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Dive into the distinctions between traditional Japanese bathtubs and contemporary Japanese style tubs. Discover which is the perfect fit for your home with Aquatica Bath USA.

Japanese Bathtub vs. Japanese Style Tubs: What's the Difference?

November 28, 2023

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The allure of Japanese bathrooms lies in their elegant design and profound respect for the bathing ritual. As discussions around this topic surge, there emerges a cloud of confusion: the difference between the traditional Japanese bathtub and the modern Japanese style tubs. Let's delve into the nuances.

The Traditional Japanese Bathtub – A Deep Cultural Dive

Known as the "Ofuro", the iconic Japanese bathtub isn't just about bathing; it's a spiritual rejuvenation ritual. Traditionally crafted from Hinoki wood, these bathtubs are designed for deep, upright soaking.

Key features of the traditional Japanese bathtub:

Material: Natural, aromatic woods like Hinoki.

Depth: Much deeper than the conventional freestanding bathtubs .

Usage: Used exclusively for soaking after a thorough cleanse outside the tub.

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Japanese Style Tubs – A Modern Interpretation

With the world being smitten by the Japanese bathing culture, Japanese style tubs came into existence, offering the depth of Ofuro but with modern materials like acrylic, fitting perfectly even in small bathrooms .

Key features of the Japanese style tubs:

Material: Durable materials such as acrylic or solid surface .

Design: Retains the depth but more ergonomic for reclining.

Extras: Features like hydro jets and integrated heaters in some designs.

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Making the Choice

Aesthetic & Material: Traditional tubs radiate warmth and rustic charm, whereas Japanese style tubs exude a sleek, modern vibe.

Space & Placement: For homes with space constraints, there are designs like corner bathtubs that can be a perfect fit.

Maintenance & Longevity: Authentic wooden bathtubs require care to deter decay, unlike the minimal upkeep of solid surface variants.

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Whether you're drawn to the traditional warmth of a Japanese bathtub or the contemporary functionality of a Japanese style tub, both promise unparalleled relaxation. Evaluate your space, aesthetic preferences, and practical considerations to find your bathing sanctuary.

For more unique designs, explore our diverse range of bathtubs at Aquatica Bath USA.

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