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2 person hot tubs are perfect for individuals or couples, who would like to improve their mental and physical health by transforming their home into an exclusive spa sanctuary filled with zen and relaxation. Let’s take a look at the benefits of hydrotherapy, and the best two person hot tubs and spa baths available to buy on Aquatica’s online store. 

Best 2 Person Hot Tubs And Spa Baths

October 25, 2021

2 person hot tubs are perfect for individuals or couples, who would like to improve their mental and physical health by transforming their home into an exclusive spa sanctuary filled with zen and relaxation. Let’s take a look at the benefits of hydrotherapy, and the best two person hot tubs and spa baths available to buy on Aquatica’s online store. 

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Personal Benefits Of Hot Tub Therapy

Everyone needs some space and alone time for personal healing, and water therapy is one of the best ways to heal the body, mind and soul. Soaking in water for medicinal purposes dates back to ancient times, and offers numerous healing benefits for physical and mental health, including relaxing muscles, easing pain, improving sleep and relieving anxiety. We often think about warm water therapy, but cold water therapy is now one of the most popular new trends in wellness and healthcare. Influencers, celebrities and athletes are soaking themselves in cold water for around 15 minutes in water temperatures of approximately 53°F to 59°F (12°C to 15°C). Many experts believe this can improve blood circulation, boost calorie burning capacity and reduce inflammation. 

Relationship Healing With Hydrotherapy

COVID-19 has caused a spike in relationship break-ups, due to increasing stress and anxiety. Being stuck together 24/7 during the pandemic can be exhausting, which is why it is crucial to find ways to relax at home. Some simple bathroom upgrades could actually improve your romantic life forever. Home is where the heart is, this is why more focus should be put on improving interior decor to make your house or apartment more romantic. Aquatica offers a wide variety of romantic bathroom ware and special customization options to create the ultimate spa experience at home and brighten up your space, mood and relationship. 

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hot Tub For Two 

Finding the best two person spa depends on your space, design and practical needs. It is important to measure your space, in order to select the best 2 person hot tub or spa tub with the correct dimensions to complement your garden or terrace. You should also make sure the hot tub’s cabinet matches your decor, and complements your home’s outdoor setting. Hot tubs with a white cabinet suit modern and contemporary homes, whereas wooden hot tubs look beautiful in a rustic, forest or lake side setting. 

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Features Of A Hot Tub For 2 

The best 2 person hot tub reviews feature hot tubs with long lasting materials, excellent technology and beautiful aesthetics. It is actually quite difficult to find an attractive outdoor hot tub, as many freestanding hot tubs and outdoor spas are rather ugly. Aquatica solved this problem, by spending a significant amount of time designing and developing hot tubs, which combine world-class aesthetics with cutting edge hydromassage technology and ergonomically designed seating. Aquatica offers a wide range of luxury two person hot tubs and spa tubs in different styles, colors and sizes to ensure homeowners find the best two person hot tub for their garden, yacht, or terrace.

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Top 7 Hot Tubs & Whirlpool Baths For Two

Aquatica offers the best two person hot tubs and whirlpool bathtubs for a truly exclusive home spa experience. All of our tubs are economically designed for optimum comfort, and are equipped with the right amount of jets needed for therapeutic hydromassage therapy. Integrated chromotherapy lighting also creates a relaxing ambiance, allowing bathers to completely switch off and forget about their worries. Homeowners also have the option to add Integrated Bluetooth to their order, allowing individuals and couples to listen to their favourite songs with a clean, crisp sound in the high-fidelity rendition. Other options such as Aquatica’s Aromatherapy Package can also be added to enhance the spa experience. Let’s take a look at the top 2 person hot tubs, which include these important features and options. 

The Best Two Person Hot Tub For A Therapeutic Hydromassage

The Aquatica Downtown Spa Series is one of the best 2 person outdoor hot tubs on the market. Ergonomically designed for four people, this luxury spa tub is also a great buy for 2 people. Equipped with  32 hydro-massage jets, 18 air massage jets and back massage with an Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™), this special therapy hot tub delivers a powerful whirlpool massage along the entire back, from cervical to lumbar. Couples can enjoy a romantic ambience at night, thanks to 4 chromotherapy spot lights. Rectangular in shape, the Downtown Series of luxury hot tubs offer different sizes, prices and cabinet style options to suit your hot tub budget, design and practical needs. The white Downtown Hot Tub is perfect for luxury homes with a contemporary style. White 2 person hot tubs are available to buy online with a composite hot tub cabinet, or with a beautiful cabinet made of Aquatica’s proprietary DurateX . Spa lovers can add the Auxiliary Water Chiller-Heater to their order, to benefit from the ultimate wellness experience with both warm and cold water therapy. Overall, the Downtown Spa is one of the best plug and play hot tubs for luxury homeowners. 

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The Best Built-In 2 Person Hot Tub

The Downtown Inground Spa is one of the best 2 person hot tubs available online. It is easy to get in and out of this hot tub, as it is built into the ground, similar to a swimming pool. This makes it a great buy for older couples, small families or individuals who struggle with mobility. Even though the Downtown Inground Spa is the cheapest 2 person hot tub for sale on Aquatica’s online store, it is actually a fantastic long term investment, as inground spas can increase the value of a home, like a swimming pool. This versatile inground hot tub easily blends in with any existing outdoor theme or decor. Most inground hot tubs available to buy online do not have many jets and lack hydrotherapy and other high-tech features. Aquatica solved this problem by developing an innovative inground spa with more jets, and other high tech features than most other inground hot tubs on the market. 

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The Best Japanese Soaking Spa Tub For Couples

The True Ofuro Duo offers couples the opportunity to explore the ancient ritual of Japanese soaking. This modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese-style bathtub, includes a special ergonomic design with two built-in seats. Featuring a generous depth of 27.75” (70.5 cm), the True Ofuro Duo provides an enjoyable full body immersion for two people. Even tall couples with a height of over 6ft (180 cm) can benefit from a truly therapeutic soak. The tub can be equipped with one of Aquatica’s therapy packages, including air jets, chromotherapy lights and an effective recirculation system with heating, delivering the most sensational spa experience for two people. Made of Aquatica’s in-house developed DurateX™ , this is one of the best spa tubs for two people, as it is super compact, fitting in very small spaces, and it can be used either indoors or outdoors, in all weather conditions. 

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A Spacious Outdoor Tub For Couples Of All Shapes Sizes

The Pamela Outdoor Freestanding Bathtub is one of the best two person whirlpool tubs for sale online. This circular acrylic spa tub gently widens from its 43.75” (111 cm) interior bottom to its 58.25” (148 cm) top. Designed to provide the ultimate outdoor soaking experience for couples, the Pamela is extremely spacious, allowing couples of all shapes and sizes to completely relax. Featuring an impressive depth of 20.5” (52 cm) the Pamela is one of the deepest bathtubs available to buy on Aquatica’s online store. The tub’s subtly curving walls reflect Aquatica’s focus on ergonomic engineering to best fit the human form.

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The Most Versatile Two Person Spa Tub

The Aquatica Lacus Drop In-Acrylic bathtub is one of the best spa tubs for couples, providing the most romantic environment. The Lacus can be built into any suitable outdoor location such as a terrace, backyard, balcony or yacht. This stunning inground bathtub can be equipped with one of Aquatica’s therapy systems with massage jets, chromotherapy lighting and effective recirculation with heating. It is one of the best two person spa tubs on the market for outdoor use. Featuring dimensions of 70” (178 cm) square (external size) and 22” (56 cm) deep internally, it offers plenty of space for two people to really spread out and soak in style. The wide back rim provides plenty of room for accessories, candles, a book or a drink.

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The Most Romantic Spa Bath 

If you're looking for the best two person spa bath for romance, take a look at The Aquatica Trinity Air Massage Bathtub . This heart shaped freestanding tub is one of the most romantic baths on the market. The three-sided tub features an extra deep 16.5” design, offering the perfect amount of space needed for an intimate and comfortable bathing experience for two. This romantic bath includes 36 air jets and 14 LED lights, featuring underwater сhromotherapy with slow color rotation or fixed color mode in one of 6 available tones. 

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Large Circular Air Massage Tub For Contemporary Bathrooms

The Aquatica Allegra-Wht Built-In Relax Air Massage Bathtub is available to buy online as either a freestanding tub or a built-in model. The Allegra features a unique and organic circular design, making it one of the best two person spa baths for contemporary bathroom projects. Made from premium acrylic sheets from Lucite International, this tub offers excellent durability, thick walls and outstanding heat retention. It is one of Aquatica’s biggest spa baths with a water capacity of 145 gallons (550 L). Available in a variety of color options, from white, pearl, monochrome or granite, this tub offers many different design possibilities. This tub comes with 28 low-profile air jets and 24 low profile LEDs.

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