Relax Your Mind in the Best Way

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Relax Your Mind in the Best Way

November 28, 2015

For many individuals, a warm jet bubble bath after a long day’s work is the best way to relax, rejuvenate and de-stress. Apart from washing away dirt and excess oil, a 30-minute soaking session in a jetted bathtub has excellent therapeutic implications – especially in relaxing the muscles, improving the blood circulation, hydrating the skin and relieving pain associated with injuries, wrong posture, arthritis, hemorrhoids, spasms, and menstrual cramps. Most of the physicians recommend bubble baths at home as an alternative to a session at the spa.

Aquatica Purescape 174B Wht Relax Air Massage Bathtub web (16)

In today’s fast-paced life, few people take out the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Instead of investing in air bathtubs or jetted stone bathtubs, they turn towards hot springs and mineral baths. A home bathtub offers the same benefits like a hot spring, without any cost at all! Here are some of the best ways to relax your body and mind with a simple bath at home.

Jetted Tubs

A jetted stone bathtub shoots water in jets, as opposed to the traditional rundown from faucets. When filled with water, the bathtub produces a series of waves as new jet streams flow into the tub, resulting in rhythmic massage movements that relax your muscles and mind.

For the best experience, take the herbal bath in a jet stone bathtub. The stone structure adds extra strength to the bathtub and prevents it from chipping and scratching. Alternately, a jetted bubble bath can also be used. The bathtub shoots jets of water which combine with the herbal soaps to create a foaming lather. Subsequent jets help your body soak up the water, resulting in the best hydrotherapy experience that detoxifies your body from within.

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Whirlpool Bathtubs

Compared to air bathtubs and jetted bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs offer better results. The movement of water within the tub, in a whirlpool-like motion, gently exfoliates your skin and nourishes it with enough water to maintain your body’s overall pH level.

Add a pinch of dead sea salt (or even regular sea salt) into the whirlpool of water. This not only helps remove dead skin cells and bacteria off your body but is also useful in reducing hyperpigmentation and healing any open wounds or cuts on your body surface.

With the high quality and affordable air bathtubs, jetted bathtubs and jet bubble bath solutions offered exclusively by Aquatica, you can bring home the ultimate spa experience while adding value to your overall home décor.  

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