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Getting things right can be a real struggle if you're unfamiliar with something, especially if it’s your first time. The same applies to the installation of sinks. When renovating your bathroom, knowing how to install or replace a bathroom sink can also be the difference in making huge savings, as well as just the exhilarating and satisfying feeling of having a new skill.

How to Install Bathroom Sink

October 21, 2022

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Getting things right can be a real struggle if you're unfamiliar with something, especially if it’s your first time. The same applies to the installation of sinks. When renovating your bathroom, knowing how to install or replace a bathroom sink can also be the difference in making huge savings, as well as just the exhilarating and satisfying feeling of having a new skill. That said, please do not overlook the help of a professional, as it will be easier to install and do the whole process with one by your side - that is the recommended approach always. Sinks do not take up too much nor too little of the bathroom’s space and are perfect for that reason. It takes only what it needs. Just enough space, along with its vanity or countertop, all for arguably the most essential bathroom tool, fit for most of your hygienic needs.

Before you can enjoy your sink's applicable value and luxury, you will need to install it. See our guide for how to replace a sink in detailed instructions below.

Removing the Old Sink

Step 1 - Turning the Faucet's Water Off:

Before you start doing anything else, it's required, as said by most professionals, to turn off your sink’s water supply. Look behind the sink for shut-off valves and turn the valves until the water stops running from the faucet. You can check if everything has been appropriately done by testing out the faucets as you normally would if functional. If you can’t find any of the sink’s shut-off valves, you will need to turn off the house’s main water supply via the water main valve.

Removing the Old Sink Step 1 Turning the Faucets Water Off (web)

Step 2 - Water Supply Lines:

Disconnect the cold and water supply lines with an adjustable wrench by loosening the nuts holding the supply lines' shut-off valves until you eventually remove them. These “lines” would be the flexible tubing that connects the sink to your water pipes.

Removing the Old Sink Step 2 Water Supply Lines (web)

Step 3 - Disconnect the Drain/P-trap:

A part shaped like a “U” within the drain pipe, you will have to loosen the nuts that fix the trap in place. To prevent any mess, have a towel or something underneath your workspace to absorb possible water drops.

Removing the Old Sink Step 3 Disconnect the Drain P trap (web)

Step 4 - Removal of Clips:

Before doing anything, make sure you have someone to hold the sink and prevent it from falling. That said, you will now have to dispose of or at the least loosen any clips fastening your sink. Clips that can’t be pulled off conventionally can be snapped off, but you will want to proceed with caution, as you do not want to cause any damage or defection to your countertop. If these clips are for a freestanding, wall-mounted, or console sink, it is most likely connected with a wall, and an adjustable wrench may be needed to remove any bolts.

Removing the Old Sink Step 4 Removal of Clips (web)

Step 5 - Uprooting of any Caulk or Sealant:

Using a box cutter, run the sharp end of it between the sink’s edge and the foundation it lays upon, and get rid of the sealant. Said foundation could be the wall, countertop, vanity, or floor possibly (if freestanding).

Removing the Old Sink Step 5 Uprooting of any Caulk or Sealant (web)

Step 6 - Take Out the Sink:

Find a sturdy spot that gives you good grip and leverage, and then make sure you have space where you will have to move. When moving the sink, note to move it linearly only: If it is a vessel sink, pick it straight up. As for if it is wall-mounted, you will need to pull it away from the wall to remove the sink. Remember not to force anything - if there is too much resistance, you might have forgotten to loosen something.

Removing the Old Sink Step 6 Take Out the Sink (web)

Install a Bathroom Sink (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Prep Before Installation

You will need to consider various factors before you go ahead with installing your sink. One key aspect is making sure the sink fits - check the dimensions of both the sink and the available room allocated for it and assess accordingly. Keep in mind that length refers to the measurement across the sink from left to right, while depth is the measurement from the top of the sink’s basin to the bottom. The width refers to the front of the sink to the back.

Consider the measurements of the plumbing fixtures as well as their access. An area of concern could be if it is hard to reach the fixtures or if they’re too far from the sink. Lastly, and especially crucial, ensure you’ve read any of your clip or sink manuals on installation.

Aquatica Millennium Wht Stone Bathroom Sinks 01 (web)
Millennium sinks are available in 4 different sizes, and in any color from the RAL chart to perfectly match the bathroom’s decor. 

Step 1 - Drill Holes for Clip Screws:

Perhaps this is a brand new counter, so there aren’t any clip screws already in place. If so, drill holes in the underside of your countertop for them. Typically, you would want four screws dispersed uniformly around the sink, a rectangular sink at each corner, for example. Before drilling, make sure you’re using the right size drill piece size before proceeding.

Install a Bathroom Sink Step 1 Drill Holes for Clip Screws (web)

Step 2 - Caulking/Adding a Sealant:

Apply a thin layer of silicone using a caulking gun around the sink’s underside or wherever part will bind with its counterpart, such as with a wall or countertop.

Install a Bathroom Sink Step 2 CaulkingAdding a Sealant (web)

Step 3 - Mounting:

Now that your sink is ready to mount, you may adhere the sink where necessary. Some caulk may ooze out as you push it into place. This is normal - all you need to do is take a cloth and wipe the excess caulk away. Much so on the contrary, if you see any gaps or openings between the sink and its counterpart, remember to also fill them in with silicone.

Install a Bathroom Sink Step 3 Mounting (web)

Step 4 - Securing the Sink:

If you’ve mounted the sink to a countertop, place clips into the corresponding holes of the countertop and tighten them up until your sink feels snug in place. For a wall-mounted sink, you will want to drill the sink basin into the wall with lag screws into the mount holes of the sink. Remember to have whoever is helping you to keep the sink in place as you secure everything.

Install a Bathroom Sink Step 4 Securing the Sink (web)

Step 5 - Plumbing and fixtures:

Now that everything is in place, you will need to connect all the sink’s plumbing - water supply lines, drain, etc. It is recommended you get a local plumber or contractor to do this for you, as it is vital not to damage anything new, such as the sink itself. As a project designer or bathroom connoisseur, you would want the sink to look consistent with the bathroom, so the process must be done right the first time.

Install a Bathroom Sink Step 5 Plumbing and fixtures (web)

When you have a professional connect everything, ensure everything is functional before the professional leaves. Try the faucet’s hot and cold water for at least a few minutes. Make sure there are no leaks, drops, or any area of concern.

Extra Pro Tips

  • Check that you are not using oil-based plumber’s putty. If you do use it, it will bleach your countertop if it is in granite or marble.
  • Silicone caulk is king - perfect for sealants. High-quality, not only in its efficacy for the long term, but it is also easier to replace than plumber’s putty. Not to mention silicone blends in better, so your sink's aesthetic elegance will persist, especially if the silicone is transparent.
  • We recommend a complete replacement to your plumbing assembly if you are removing and adding a new sink. It is inexpensive and far more effective than an old assembly.
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We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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