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The outdoor furniture pieces you select will determine the kinds of activities your patio may accommodate. Are you looking to entertain often or simply enjoy a pleasant evening under the stars with your significant other? Would you like to unwind in the depths of an outdoor spa, pampered by its massage systems and warm water on your skin?

Concepts and ideas for your next patio makeover

September 10, 2019

With such good weather, one can only think about relaxing under the sun, enjoying a drink by the pool or perhaps preparing irresistible food surrounded by good friends in a cozy, comfortable setting. Regardless of what your preference may be, all outdoor activities must be supported by different pieces of patio furniture, lighting elements, and decorations to become truly memorable and enjoyable. But how can I decorate my patio, you may ask. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Casilda Outdoor Sofa M5 by Talenti

The outdoor furniture pieces you select will determine the kinds of activities your patio may accommodate. Are you looking to entertain often or simply enjoy a pleasant evening under the stars with your significant other? Would you like to unwind in the depths of an outdoor spa, pampered by its massage systems and warm water on your skin?

Although Aquatica places many possibilities at your fingertips, keep in mind the best choices will be the ones that show your personal touch. Not only because you will be seeing them every day, but also because such an approach holds the most potential to make you feel genuinely comfortable in your own home. Even so, you need to nurture bright patio decorating ideas and become familiar with the products available to you. The following are not direct product suggestions, but rather concepts exemplified by Aquatica´s Italian-made, modern outdoor furniture pieces for inspiration purposes.

Create a conversation hub with a few pieces from our social collections

Looking to spend time outdoors with friends and family? Our intensely comfortable living outdoor sets are perfect examples of modern outdoor furniture pieces for exterior use one should never do without. Modular by design, they are ready to turn any outdoor space, big or small, into a magnet for friends and family.

Aquatica Nexus Spa

Casilda brings together streamlined, upscale chic with rational function, to produce a trio of modern, glamorous furnishings which would grace any outdoor space. Each piece unites the pared-back simplicity of crisp, clean, powder-coated stainless-steel frames, softened by the large, luscious and very comfortable fabric seats and cushions that invite you to stay awhile and relax. At the heart of the good looks of the Casilda range, is the unique subtle hue of the fabric range, which contrasts superbly with the stronger colors of the brushed powder coating.

Get sunkissed at home

Chaise lounges and other pieces commonly referred to as pool furniture should in fact not be reserved for poolside applications. Horizontal by nature, they tend to make spaces look bigger by subtracting visual weight to the overall ensemble. They are also incredibly comfortable and a fantastic excuse to take a book or glass of wine outside.

For accentuated visual lightness which does not compete with other elements in your backyard we strongly recommend our Breez 1 Sunbed.

Breez 1 Sunbed by Talenti

Handmade in Italy, the gorgeous and sculptural Breez Sun Lounge is equal parts comfortable and luxurious. Relax in its beautifully curved shape made with non-rust materials that are sure to look impeccable summer after summer.

Optionally, Cleo sunbed was designed with a stronger visual presence, accentuated mobility, and a warmer material palette in mind.

Cleo Sunbed by Talenti

With a Teak structure, adjustable back, and retrievable wheels, this luxury sunbed adds an element of design to your new patio. Its warm hues allow it to combine perfectly with the rest of your garden collection. This iteration of the Cleo Collection recalls the clean geometric lines of the voluminous living elements with great care to all its functional features.

Take relaxation to the next level with outdoor daybeds

These come in virtually all shapes and sizes. The best provide shade while creating a sense of protection and privacy for complete relaxation with and without company. Aquatica´s modern outdoor furniture collection includes a daybed you will love: The Air.

Air Outdoor Sofa

The perfect interpretation of two delicate leaves being softly picked up by a morning breeze, this remarkably comfortable sofa will make you feel pampered for hours at a time. Combine it with Aquatica's coffee tables and other outdoor furniture for increased convenience and a complete look that is sure to impress every one of your guests.

Elevate the ambiance with an element usually only found inside: Floor lamps

Allow your new exterior space to reach entirely new levels of warmth and coziness by incorporating a wooden floor lamp. These are much more than a pleasant surprise outdoors: they also make your backyard come alive at night in full style.

Cleo Outdoor Floor Mounted Lamp by Talenti

The Cleo Floor Lamp features a sleek aluminum structure in combination with an elegant lampshade that effortlessly complements the earthy tones of the rest of your backyard. This element is proud of its minimalism and is quickly welcomed by the rest of the collection items to light the environment and set the proper atmosphere.

Take social events past summer and into autumn with an outdoor fireplace

The single most natural and pleasurable way to extend the livability of your outdoor space is incorporating a fire feature. Reasons to do so are not only sensorial but also aesthetic. Fireplaces become focal points that draw people together and become the hearth of the conversation. Contrast the soft nature of fire with modern outdoor furniture for a memorable effect.

Adding Fire to Outdoor Spaces

Incorporate water into your relaxation or entertaining repertoire of options

Aquatica´s wide range of options makes it possible to soak and relax in patios of all shapes and sizes. Go for a large spa with water heating and circulation systems, LED lights, Bluetooth audio, and multi-zone massage systems for the ultimate relaxation and entertaining experience.

Aquatica Zen Spa Pro by Marc Sadler

Zen Spa Pro takes the home spa experience to a whole new level; now you not only enjoy the ultimate state-of-the-art hot-tub but also reap all the benefits of hydrotherapy in the privacy of your own backyard or terrace.

Don’t forget about vegetation

Make it all come together in composition with lush landscaping. The impact of a dense, highly vegetated garden could never be understated. Obvious as it may seem, greenery is an opportunity to take advantage of when redesigning your new patio.

Outdoor Decorative Planter Box by Talenti

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