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Most bathtub manufacturers blatantly advise small bathroom owners to buy a shower instead of a bathtub. The reason for this is usually because they don’t manufacture bathtubs small enough to fit into petite-sized spaces.

10 Small Freestanding Baths for Petite Bathrooms

July 07, 2019

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Most bathtub manufacturers blatantly advise small bathroom owners to buy a shower instead of a bathtub. The reason for this is usually because they don’t manufacture bathtubs small enough to fit into petite-sized spaces.

This is where Aquatica decided to step up its game and create a range of small, deep-soaking bathtubs that can easily squeeze into those minuscule and almost non-existing spaces. From traditional Japanese style deep soaking bathtubs to unique black and white bathtubs, to round, oval and even square bathtubs, you will definitely find the perfect sized tub for your tiny bathroom.

The Lullaby 2, Lullaby 2 Max, Lullaby Mini and Nano in Both White and Black & White

The Lullaby 2, Lullaby 2 Max and its baby sisters, the Lullaby Mini and Nano are the perfect blends of space-conscious design and contemporary styling, which creates a gorgeously attractive and sculpted look for the smallest of bathrooms.  

With the original Lullaby 2 measuring at only 59 inches by 30.75 inches you can easily fit this small freestanding bathtub into a mini-sized bathroom, and still have space for everything else you need in a styled bathroom.

The sister versions of the Lullaby 2 Max , the Lullaby Mini and Nano measures even smaller at 55 x 27,50, 52.75 x 30.75 and 51.25 x 27.5 inches respectively! This adorable but deep soaking and small freestanding bathtub fit perfectly in those “hard-to-do-anything-with” bathrooms! Not only is it going to give your bathroom so serious style and sculpted appeal but you’re going to love how comfortable this tub is.

Now, of course, not everyone loves a white bathtub, and sometimes you want something that strikes a bit of a different tone to a bathroom. Perhaps a Black & White version of The Lullaby is what your bathroom really needs, something bold, something different and most definitely something space-conscious! The Black & White Lullaby bathtub is available in both the original Lullaby size, as well as the smaller Lullaby Mini and Nano versions.

Lullaby 2 Lullaby 2 Max Lullaby Mini and Nano in Both White and Black White MyCollages (web)

The Lullaby 2 Small Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub

With its competitive pricing, laconic Scandinavian design, superb solid surface quality, and sales in over 50 countries and markets around the world, the Lullaby series has stood out from the crowd of countless "me-too" commodity like bathtubs for the past four years, and continues to earn the highest remarks from our loyal clients.

This outstanding compact bathtub takes the Lullaby series to the next level. Built upon the solid foundation of the original Lullaby series of freestanding tubs, the tiny but deep and very practical Lullaby 2 bathtub brings some significant improvements such as sculpted ergonomic head support, a center drain, and a deeper bathing area with integrated Nordic insulation.

The Lullaby 2 Max For Extra Legroom

The Lullaby 2 Max is the longer version of the popular Lullaby 2 Bathtub, providing extra legroom, thanks to a generous length of 59 inches / 150 cm. This is one of the best bathtubs on the market with a symmetrical design and comfortable spacious interior. The tub’s 20” depth to overflow enables bathers to fully submerge and enjoy a truly relaxing soak.

Its compact dimensions allow the Lullaby 2 Max to fit even in tiny bathrooms. Featuring a slim body of less than 31 inches, this problem solving tub is easy to transport, carry and install in all types of buildings. Like all of our slim bathtubs, the Lullaby Max can solve major design and delivery obstacles, eliminating any extra work, such as removing the door frame.

Similar to the Lullaby 2, this larger model also features an elegant oval shape, sculpted ergonomic head support, a center drain and a deep bathing area.

A Japanese Soaking Tub For Ultra-Luxury

This Japanese soaker tub is deeply inspired by the ancient Japanese traditions of soaking hot springs. The True Ofuro Japanese soaking tub is a traditional ‘sit and soak’ tub made from our award-winning solid surface material called AquateX ™.

Aquatica true ofuro tranquility freestanding solid surface bathtub web 07 2.13

This deep and very small freestanding Japanese soaking tub, which was conceived and designed by Aquatica industrial design team also comes with optional hot tub style water heating and temperature control system with stylish capacitive glass digital control panel with temperature display. This special feature helps to reduce water consumption, ensuring a much longer and more pleasurable soaking experience at superbly comfortable temperatures.

One of the key features of The True Ofuro soaking tub is its beautifully designed elevated rim, aimed to improve neck and head support during your soaking bath time. The convenient and sculpted seating also allows your body to be comfortably and easily emerged to the absolute maximum water capacity, so that you can sit back and relax in steamy hot water right up to your neck!

The Incredibly Functional True Ofuro Mini That Fits Where No Other Bathtub Would

Aquatica True Ofuro Mini Freestanding Stone Japanese Soaking Bathtub web (3)

True Ofuro Mini Japanese style bathtub features a deeper design for a comfortable, full-body immersion. Designed in Italy, this immaculately sculpted model is also available with an optional inline water heater and digital control panel, which includes a temperature display.

The True Ofuro Nano For Narrow Doorways & Tiny Spaces

Aquatica True Ofuro Nano White Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub01

The True Ofuro Nano is the ultimate micro tub for small spaces. Designed to provide easy access through narrow passageways and doorways, the tub features a slim width of only 31 inches, making it the perfect bath for all types of buildings.

Despite its compact dimensions, this modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese soaker provides ultimate comfort with an ergonomically designed built-in seat, and an integrated backrest with neck support. The Nano’s impressive depth allows even tall bathers of over 6ft to fully submerge, and benefit from a truly tranquil soak.

The True Ofuro Nano is the smallest bathtub on the market that can be fitted with therapy systems, allowing homeowners to create an exclusive home spa even in the tiniest of bathrooms. It can be equipped with Aquatica therapy systems such as Relax air jets, the Tranquility heater or the two in one system “Relax Pro”.

The Stunning Sophia Freestanding Bathtub

Sophia freestanding stone bathtub by Aquatica

The Sophia freestanding bathtub has been specifically designed to blend the influences of traditional soaking tub bathing with very modern, minimal style and elegant looks. Sophia exemplifies a truly urban chic appeal. Its freestanding form exudes a purity of lines that will blend well in any designer bathroom.

The deep interior – up to 23”, allows full body soaking made even more enjoyable by the gently curved end wall, made to conform to and support the bather’s back and spine in absolute comfort. The softly rounded rim provides a comfortable neck rest.

The Aura Mini Round Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub


Allow the stunning Aura circular bathtub take you to new levels of relaxation with a water depth of 19.75” (50cm). Spacious enough for up to two people, the Aura has a massive interior of 57.25” (145.5cm) in diameter. It comes in two different sizes, making it ideal for either a large or small space.

Aura Blck Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub 02

The Aura round freestanding bathtub is available in white, or any color or your choice from the RAL color code, using our award-winning material AquateX™. This impressive bathtub is also available in black, or in lustrous gold on the exterior and black on the interior for a rich royal effect using NeroX ™. This is our new generation of exquisite black proprietary solid surface composite materials , which includes the NanoGuard ™ antigraffiti and antimicrobial protection.

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