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No matter your situation, whether replacing an old sink or installing a new one, it’s fair to say that the day will come when you will need to measure a sink and fit it in a bathroom, whether independently or within a vanity.

Bathroom Sinks Dimensions

November 15, 2022

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No matter your situation, whether replacing an old sink or installing a new one , it’s fair to say that the day will come when you will need to measure a sink and fit it in a bathroom, whether independently or within a vanity . Although it might seem straightforward, there is more to it than a simple tape measure, even before you think about a sink’s material and color. It’s shape, style, the bathroom and vanity’s available space, among other factors, must be considered.

How to Measure a Bathroom Sink

Before diving in on the different elements, such as sink size, you must comprehend the dimensions to the best of your abilities because even the slightest nuance in instructions can throw everything off.

First, let’s focus our attention on the sink’s width, the measurement going from front to back in correlation to the back wall, meaning it’s parallel to it. The length runs from side to side of the same wall, perpendicular to it, and is the horizontal distance. This is the criteria for most sinks with length and width, such as rectangular or square ones. Square-shaped sinks measure the same as rectangular, but both length and width are equal all around, hence square.

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For round sinks, you will only need the diameter - the length across the widest point of a sink. As for an oval sink , length refers to the longer axis and the width to the shorter one. If your oval sink product description mentions diameter, it just refers to the length and width. If it’s a round sink, you will get the length by the circumference of the sink.

Lastly is measuring for a triangular sink. Here, you will use a combination of measuring width and diameter (also listed as length). The width would be the measurements of the short sides of the triangle, while the diameter would be the longested point across the sink.

For measuring triangular vessel sinks, the length would be the longest distance across and the diameter the widest distance across the sink.

Keep in mind that there are limitations on depth, length and width, as they are often restrained by the counter or vanity’s size and design. Every sink has depth in its dimension section, and it is usually listed in the form of height as the last mentioned measurement.

For any kind of sink, it is advised to have a safety margin of about an extra 1-2 inches when installing in case any troubles arise.

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Common Bathroom Sink Sizes

Note: Keep in mind that these are outside measurements of sinks, and all the dimensions are in inches.

Top-mount and under-mount sinks:

Top-mount and under-mount sinks and dimensions are found in the following forms: rectangular, triangular and oval

  • Small : Commonly from 15” up to 20” in length and 9-12” wide, and a depth between 5.75”-7”.
  • Medium: From 20-30” long, 19-24” wide and about 7” deep.
  • Large: Running 30-50” long, 19-24” wide and about 5” deep. To fit these kinds of sinks (also known as trough-style) on a standard countertop is extra tricky. For this reason, they work best as wall mounts.
  • Triangular: Known for being sized smaller, triangular sinks are generally 11-20” in diameter (length), 11-16” in width, and 5” deep.
  • Round : Diameter varies from 7-20”, about 4-5 inches, the difference between labeled sizes (small, medium, large). Depth differs slightly, from around 5-8”.
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Wall-mounted sinks have the potential to be quite lengthy, over 25” long even. But usually, they are roughly 16-23” long, 15-18” wide and 5-8” in-depth. Since Wall-Mount sinks are attached directly to the wall, they can be huge space-savers, and it’s possible to find ones that are less than an impressive 11” in length, making them ideal for a tight bathroom.

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Also known as “freestanding,” these sinks are great for saving space but have little place for bathroom essentials. These sinks come in a wide selection of sizes but are generally 19-24” in length and 22-24” in width.


The standard dimensions for round vessel sinks range from 14-20” in diameter to 4-7” inches deep. Vessel sinks with a more rectangular or square shape are typically shallower. About 15-25” long and 16-20” wide.


They range from 12-20” long, between 16-24” wide, and a depth of 5-8”.

Sizes by Type of Sink Materials

Smaller Stainless Steel Sinks are for the kitchen and have a length starting from 12 inches long and 16 inches wide - similar to drop-in sizes. There are also some bowl shape sinks for bathrooms in similar sizes, but they are rare. In general, stainless steel is more prevalent in larger sizes.

Stone Resin Sinks are ubiquitous nowadays, and the trend shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. These types of sinks range practically all over the spectrum in size and shape as you have them in the form of vessel sink, freestanding/pedestal, integral sink and wall-mounted, which are the most typical for stone resin.

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Copper Sinks are similar to stainless steel sinks as they do not have many options in smaller sizes, and Copper is, to an even higher degree, as it is more of a niche material. Although even then, there are options in the form of vessel, drop-in, and wall-mounted sinks. Pedestal as well, but it’s very uncommon.

Granite Sinks can average around 20” in length as well as 16” in width, but again, it is more so based on the sink type. Seen in both kitchens and bathrooms, granite can be compared to stone resin in its variety of sink types and shapes, as well as with its high-quality natural look, which is ultimately a bit different from resin. Aside from differences visually, granite sinks also are more expensive. For this reason, they are not common and are seen in smaller sizes, such as round (bowl) vessel sinks, with a length of about 16”.

What Size is Best?

Finding the best size means looking at all elements and deciding which element is the most important to you. Let’s look at some things to consider, as well as a little recap of before.

One of the most fundamental elements includes evaluating the bathroom in itself. It would be too much to have a large sink or double sink in a compact bathroom, as you want the main focus of the bathroom to be on something other than the sink. As larger the sink gets in proportion to the bathroom, even just perceptually to the eye, the more it will take the attention in correlation. On the other hand, double sinks can provide flair and make for a strong supporting piece to the bathroom. If you live in a large family, all of whom need a bathroom during busy mornings and nights simultaneously, a double sink could exhibit priceless value. Relating to the bathroom, vanity sizes must be accounted for if needed. This should be dealt with after you choose which sink profile is right for you.

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Another aspect to consider is sink type and its corresponding profile. Each style changes not only the beauty of the bathroom but also how you measure to account for bathroom space. A prime example of this is with most vessel and drop-in sinks. Both of these sink styles have little to no border or rim, meaning they can utilize more countertop space; thus, you can have them wider than a sink with one. A wall-mounted sink is also a realistic option in that you have more flexibility, as you only need wall space, even if something is in the way - you can even have it levitating over your vanity or cabinet, but also you can have it level. You can have it in place of your vanity, but have it even wider than it if that is your style. Wall-mounted sinks have a huge advantage in that other sinks have finite space corresponding to the countertop it lies on.

One of the most important elements of all is practicality. Keep in mind that if your sink is large, too deep, just for the sake of it, it loses all of its functional use and, usually in direct correlation, its attractiveness with it.

Yet, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. The bathroom should be your playground in this sense, and usually, it is a project for the long term. After considering everything you have learned here, do what will make you satisfied and never look back.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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