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2021 bathroom trends focus on transforming the bathroom into a luxury space filled with peace and tranquility. COVID-19 forced most of us to spend more time at home, providing homeowners with the opportunity to revamp their bathrooms.

2021 Bathroom Ideas

November 22, 2021

2021 bathroom trends focus on transforming the bathroom into a luxury space filled with peace and tranquility. COVID-19 forced most of us to spend more time at home, providing homeowners with the opportunity to revamp their bathrooms. Tired of looking at the same old bathtubs and sinks, home owners are investing in high-end fixtures to create a bathroom, which offers both entertainment and therapeutic benefits. Bathrooms in 2021 revolve around ergonomically designed tubs to provide the best comfort for the whole body. Extra features such as hydromassage and chromotherapy lighting are also a popular bath trend, as many homeowners want to create their own spa experience at home. Bathroom design in 2021 welcomes nature, as many homeowners look to bring some elements from the outdoors into their bathroom space. Bathtubs and sinks inspired by nature are expected to be some of the best-selling bathroom products this year. 2021 master bathrooms focus on spacious bathtubs, providing enough room and comfort for couples to enjoy a romantic soak. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest 2021 bathroom ideas and bath trends. 

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Oasis Inspired Bathrooms

Bathroom design ideas in 2021 focus on bathtubs and washbasins inspired by nature, welcoming a feeling of peace and tranquility to the bathroom space. Oasis and desert bathrooms styles in 2021 are extremely popular. This type of decor creates a magical feeling, allowing homeowners to experience the outdoors inside their home. The Aquatica Dune Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub transports bathers to an oasis of true tranquility, taking them to the white sand dunes of New Mexico’s magical Tularosa Basin, one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders. Featuring wavy wind ripples, the bath’s desert aesthetics and well-researched ergonomic design recreates the special experience of soaking in mystic hot springs. 

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Luxury Walk-In Tubs For Ultimate Comfort & Easier Access

2021 bathroom trends continue to focus on the importance of accessibility. Ageing in place design is a current bathroom design trend as designers aim to create a safe and comfortable bathing environment for people of all ages and mobility levels. A universal design is the best option for a new home, as it will last for a lifetime and serve all your needs. 

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Walk-in bathtubs are becoming a popular fixture in 2021 modern bathrooms, as these accessible tubs exemplify ageing in place design. Many walk-in bathtubs on the market do not feature luxury aesthetics, but Aquatica solved this issue by designing the Baby Boomer 2 . This is the only solid surface bathtub on the market, and it presents an ultra-luxurious appearance. The Baby Boomer 2 is one of the best baths for a 2021 bathroom, as it offers a universal design, providing a comfortable bathing experience for everyone. It is fitted with a door made from transparent acrylic, which generously caters to the needs of children, adults, and the elderly. This next generation freestanding walk-in bathtub can enhance the overall value of your property, as it can be equipped with special features such as hydromassage, bubble bath, color therapy, heater, lights, and rapid pump-assist draining. Bathers of all ages can benefit from these advanced, therapeutic features. Designed to provide maximum comfort, while occupying a very minimal space, the Baby Boomer can fit even in tiny bathrooms.  

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A Touch Of Nature & Sustainability

Bringing a touch of nature inside the home with sustainable fixtures is a popular 2021 bathroom style. The Coletta™ Sandstone Textures Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub is the best example of a sustainable bathroom product, which brings some elements from the outdoors inside the bathroom. This exquisite bath features a captivating sand colored terrazzo-like appearance, reflecting the natural beauty of the great outdoors, from canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges to beautiful beaches. AquateX™ Sleek Sandstone is a stunning sustainable sandstone solid surface, made from recycled seashells. Utilising discarded seashells is a smart way to tackle environmental waste issues. Combining recycled seashells with our award-winning AquateX™ formula, creates a premium solid surface with an exquisite terrazzo-like appearance. Check this blog post to see the full list of Aquatica bathtub models, which are also available to buy in AquateX™ Sleek Sandstone  .

AquateX Sleek Sandstone

The Zen Style Bathroom Trend

Zen style bathrooms continue to be a major bathroom design trend in 2021. This year we see a growing popularity for Japanese style decor and an increasing demand for compact bathtubs for small, contemporary bathrooms. The Japanese inspired Aquatica True Ofuro is a zen inducing tub, providing the traditional Japanese sit and soak experience, with optional spa features such as hydromassage and chromotherapy.  The generous depth of the Ofuro tub keeps the water warmer for longer allowing bathers to experience the ultimate soaking experience. Featuring a well-thought-out design, the True Ofuro allows the bather to sit upright in a comfortable position. This not only benefits posture, but also provides congestion relief for bathers who suffer from sinus conditions or colds. This compact soaking tub is available to buy online in different sizes, shapes, colors and prices.

New Japanese Style

Bathroom trends for 2021 focus on bathtubs, which can easily fit in small bathrooms and through narrow building entrances and hallways during delivery. The most recent addition to the True Ofuro collection is the best solution for small spaces. The tub’s oval, slender design ensures easy access through narrow passageways and doorways, making it the perfect bath for all types of buildings. Matching accessories, such as the True Ofuro Safety Step are also available to buy from Aquatica’s online store to complete your zen style bathroom. 

True Ofuro Safety Step collage

Small Sinks For Tiny Spaces

Size plays an important role in 2021 bathroom designs. If you're looking to buy a small wall-mounted sink, then the Sola sink’s innovative design might capture your heart. The Sola offers some useful space-saving features, such as a special built-in towel rail at the bottom, and a small area at the top of the sink for soap. Matching bathroom furniture is one of the most popular 2021 bathroom design trends. Aquatica also offers a special Sola Furniture Set with a matching shelf, drawer cabinet and mirror.

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Round vessel sinks are a current 2021 bathroom trend, as many homeowners fall in love with the simple symmetry and glamorous appeal. Aquatica’s small bathroom sink bowls feature compact measurements of 17.75 L x 17.75 W inches with different heights available depending on the specific model. The Metamorfosi is a beautiful ceramic vessel sink with a high-gloss finish. The Metamofosi can transform any tiny bathroom into a luxurious space. 

Metamorfosi collage

2021 small bathroom trends focus on tiny elegant vessel sinks. Interior designers and homeowners searching for this type of bowl basin should consider the Aurora collection . Featuring a thin wall, this delicate looking sink provides a special element of elegance. Even though this small stylish vessel sink looks dainty, it is crack-resistant, thanks to our durable AquateX™ stone composite. Buy the Aurora small bathroom sink online in black or white , or with a gunmetal exterior finish in matte or super gloss . It is also possible to order any color of your choice from the RAL chart to match your decor.

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Romantic Bathtubs For Two

Master bathroom trends in 2021 focus on spacious bathtubs for two, as many relationships continue to experience stress during COVID times. Water therapy is one of the best ways to keep a relationship alive, allowing couples to enjoy a quiet bonding session together in a tranquil home environment. The large Lillian is one of the best 2021 baths for couples, and allows even the tallest of bathers to benefit from a full body soak. Bathtub trends 2021 also include colorful tubs to match your decor. The Lillian is currently available to buy online in white , yellow gold , black , or black and white . It is also available in any bespoke color of your choice from the RAL color chart.

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The best bathroom designs 2021 provide the most relaxing environment, allowing bathers to completely switch off, and soak in style. Another popular bathtub for couples is the romantic Trinity, which resembles a love heart, making it a great choice for your master bathroom. The Trinity is one of the best freestanding tubs to enjoy a relaxing soak with your loved one. This beautiful bath is available to buy in white acrylic or matte VelveX™ with relaxing hydromassage and chromotherapy features.

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Easy To Clean Bathtubs & Sinks

Hygienic and easy-to-clean bathroom fixtures are a major 2021 bathroom trend, as Covid-19 created more awareness and anxiety over health and hygiene. Bathtubs and washbasins made of an easy-to-clean material makes life much easier. Trending bathrooms 2021 focus on solutions to provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience. Aquatica spent many years developing AquateX™ , a light-weight, non-porous, hygienic and extremely durable material. 60% of AquateX™ is composed of the aluminum mineral, which is extracted from Bauxite, a weathered volcanic rock. Bathtubs and sinks made of our award-winning AquateX™ can be easily cleaned with a simple sponge, removing even the most difficult stains. You won’t need to worry about mold or mildew, as this in-house developed solid surface material is extremely hygienic, preventing the growth of bacteria and mold.

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