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Aquatica Ultraleather Covers for True Ofuro Series Japanese Tubs

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Aquatica Ultraleather Covers for True Ofuro Series Japanese Tubs

April 22, 2020
Diana Grybkovа

Designed for our class-leading True Ofuro series Japanese soaking tubs, our matching tub covers are fashionable, classy, and stand apart when it comes to low-maintenance and durability. 

Aquatica UltraLeather freestanding tub covers allow you to have the same high quality, beautiful covers for your Aquatica True Ofuro series Japanese tubs as you would expect for high-quality home furnishings. Well thought through and extremely durable, our freestanding Japanese tub covers are resistant against spills, stains, and discoloration.

True Ofuro Winter Cover 01 (web)

Japanese Tub Cover That Resembles Genuine Italian Leather

Our UltraLeather tub covers closely imitate genuine Italian leather surfaces while maintaining a subtle grain pattern. Aquatica UltraLeather Japanese tub covers are made with a polyurethane molecular structure that acts as a foam barrier providing for additional cushioning to your Japanese tub cover.

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Available in light summer and heavier grade winter variants, our Japanese tub covers are soft and with an extra cushion while exceeding the industry standards for wear and tear. Independent laboratory testing shows that UltraLeather exceeds heavy-duty industry abrasion standards by more than 13 times, to provider superb scratch, nick, and blemish resistance.

Designed for Style With High Performance and Durability Requirements in Mind

Not only are our UltraLeather freestanding tub covers durable, but they are also designed to perform well under extreme weather conditions for outdoor tub applications.

Aquatica UltraLeather tub and hot tub covers cool 20% faster than vinyl covers, which are normally used to make outdoor hot tub covers. 

Also, in freezing temperatures, our UltraLeather tub covers won’t stiffen or crack like genuine leather or vinyl. 

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Environmentally Most Friendly Tub Cover

Another great benefit of our UltraLeather Japanese tub covers is their environmental friendliness. 

UltraLeather fabrics do not contain any plasticizers, heavy metals, or stabilizers making it 100% VOC free. Nearly all (99%) of the chemicals used to manufacture UltraLeather are recycled by its manufacturer, Ultrafabics, making it a sound environmental choice. 

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Aquatica UltraLeather Japanese tub covers can easily be cleaned with mere soapy water. For stains, we recommend a spot treatment with a solution of water and Tide® brand (or equivalent) laundry detergent. For stubborn stains use a water-based multi-purpose cleaner such as Simple Green® or similar. 

Solvent-based cleaners such as nail polish removers or other solvent-based cleaners must not be used. 

UltraLeather Tub Cover Cleaning Instructions: 

  • Spot clean with mild soapy water. 
  • Air dry or, if desired, dry quickly using a hairdryer on warm setting – not hot. 
  • Use cleaner/degreasers such as Simple Green

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