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Bathroom decor in 2023 revolves around combining comfort, fashion and function with a distinctive style. Homeowners continue to prefer minimalist style bathrooms, but they are also looking to add some character and personality. Let’s take a look at some of the best bathroom decorating ideas for 2023. 

Bathroom Decorating Ideas 2023

January 25, 2023

Aquatica Universal 19.75 Waterproof 4 Hook Wall Mounted Iroko Wood Rack 04 (web)

Bathroom decor in 2023 revolves around combining comfort, fashion and function with a distinctive style. Homeowners continue to prefer minimalist style bathrooms, but they are also looking to add some character and personality. Let’s take a look at some of the best bathroom decorating ideas for 2023. 

Embrace The Popular Japandi Style 

Japandi style started to gain in popularity in 2021, and Japandi is set to become one of the most trending bathroom decor trends in 2023. Japandi is a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, incorporating minimalism, natural materials, and combining tradition with contemporary elements. 

  • Combining fashion and function with a cozy yet clean appeal is core to the Japandi concept. The True Ofuro Nano Bathtub is an ideal tub for Japandi, as it is a modern adaption of the traditional Japanese Ofuro soaking tub. Aquatica designed this micro tub for tiny spaces, as it can fit through narrow passageways and doorways. The soaking tub’s functional design provides a Scandinavian feel, as it also includes all the important qualities of Hygge, such as ensuring coziness and comfort with an ergonomic design and integrated seat. Explore all the different styles of True Ofuro Soaking Tubs , which are currently available to buy on Aquatica's online store.
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  • Explore Aquatica’s Scandi sinks for your Japandi style bathroom. The natural, earthy forms of the Scandinavian-designed Sensuality Vessel Sink adds an attractive and sculpted appeal to any Japandi bathroom. The Coletta washbasin in either black or white with a clean Scandinavian design and minimal detailing is also a good choice for a Japandi bathroom. This sink is also available in any color from the RAL chart.
sinks 1 (web)

Add Pops Of Color To A White Bathroom

White and gray bathrooms were quite trendy in 2021, and adding some color to white bathrooms is expected to become a popular bathroom style in 2023. White is known for making small spaces appear larger, but don’t be afraid to add some pops of color to your bathroom for some contrast.

  • The trendy Spoon Vessel Sink with a red or green exterior can brighten up your bathroom. If you're looking for a specific color, you can explore 200 different colors from the RAL chart to match your decor. 
sinks 2 (web)
  • If you're looking for some of the best small bathroom decor ideas for 2023, then you should consider adding a colorful mirror to your tiny white bathroom. Made from a soft and smooth material called Liquid Polyurethane, Aquatica Infinity Zoom Self Adhesive Wall Mounted Mirror is elastic, durable, eco-friendly and non-toxic. The Infinity mirror can be easily installed on the bathroom wall. This trendy mirror is perfect for both contemporary bathrooms and kids bathrooms. It is available to buy in different colors, including blue, black, gray, white, as well as semi-transparent.  
infinity zoom self adhesive wall mounted mirror (web)

Choose A Chic Faucet For Your Washbasin

Unusual faucets are one of the top bathroom decor trends for 2023, so forget about plain, boring faucets and think about interesting faucets with a cool style.

  • The tall 10 inch Celine Vessel Sink Faucet in matte black provides a distinctive design element, and perfectly complements deep washbasins. The model is fitted with a simple to use, progressive mixing valve, and a matching black 1 1/4” up-down waste. If you're looking for a wall-mounted faucet, then the Celine Wall Mounted Black Matte Faucet is a great option. 
  • For homeowners searching for a traditional faucet with an Italian design, then the Bollicine Faucet is a good choice. The default product finish is Chrome, but if you would like this faucet with a different finish for a distinctive style, then choose this model with a rose gold, black chrome or yellow gold finish.
Sink Faucet 1a (web)

Consider Wooden Storage Accessories With A Quirky Style

Smartly designed wooden storage accessories featuring a unique style are one of the top bathroom decorating ideas in 2023. Wood is a timeless and versatile design choice, providing bathrooms with a warm and luxurious appeal. Carefully crafted in Europe from solid wood, Aquatica’s Wooden Bathroom Accessories can complement a wide range of styles from contemporary to rustic. 

  • If you're looking for a quirky storage accessory for your bathroom decor, then check out the Aquatica Universal Bathroom Ladder Shelf . This triangular self-standing ladder storage accessory offers three practical shelves for storing bathroom essentials. It is also equipped with two rungs at the top for hanging hand towels, face cloths and other items. Designed to stand against a wall or corner, the shelf’s compact dimensions make sure it easily fits in small, medium and large bathrooms. 
Aquatica Universal Waterproof American Walnut Wood Bath Complect01web

Enhance Your Bathrooms Aesthetics, Hygiene & Smell With An Electric Towel Warmer

Electric towel warmers are expected to be one of the biggest 2023 bathroom decor trends, as comfort and hygiene remain extremely important. The bathroom is famous for being one of the most unhygienic rooms in the house. Heated towel racks are a smarter alternative to regular towel racks, keeping towels dry, and preventing exposure to bacteria. The heat from electric towel warmers kills bacteria and reduces growth by up to 90% between uses. The Sophia Towel Warmer can enhance a bathroom’s aesthetics, hygiene and smell. Carefully crafted from a slab Lebanese cedar wood with peeled edges, the Sophia Towel Warmer is durable, energy efficient, heats evenly, and diffuses a pleasant aroma, making sure your bathroom always smells amazing. You can choose either the vertical Sophia-V or the horizontal Sophia-H to match your bathroom design.  

sophia electric towel warmer (web)

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