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A Rustic Twist - Wooden Bathtubs

Aquatica True Ofuro Duo Wooden Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bathtub 07
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A Rustic Twist - Wooden Bathtubs

March 13, 2020
Diana Grybkovа

Since ancient times, bathing has been an important cultural point around the world, such as the Ancient Roman thermae, Turkish hammam or Eastern European banya. The bath has always been a place of comfort, warmth, and cleansing. Vital to our daily ritual, the bath has to look visually inviting.

Insert luxury into your experience with natural wooden baths, carefully crafted by us at Aquatica. Wooden baths offer the benefit of added insulation thanks to their materials, which means you can enjoy a warm bath for longer. The organic and natural feel of the wooden design is bound to create a place of comfort for your needs.

Aquatica True Ofuro Duo Wooden Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bathtub 07 1 (web)
Aquatica True Ofuro Duo Wooden Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bathtub

Made using a wood preparation and manufacturing system called LegnoX, Aquatica ensures the wooden materials are up to standard. If properly maintained, a wooden bath is very durable and may last for a decade. LegnoX resin impregnation technique is borrowed from traditional wooden boat building, which ensures fully waterproof bathtubs, mechanical and chemical resistance, and a handcrafted piece every time.

Aquatica TrueOfuro American Walnut Freestanding Wood Bathtub 2 (web)
Aquatica True Ofuro Wooden Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bathtub

Aquatica offers six different types of wooden bathtubs made from trees suitable for bathtub manufacturing:

  • American Walnut
  • Padouk
  • Sapele
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Maple.
Wooden samples (web)
Available Natural Wood Species

Depending on your personal interior-design needs, bathtubs are available in rich tones and patterns. 

Models currently available for your own rustic piece are Karolina 2, True Ofuro, and True Ofuro Duo bathtub seen above. 

Aquatica karolina wooden freestanding japanese soaking bathtub 01 1 (web)
Aquatica Karolina 2 Freestanding Wooden Bathtub


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