdoor Shower Models, There Is a Pool Shower For Everyone

Our standalone outdoor shower models have the following key differences between them:
pipe diameter:

Aquatica Gamma 515 Freestanding Outdoor Shower With One Water Self Closing Tap Feet Washer Self Closing Jet and Antifreeze Emptying Water System (web)
Aquatica Gamma-515 Freestanding Outdoor Shower with One-Water Self-Closing Tap, Feet Washer Self-Closing Jet and Antifreeze Emptying Water System

Exclusive Design Meets Durable Quality

Aquatica design outdoor showers made of stainless steel impress with their timeless elegance, and surpass the highest quality requirements. They enable you to have unparalleled water fun and impress with their exclusive look. These outdoor showers are the perfect addition to your pool and terrace area.

How To Care For Your Outdoor Shower

Here are some suggestions for the outdoor shower care and maintenance so that you can continue enjoying your outdoor shower for many years to come.

Storage During The Wintertime

  • Always plumb your outdoor shower with a shut-off valve so that the entire system can be drained entirely before winter.
  • Dry the shower at the end of the season and disconnect the water supply lines. This is the only way to ensure that the outdoor shower supply lines and mixing valves do not get ice damage during the winter months.
  • To dry the shower, open the mixing valve and foot shower and let them drain completely.
  • If necessary, use air from a contractors compressor to blow excess water out of the pipes and valves
510 shower

Non-Use During The Swimming Season

If you do not use the shower for a long time during the bathing season (e.g., vacation or rainy period), drain your outdoor shower to avoid contamination with bacteria!

Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintain the shower throughout the season! Clean the nozzles and the shower body regularly with a designated cleaning agent.

Robust Package For Safe Delivery To The Most Remote Parts Of The World

Secured with black rigid foam and protected by a robust plywood crate, our outdoor showers are packaged for a safe and reliable delivery anywhere in the world – be it air cargo, courier, rail, or truck.

Robust Package For Safe Delivery To The Most Remote Parts Of The World (web)


  • We generally provide a 5-year warranty on all our outdoor showers in residential use applications. Commercial warranty is capped at one year.
  • Damage caused by frost, limescale, and contamination is excluded from the guarantee.
  • If you do not use the shower for a long time during the bathing season (e.g., vacation or rainy season), empty it to avoid contamination by bacteria!

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