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Bathroom color trends in 2022 focus on neutral, timeless and nature-inspired colors with organic hues, as homeowners transform their bathrooms into peaceful and relaxing spa-like spaces. Natural designs that are clean, sleek and not intense or overwhelming will continue to be popular. 2022 bathroom colors will revolve around natural colors deriving from stone and wood, and we will continue to see interior designers combine these two.

Bathroom Colors 2022

December 09, 2021

Colorfull Sink collage

Bathroom color trends in 2022 focus on neutral, timeless and nature-inspired colors with organic hues, as homeowners transform their bathrooms into peaceful and relaxing spa-like spaces. Natural designs that are clean, sleek and not intense or overwhelming will continue to be popular. 2022 bathroom colors will revolve around natural colors deriving from stone and wood, and we will continue to see interior designers combine these two. Small bathroom colors in 2022 will include neutral shades and plenty of white to naturally make the space seem bigger, but feature black or colorful sinks to create a distinctive style and express some personality. Bespoke color options in award-winning stone composite solid surface AquateX™ are available on Aquatica’s online store, and customers can choose from approximately 200 RAL colors, ensuring you find the best color for your bathroom. Let’s take a closer look at some top bathroom color trends to keep a close eye on in 2022, and explore some successful bathroom designs from some of Aquatica’s talented clients.

Green Avocado Bathrooms

Avocado bathrooms have been out of fashion since the 1970’s, but in 2020 we started to see a revival, and this bathroom design trend continues in 2021. Moss green works well with neutral shades, such as cream, white and gray, this trendy shade is also great with timeless colors like black and white. Different shades of green are also predicted to be popular bathroom colors in 2022. 

  • The moss green Corelia Freestanding Bathtub became the focal point of this beautiful bathroom, perfectly complementing the timeless and nature-inspired combo style bathroom, featuring black and white patterned tiles, wooden furniture and plants. This moss green colored bathtub provides a rich, warm appeal, exemplifying luxury and adding a touch of nature. 
    Corelia Moss Green collage12


  • Shaped like half an avocado, the Spoon 2 Vessel Sink in moss green  is one of the best wash basins for a contemporary avocado style bathroom. This beautiful sink is available to buy online with a matching freestanding Spoon 2 Bathtub.  You can also buy the Spoon vessel sink in white, black, or in an oxide red colour combined with a beautiful white interior, or in any other color from the RAL chart. 
    Aquatica Spoon 2 Moss Green Wht Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink 01 (web)


Tranquil Blues Combined With Light Gray Shades

Bathroom color trends in 2022 revolve around tranquil blue and light gray colors, as interior and home designers are interested in creating a relaxing vibe at home. If you’re searching for small bathroom color ideas in 2022, you should explore different light shades of blue and gray from the RAL code. 

  • Designed by Lauren Greaves, this bathroom provides the perfect ambiance for a relaxing soak. Featuring light blue wall tiles, wavy gray textures and the white stone composite Luna Freestanding Bathtub , this bathroom creates a peaceful feeling. These light shades of gray and blue will continue to be popular bathroom colour trends in 2022.
    IMG 4446 (1)


  • Distant blue is also expected to be a top bathroom color in 2022. The unique Coletta Jaffa Bathtub and matching vessel sink in the RAL distant blue shade adds an element of culture, as its outstanding uniqueness derives from the heart of Jaffa Old Town. This shade of blue also works really with white, gray and cream walls and bathroom floor tiles. The Colletta Jaffa is also available in black, white, or with an oxide red or gunmetal exterior, or in any color of your dreams from the RAL chart. 
    Coletta jaffa blue


White, Gray Or Cream Bathrooms With Black Bathtubs

Neutral colors such as white, gray and cream are expected to be among the top paint colors for bathrooms in 2022. Black bathtubs and vessel sinks can really provide that wow-factor, making sure the bathroom is definitely not boring, but remains classy and elegant.

  • If you're designing a bathroom with white, cream or gray colors, a black bath is the perfect product to provide some color contrast. Designed by Jennifer Wundrow, this beautiful bathroom features the Aquatica Karolina Freestanding Bathtub in black NeroX™ stone composite . This black bath perfectly complements the white, gray and cream wall tiles. 
    Karolina Black Customer Photo new


  • Designed by Mike Stake Studio for a chic South Beach condo, the black and white Lullaby Bathtub looks stunning in this bathroom surrounded by different shades of gray. Combining black, white and gray will continue to dominate interior design next year, and will become one of the best modern bathroom colors for 2022.
    Lullaby black white


Sand Colored Bathrooms

Bringing a touch of nature inside the home is predicted to be one of the top bathroom color trends in 2022. Aquatica recently introduced a new sand colored solid surface with an exquisite terrazzo-like appearance to fulfill the design needs of luxury homeowners, who dream of a desert-inspired bathroom. AquateX™ Sleek Sandstone is a stunning sustainable sandstone solid surface, made from recycled seashells. Utilizing discarded seashells is a smart way to tackle environmental waste issues. Sustainable bathroom colours in 2022 will certainly dominate interior design next year.

AquateX Sleek Sandstone

Stone & Solid Wood 

Trending bathroom colors in 2022 revolve around natural tones deriving from stone and wood. Combining real solid wood with stone composite solid surface creates a sophisticated appeal with a natural timeless elegance. The beauty of solid wood really comes alive with swirling grain and rich warm tones, when perfectly paired with a stunning stone composite solid surface. 

  • The Aquatica Millenium Bathroom Sink and Vanity is expected to be a popular product choice next year. The Millenium series offers homeowners the opportunity to order one-of-a-kind bespoke bathroom vanities. Different colors, configurations and sizes are available to fulfill the customer’s design and practical needs. The Millenium Black Stone Bathroom Sink with a matching floating vanity provides a truly exclusive style. White stone and natural wooden tones are also expected to be popular colors for bathrooms in 2022. This exquisite white sink and vanity combo adds a clean and sleek appeal.
    Millennium Stone Wooden Cabinets


  • Gretchen Kennelly Design Group designed this rocky bathroom decor, using small stones for the wall decor. The Aquatica Spoon vessel sink in black NeroX™ stone composite perfectly complements this stone style bathroom, and looks amazing sitting on a wooden vanity. This bathroom is a great example of combining stone and wood, and this combo is expected to be one of the best bathroom colors for 2022.
    Spoon Black Vessel Sink2


Black & White Bathrooms

Black and white bathrooms will continue to be one of the best 2022 color trends, as this color combination never goes out of style. Bathrooms with black and white decor are classic and elegant, exemplifying luxury. In 2021, we saw a variety of beautiful black and white bathrooms with completely different styles due to interesting patterns choices, and incorporating nice subtle tones. Aquatica offers a wide array of different options for black and white bathrooms. Designers can choose a bathtub or sink in white, black or black and white. The Lillian Black and White Bath looks spectacular in this black and white bathroom. 

Aquatica Lillian Black White
  • Over the past few years the classic black and white square tiles made a comeback and will remain a popular color choice for bathrooms. Last year, we saw black and white pattern tiles becoming more popular, and we will continue to see this as one of the top bathroom color ideas in 2022. Interior designers love the versatility of black and white tiles, as they are suitable for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. This stunning white bathroom featuring the Japanese True Ofuro with beautiful black and white pattern tiles is a great example of this.
    True Ofuro White Bathtub01


  • Bathroom paint color trends in 2022 will also continue to incorporate black or white walls. This bathroom by Alden Miller Interiors features the white Aquatica Spoon Bathtub , a black wall and black and white square tiles, perfectly combining classic with a contemporary style. 
    Aquatica Spoon White Customer Photos


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