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Goodbye small ugly bathrooms and hello tiny bathrooms with style and charisma! Tiny spaces do not need to be plain and simple, they can be bold and beautiful. Stylish small bathrooms are rising in popularity, as many homeowners choose to design tiny luxury bathrooms with character. Let’s take a look at some of the best small bathroom sinks and vanities for bathrooms with limited space. 

Small Bathroom Vanities And Sinks For Tiny Spaces

September 30, 2021

Goodbye small ugly bathrooms and hello tiny bathrooms with style and charisma! Tiny spaces do not need to be plain and simple, they can be bold and beautiful. Stylish small bathrooms are rising in popularity, as many homeowners choose to design tiny luxury bathrooms with character. Let’s take a look at some of the best small bathroom sinks and vanities for bathrooms with limited space. 

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Wall-Mounted Sinks With A Built-In Backsplash

Wall-mounted sinks are one of the most popular product choices for tiny bathrooms.  This small sink does not take up much space, as it does not require a vanity or countertop. The Aquatica Sola is a cleverly designed small sink for tiny spaces, featuring a wall-mounted faucet panel and exterior measurements of 23.5 L x 15.75 W x 22.75 H inches. This compact bathroom sink is a simple solution for homeowners, interior designers, plumbers and tilers, who are looking for an easy-to-install one piece small sink for a bathroom with limited space. Installation is incredibly straightforward and stress-free, simply install the faucet on the Sola panel and connect the supply lines. This makes it a great small sink for DIY bathroom projects. 

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The Sola sink’s innovative design includes some space-saving features, such as a special built-in towel rail at the bottom, and a small area at the top of the sink for soap. Aquatica also offers a special Sola Furniture Set with a matching shelf, drawer cabinet and mirror.

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If you hate cleaning, but love a sparkling clean bathroom, then the Sola is a great sink, as it features a single-piece backsplash. This stops water splashing against the wall, preventing the growth of mold on the bathroom wall. The sink’s special stone composite material AquateX™ is extremely easy to clean with a  simple microfiber cloth and detergent. Buy this innovative small sink online in the smooth stone finish of AquateX™ White or the polished high gloss finish of AquateX™ LuX ,  dramatic NeroX™ Black, or urban AquateX™ Concrete.

Round Vessel Sinks

While conducting interior design research on the internet and googling small sinks for sale, you may come across numerous images of small square and rectangular sinks. Tiny sinks for tiny bathrooms do not need to be this shape, there are other shapes for small spaces, which are more stylish. Round vessel sinks are actually a better option for a tiny space, as its simple symmetrical form will certainly add some elegance and class to your decor, while taking up as little space as possible. Aquatica’s small bathroom sink bowls feature compact measurements of 17.75 L x 17.75 W inches with different heights available depending on the specific model. 

Small Ceramic Sinks

If you're looking for a small ceramic sink for your tiny bathroom, then take a look at the Metamorfosi Vessel Sink . This small bathroom sink always adds an element of glamour, with its sparkling white high-gloss finish. Carefully crafted from the best ceramic, the Metamofosi can transform any cramped space into a luxury bathroom. This elegant vessel sink is a popular product, as it offers ultimate luxury at a fair price. 

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Tiny Sinks With A Delicate Appeal

The Aurora collection of round wash basins provides a clean and contemporary look to any small bathroom, while maintaining an upscale appeal. Featuring a thin wall, this delicate looking sink is the perfect choice for homeowners, who are designing a small bathroom with an elegant decor. This tiny bathroom sink is popular, as it looks dainty, but is completely crack-resistant, thanks to award-winning and extremely durable AquateX™ stone composite. The Aurora collection offers different price options, starting at $378. Buy the Aurora small bathroom sink online in black or white , or with a gunmetal exterior finish in matte or super gloss . It is also possible to order any color of your choice from the RAL chart to match your decor. 

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Small Bathroom Sinks With A High Or Low Basin

If you're looking for a compact bathroom sink featuring a round bowl with a thick wall, then the Solace collection offers different options. Solace low basin vessel sinks are one of the best wash basins for family bathrooms, allowing children to wash their hands in comfort. This small sink is perfect for luxury owners who want to design a stylish bathroom, which is also child-friendly. It is also possible to place two or three of these tiny sinks on one countertop, so each kid can have their very own mini bathroom sink. 

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Solace sinks with a high basin of 7.75 H inches are more suitable for adult bathrooms, and provide an upscale, glamorous appeal. Buy this small bathroom sink on Aquatica’s online shop in black or white, or with a black exterior and white interior . You can also order any custom color from the RAL chart. The Solace Plus series washbasins include Solace Round Stone Sink Drain Covers, and offer a variety of beautiful finishes.

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Narrow Freestanding Sinks

Freestanding sinks are great for narrow rooms, as they do not take up much space. The Aquatica Solo Freestanding Lavatory freestanding sink has an innovative, narrow design, allowing it to easily fit in a tiny bathroom. This compact bathroom sink, which measures at 20.75 L x 20.75 W x 35.75 H inches features an usual asymmetrical and angled rim. It will certainly bring a distinctive style and character to any small commercial restroom or residential bathroom. 

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Small Sinks With A Bright Color

Small sinks for small bathrooms do not need to be white. White is renowned for making a space appear bigger, and this is the reason small bathrooms are often white. If you decide to paint your small bathroom white, you can consider buying a small bath sink in a different color. This can add some character and style to your space. Aquatica’s diverse array of small bathroom sinks are available to buy online in 200 different colors from the RAL chart. A colorful small basin sink such as red , pink, blue , green or yellow will certainly brighten up your bathroom space and add some positive vibes. 

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Tiny Sinks With A Brass, Gold, Silver & Copper Finish

Design a washroom with the wow factor by selecting a small brass, gold, silver, copper or titanium sink for your tiny space. Small sinks with a liquid metal coating are a great choice, if you're looking to design a unique washroom to impress guests. Aquatica’s MetalX™ real liquid metal coatings make design dreams come true, allowing designers and homeowners to achieve a wide variety of styles, including a royal design, a vintage look, or a futuristic feel with small gold, silver, copper, titanium and brass sinks. Aquatica’s customer support team are available online 24/7 to discuss your customization needs, and help you achieve your design goals. 


Small Bathroom Vanities With Storage

If you're designing a bathroom that is not super tiny, but still does not have a huge amount of space available, then check out bathroom sink vanity combos with great storage features. Floating bathroom sink vanity combos are a fantastic option for a main washroom, family bathroom or commercial restroom with limited space. This type of vanity frees up floor space, and provides enough storage space to hide away bathroom essentials, such as towels and cosmetics.

Bespoke Millennium Sink Vanity Combo 

Aquatica’s European master craftsmen can make a bespoke sink vanity combo  featuring a matching basin and cabinet front for customers, who order both the sink and the cabinet. The Millennium ultra sleek built-in cabinet offers a simple sophisticated solution to washroom space and storage issues. It can make small and medium sized bathrooms appear bigger. There are different size and customization configuration options available. 

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Narrow Wall Mounted Vincent Bathroom Sink

The Aquatica Vincent Bathroom sink is a good option for a narrow restroom or bathroom with limited space, as it has a width of 19.25 inches. This beautiful sink is suitable for countertop placement, and is made from Aquatica’s EcoMarmor™ , a glossy gel coated cast marble composite stone

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