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When remodeling your bathroom, a critical decision to make is what type of sink suits your needs best. Bathrooms and everything in them are used multiple times daily, and an integral part of that is sinks - a defining piece of all bathrooms. The sink’s looks and how it synthesizes with its environment are especially crucial here. It is equally vital that the sink also fits its more applicable and known uses.

Types Of Bathroom Sinks

September 08, 2022

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When remodeling your bathroom, a critical decision to make is what type of sink suits your needs best. Bathrooms and everything in them are used multiple times daily, and an integral part of that is sinks - a defining piece of all bathrooms. The sink’s looks and how it synthesizes with its environment are especially crucial here. It is equally vital that the sink also fits its more applicable and known uses.

Bathroom sinks come in many forms, with distinguishing designs, colors, materials, features, prices, and more, all of which lead to a combination that inevitably accommodates one’s needs. While ceramic bathroom sinks are the most common, contrasting materials are starting to blossom. These materials include stainless steel, wood, resin, and, more specifically, solid surface composite sinks. Aquatica offer sinks made from solid surface materials like - AquateX , NeroX , Sleek Sandstone, and Sleek Concrete . Another thing to note is that although Aquatica currently doesn’t have wooden sinks, designs are in the works and will be ready for market soon.

Best Types Of Bathroom Sinks


Drop-in sinks are the most prevalent bathroom sinks. They are a classic bathroom sink design, among the most popular styles, thanks to their easy adaptability and neutral style that “downright” fits with any environment! 

Often built into a countertop, the drop-in basin also has an extra lip around the edges that keeps water free from easy spillage.

The Drop-in sink is also popular because they are easy to install within an existing vanity. For one, our sinks from the Millenium collection can follow the same vanity installation process. The Millenium collection and most drop-in sink designs do not require homeowners to change their current sink layout and design if they prefer not to. Drop-ins also allow the sink to fit in with any environment and harmonize with the flavor it possesses, doing so seamlessly. This will enable homeowners to get creative while sustaining the functional aspects… Being this down-to-earth has never been so fashionable!


As the name implies, freestanding sinks stand and support themselves. The sink has all its plumbing fittings and connections inside. 

While they tend to lack space for accessories and storage, freestanding sinks provide a great opportunity in large bathrooms to make a statement. Because they do not require countertop space, freestanding sinks are also great for smaller bathrooms, and half-bath remodels. Simply add a creative storage solution to go along with your freestanding sink in lieu of countertops and cabinets.

Aquatica is making huge strides in the freestanding/pedestal sink sector, and already with the Solo Freestanding Solid Surface Sink . Although more designs are on the way from Aquatica (and in the near future), this is a truly original design to take a peek at and consider, especially since you can assess what one of your top options looks like and how it can possibly complement your bathroom.

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Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted sinks are usually compared to drop-in sinks, which are installed into a countertop or vanity, although wall-mounted sinks easily attach to a bathroom wall without anything covering the plumbing fittings or pipe supplies. They do not require a foundation that touches the floor, as they are connected through wall brackets.

The wall-mounted sink has been appreciated and praised for its easy installation process for quite some time, as it is more of an older and familiar style. These sinks are more advantageous in compact bathrooms as they do not take up too much space.

Aquatica offers a range of wall-mounted sinks of different sizes, the most prominent being the 4 different sizes from the floating Millenium Collection - double bowl or single, they fit any style. A decision on which wall-mounted sink suits you best is wholly based on your personal situation. You might want to make the most of your bathroom and its room, so a standard single sink would work well. The Millennium-150 sink , for example, is a double sink for a more spacious bathroom. I personally love the look - it bounces off essentially any room, as it is mounted to the wall, making it easier to blend, and it also just takes over outright with its wide presence. There are also other sinks that we offer, not just in black.

In contrast to the Millennium-150’s immense broadness is the Millennium-90 , which is for a more compact and cozy space. Whatever option you choose, the majestic and elegant design and the graceful float effect are absolutely spectacular. With the ability to fit in any bathroom (the sink is essentially the room), this option becomes a no-brainer!

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Vessel sinks are a distinctive and more modern type of bathroom sink . They usually have an egg or bowl-shaped basin on top of a separate counter. The options available regarding the sink’s basins and materials make vessel sinks extremely desirable, flashy, and trendsetting, making them ideal for an interior designer and just bathroom remodels. As for the plumbing, fittings and setup must be beneath and through the countertop and the vessel. This is a critical facet to remember for vessel sinks. Vessel sinks are also very flexible in their placement in your bathroom. Nothing is “set in stone,” as you do not need much space or much accommodation to fit these types of sinks. Aquatica has an overwhelming selection of exquisite vessel sinks in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials! Whether you want something more traditional, such as the rectangular Aquatica Solace sink collection ; more of a sleek ovular design such as with our Karolina-2 vessel sink ; an electrifying swooping shape, such as with our assortment of Luna sinks ; the one-of-a-kind shape with our selection of Nanomorph sinks, Aquatica has a vessel shape and design to fit anyone's needs! 

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As for the size and ease of placement, Aquatica’s Aurora Round Vessel Sink Collection , for example, has a 17.75 x 17.75 x 5.5 inches model. Such a sink and the other mentioned sinks from earlier will fit most countertops alone, and you can even have two side-by-side, acting as a double sink, if you decide you have too much space or need a spare sink.


Trough sinks are deep, wide and often have multiple faucets attached to the same basin. For this reason, they are ideal for situations where more than one person uses the same sink simultaneously.

Bathroom Sink Materials

As you may have already guessed, a wide variety of materials are available for bathroom sinks. With an overwhelming selection, how do you make a decision ?

This discussion is where the advice of a professional can pay off. Choosing the right type of bathroom sink material depends on functionality, durability, style and design, and compatibility with your existing bathroom features. And, of course, since material dramatically impacts the cost of your bathroom sink installation, it will depend on your budget.

Here are some of the most demanded materials for modern bathroom sink remodels:

  • Stainless steel: Powerfully built. It is sturdy, shiny and easy to clean.
  • Glass: Effortless to clean and a unique look.
  • Natural stone: Landmark and mesmerizing capabilities, but at a cost.
  • Ceramic or porcelain :  Always a classic option, as it is affordable, durable, and even fashionable to an extent.
  • Copper or bronze:  Usually mixes well based on the environment. High-quality stuff.
  • Wood: Gives off cozy and a natural demeanor, durable, but also expensive.
  • Resin: Lightweight and comes in a wide range of designs, colors, and innovations.
  • Fireclay: heavy-duty durability but can be pricy.
  • Solid surface: Affordable, durable and holds its aesthetic elegance at every glance. For Aquatica products, AquateX™, also known as stone resin, is a solid and non-porous material typically composed of acrylic resin, epoxy, bauxite, marble dust, and pigments. If you would like to learn more about AquateX™, you can click here to watch our video on it. 
  • China or enamel: Definitive but frail.
  • Cast iron: If not the best, one of the most durable and tough standard sink materials
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Aquatica AquateX™ Solid Surface Sinks Cleaning and Maintenance​​​

For more info on some of Aquatica’s cutting-edge materials, you may take a peek at our material page .

When choosing your bathroom sink’s material, consider how it will look, feel, the price, and how it adds to the bathroom. If more assistance is required, you may want to refer to our counselors on chat 24/7 via our site. Another option would be your contractor for their opinion and advice on the topic.

Advantages of Single and Double Bathroom Sinks


Single sinks and their counterpart vanity take up little space, which makes them perfect in tight-quarter bathrooms. You can even install a freestanding sink if you need to conserve your floor space, as these sinks are confined and supported only for their needed leeway.

Single sinks tend to be quite easy to clean. There won’t be as much counter space to refine and less cabinet area to collect dirt. Also, you at least have the option to expand with a closet, cabinet, or something else if you decide to. You behold extra flexibility as a whole.

When you have ample counter space, you also, in correlation, have the privilege of more items.

Single sinks and vanities are generally less costly and are easier to install. A lone vanity in itself may be less expensive than a double, but also the fact you will only have to pay for one set of plumbing in addition and one countertop makes a difference.

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As the great American saying goes, “the bigger, the better,” the more, the better! This is particularly vital if your house has busy mornings and nights and is “busy” despite being part of the “restroom” entrée. Consider who will need to use sinks and simultaneously prepare for work, school, and “lights out” - though it is recommended you keep them on while you use the sink(s). 

Having a double sink means more storage space, two cabinets contrary to one, plus additional options for drawers depending on your chosen vanity style.

More space on the counter means more accommodation to style hair, do makeup, and all other amenities. However, advantages can vary depending on your type of counter. If the sinks are close together, it may be a diametrically opposing view.

In immense bathrooms, double sinks take up additional space and are perfect - as you fill a room, it tends to look more complete and nice. A single miniature sink might feel dwarfed by a room as with other fixtures, such as the tub or shower , which are usually quite filling. Double sinks will give a larger bathroom more balance if the size is comparable to its surrounding appliances.

At the end of the day, it is essential to remember that both have different uses and purposes, and the decision to pick one over the other is entirely based on that concept. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, so assess your situation and choose accordingly. 

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Bonus three sink option:

Are you looking to accommodate a huge household, and still, the double sink option does not suffice? No need to fret, as there is the choice to have three sinks, too! Aquatica’s 70.75 Millennium Vanities , part of the Millennium collection, has enough space to fit three sinks as well. Its immense presence washes over you like the shore, as if awesome cool waves, which are unending, are also that at each glance, as the simple yet sleek wooden innovation takes over your bathroom's glamour! 

Aquatica Millennium Stone Wooden Vanity03 700

Sink Features to Consider

As you plan for your bathroom, It only makes sense to contemplate what and how you want the sink to transform the bathroom and what can be for the utmost fruitful. After all, you definitely want the bathroom’s design to conform beautifully and blend. Hence, when choosing a sink, you must pick something that fits not only your ideals but that of the rest of the bathroom and its key, standout characteristics. To do so, please consider the following for your sink:

Color: Do you want the typical white sink, or having it toned out, just not like your favorite celebrity crush, but to something like black , gray , gold, etc.? Then this is an aspect to not glance over. Aquatica has a wide assortment of RAL color options and additional exterior paint finish options such as MetalX and material selection. You even have the opportunity to combine which colors are painted on the exterior, such as red and white, see with the Spoon-2 Oxide Red-Wht Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink . Read more about these options here .

Aquatica Spoon2 Colors collage for blog

Shape: Which shape draws you the most? Options with Aquatica include round , oval , rectangular , and more, such as our unique statement-piece designs .

Sink size: Do you know how large you want the sink? You will need to consider the size of the countertop and/or the bathroom it will be in. Not only for the space it will be upon, but how it visually fills the room. Aquatica can help with this, as it offers an extensive range of sizes, from 17.75-inch vessel sinks to our largest 70.75-inch wall-mounted integral Millenium-180 sink .

Available space for sink: Have you measured the space for the sink (the countertop or floor) with your preferred sink size?

Basin design: To you, what is a fashionable basin? Perhaps a pattern, a particular shape? Take a few of Aquatica’s unique modernistic designs for the liking: the Spoon 2 , Lotus , and Nanomorph are both beautiful and completely unique designs that inevitably draw attention.

Basin depth: Would a much deeper basin be further supplementary - perhaps you’d like to prevent splashing or are a sink enjoyer of taller stature? A real-life example would be Aquatica’s Solace Round Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink , which has an impressive depth for a sink with 7.75 inches to prevent any possible splashing mess. Compare this to a shallow sink such as the Coletta-B Distant Blue-Wht Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink (4.25”) or the Solace Low Basin Collection. 

Aquatica Solace White Round Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink MyCollages (1)

Faucets: Some sink types, such as vessel sinks and select freestanding sinks, do not have built-in faucet holes, so planning would be needed. The Millennium sinks, as mentioned earlier in this blog, have the option of one or two faucet holes. In terms of the faucet itself , consider the material and style and how it can be applicable to you.

Vanity, countertops, and cabinets: Do you want the sink built into a vanity or somewhere else? Consider your style and color plans for countertops and cabinets or vanity, as you will want to match your sink accordingly. For these furnishings, make sure you consider the length and width since you will need to fit them in your bathroom. Entirely depending on which sink you get, you will also want a specific size for your sink(s) in correlation with your vanity. Consider whether or not you need a place for storing accessories as well, as that is a massive factor in how you move forward with your bathroom’s bright and shiny future. 

Ergonomics: Believe it or not, even a sink has a fit, mainly depending on its height in relation to the user. Pick the right design based on how you see yourself physically using the sink. Factors to consider are the depth, length, width, and type of sink. 

The number of sinks: Do you need one or two sinks? Which option will make the most sense when considering the free area available in your bathroom? The number of sinks will utterly depend on the number of people that will need to use sinks and, at the same time, in the bathroom. 

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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