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Sometimes you come across a product that simply wows you with its ‘rightness’; that brings together in one perfect package cleverness in design, a whole range of thoughtful benefits and precise attention to those finer details.

More Than Just a Tub… A Luxury Bathtub for Two!

April 16, 2019

Sometimes you come across a product that simply wows you with its ‘rightness’; that brings together in one perfect package cleverness in design, a whole range of thoughtful benefits and precise attention to those finer details.

That product is Aquatica’s amazing True Ofuro Duo Freestanding Composite Japanese Soaking Bathtub,  which quite literally ticks all the boxes when it comes to a truly pleasurable deep bathing experience for two.

True Ofuro Duo Freestanding Stone Japanese Soaking Bathtub 01 (web) 600

Let’s face it…. a lot of baths say they’re made for two. But in reality, they are simply baths that are bigger, so they may have room for two but are not made specifically for two-person bathing. 

With True Ofuro Duo, if you were asked to list all the things you would want in a genuine two-person bathtub, this would be the summation of all those things.

An Outstanding Concept

Aquatica specializes in quality bath design and manufacture and spends a considerable sum every year in R&D, to conceive bathtubs that are distinctly different. Their Ofuro range is a great example of this, demonstrating technological expertise, superior craftsmanship and a unique understanding of the luxury of bathing. 

A Modern Interpretation of the Japanese Soaking Tub

The Ofuro design was inspired by the centuries-old tradition of bathing in Japan, where bathing has acquired a unique position in daily life as an act of pleasure with its own etiquette and rituals. Japanese bathing was and still is, much more than a rejuvenation. Communal style bathhouses and hot springs often acted as meeting places where friends would gather to chat, gossip and share views and news whilst enjoying the relaxing hot water. 

Aquatica True Ofuro Tranquility Heated Japanese Bathtub US version 110V 60Hz 02 600 (web)

The Aquatica design team took these core principles of pleasurable bathing and applied them to create a bathtub whose primary focus was a seated, full body soaking experience, like nothing else available in the market. It took four years, but the results were well worth the wait.

Now, with True Ofuro, you have a very attractive, modern design, freestanding bathtub that delivers a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable full immersion bathing experience. All within a compact footprint, to meet the increasing demand for smaller space living.

Now, A Soaker Tub for Two

Having achieved a bathtub close to perfection, it would be hard to know how to make it better. But Aquatica has with the introduction of the True Ofuro Duo...  the ultimate freestanding soaker tub specifically designed for deep two person bathing.

True Ofuro Duo Ergonomics 1 600

This great bathtub takes the unique, Japanese-inspired seated soaking style of bathing, but translates it into a bathtub with two built-in seats , full back and neck support and dual headrests. Whilst still maintaining a more compact footprint, the bath’s depth has been increased to accommodate even 6ft plus bathers can share. 

Aquatica true ofuro tranquility freestanding solid surface bathtub web 15 650

Imagine the indulgence of immersing yourselves in your own private bathing sanctuary, with space for both of you to sit comfortably, luxuriating in soothing hot water up to your neck whilst you chat about your day, make travel or home-maker plans, share secrets or simply lean back and let all your cares simply drift away.

Two Person Bathing with Double the Benefits

One of the features of the Ofuro is its attention to detail, every facet designed to make the entire bathing experience absolute positive.

An example is the optional Tranquility recirculating water heating system which eliminates the need to constantly top up the water by maintaining the water temperature at a constant level. You won’t be continually drawing expensive hot water from your hot water cylinder, as the Tranquility system recirculates the water and has its own ozone disinfection for maximum hygiene.

Aquatica true ofuro tranquility freestanding solid surface bathtub web 12.2

Great Material for a Great Concept

One of the aspects of the Ofuro tubs most often commented on is their beautifully, understated and deceptively simple design. These tubs look lovely in any style of the bathroom as their clean lines and minimalist yet sensual formwork equally well in modern or traditional décor. 

Looks are more than skin deep however with Aquatica, and the True Ofuro Duo is constructed from Aquatica’s new, patented state of the art material DurateX™. This high density, glass-carbon composite was developed using technology from the yachting industry and offers many superb durability traits such as excellent UV resistance, chemical and blister resistance. In fact, Aquatica uses it for both indoor and outdoor bath and spa manufacture.

DurateX™ also has the highest thermal insulation indicators so that your two-person soaking tub requires no additional heat insulation to retain heat better and cool down much more slowly. 

No Limits

DurateX™ also gives Aquatica’s designers significant design flexibility. It can be applied to all kinds of challenging, daring and sophisticated styles and shapes and even large designs as it is also relatively lightweight. This may have bearing in a location where the weight and floor support of your freestanding soaking bath are critical factors.

True Ofuro Duo Freestanding Stone Japanese Soaking Bathtub 05 (web)

Harmonious Bathing for Two

There won’t need to be any ‘discussions’ about cleaning this bath either. DurateX™ has a unique high-gloss coating which keeps your bathtub in perfectly clean, germ-free condition. Thanks to the unique high-gloss coating technology, which prevents the onset of germs. Of course, the smooth, non-porous surface feels great too.

Two Person Bathing Goes One Better

With all the boxes ticked above, it is hard to think of further ways to improve the Ofuro Duo. But we’ve thought of a couple. 

The first of these is LegnoX™, Aquatica’s wonderful new, resin-impregnated natural wood preparation which uses the finest natural woods to create solid wood bathtubs. And yes, you guessed it... the Ofuro Duo can also be made in this solid wood in your choice of six species – American Walnut, Padouk, Sapele, Oak, Ash, and Maple, all of which look absolutely stunning. Imagine the mood you could create with your wooden Ofuro – a stunning, freestanding soaking tub for two evocative of all the natural warmth, luxury and spiritual peace your desire in your unique and special bathroom.

Aquatica True Ofuro Duo Wooden Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bathtub main (web) 600

Thoughtful Extras

True Ofuro Teak Safety Step 3 (web)

One final small but delightful finishing touch is the Ofuro solid wood step  which comes as a standard item with your tub. Again using a design inspired by the venerable art of Japanese bathing, your wooden step will be made to match the wood of your tub. It is the perfect aid to getting in and out of your freestanding Japanese style soaking tub and starting to enjoy your luxury ultra-deep bathtub for two!

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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