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Dark Bathroom Decor – Black Bath Tips for a Luxury Getaway, Everyday

Sophia Black freestanding stone bathtub by Aquatica 01 (web)
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Dark Bathroom Decor – Black Bath Tips for a Luxury Getaway, Everyday

May 17, 2019
Diana Grybkovа

Unexpected dark shades invade architecture and interior design to realize visions of livable luxury in the bathroom. Rich colors, warm hues, and natural elements combine with the organic shapes and streamlined edges of black bathtubs to attain the aim of a well-deserved escape in your private home.

Sophia Black freestanding stone bathtub by Aquatica 01 (web)

A relaxing moment at the end of the day is not complete without a soothing bath. Luxury bathroom decor and different bathroom colors and materials offer endless possibilities that make these black bathroom ideas a favorite for those who love luxe and serene getaway right at home.


Keeping an analogous color pallet is a great dark bathroom design idea to explore with texture and different materials. Take bold and even harsh surfaces and key lightning accents for an intimate and cozy look. Then, simplify your bathroom furniture and you are ready for a spa-like experience.

Dark bathroom decor - black freestanding tub in a combination of black, grey and wood decoration

Here, the bold choice of a black bathroom floor carries an evident preference for monochrome with a combination of black, grey and wood. Surrounded by textured black bathroom walls, the curved faucets and the organic-shaped black soaking tub add an element of softness to the environment. This elegant composition works for being serene and minimalistic, yet warm and tactile.

Classic opposites

Black and white bathroom design ideas: Modern black freestanding tub in the center of the room framed with a picture window

Still another innovative way to step out of the comfort zone with typical bathroom colors is aiming for the complementary ends of the dark-light spectrum. Nothing says more “classic-elegant style” than black and white contrast, whether playing with shades and tones in the room or incorporating daring touches with different inside and outside colors in your black hot tub.

This modern black freestanding tub is a great centerpiece framed with a picture window to let the sun stream through and showcase the splendid view. Its unique shape brings a welcome wind of change to the surrounding traditional furniture. Walls in antique white and bronze faucets help create a warmer feel while keeping the focus on the beautiful black bathtub.

Plain color

Black bathroom furniture is no stranger to richer colors either. Sleek and modest finishes allow for combinations with detailed accessories and bathroom decor elements and also enhance the color theme in this modern French-style bathroom.

The surprisingly calming red shade transitions gradually into the floorplan, together with the neutral hues of the rest of the bathroom colors. The composition has just the right amount of simple modern touches to lift the mood of a luxe vintage room. Moldings on the walls, as well as the classic faucets and shower attachments, contribute to the masterful mix of old and new.

Modern French-style bathroom: black soaking tub, moldings on the red wall, grey bathroom furniture and the classic faucets and shower attachments

Natural elements

Finally, it is true that we often think of color as the first way to tie a home together, but the materials used can also do the trick. If your desire is to create the perfect calming retreat, take note from elegant day spas and their penchant for teak bath mats. The final result with this luxury black bathtub is the most perfect soak room or bathroom sans toilet. Warm wood panels and the organic-shaped hot tub offer a beautiful breath of fresh air, movement and the possibility to decorate with tons of natural elements.

Natural bathroom elements: Warm wood panels and the organic-shaped black hot tub offer a beautiful breath of fresh air

Reinforcing items

Black vessel sink  and lavatories make the final room more cohesive and add another design element to your dark bathroom. Perfectly complementing any metal color with elegance -bronze, chrome, stainless steel, or black, they add the final touch that leaves no doubt that the designer has mastered the art of the bath.

Coletta B Blck Stone Vessel Sink 01 (web)

All these dark bathroom decor ideas owe their inspiration to these customizable black soaking tubs.  The collection includes oval, rectangular and unique designs in freestanding baths and sinks proving that black is the new black.

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