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Small hot tubs are a great choice for homeowners, who are searching for a compact tub that can easily fit in their small garden, terrace, backyard or yacht. The best outdoor hot tubs for a small space should be compact in size, in order to not take up unnecessary space. Individuals, couples and families can reap the social and therapeutic benefits of a small hot tub, as its compact size creates a cozy and relaxing ambiance. Let’s take a look at some of the best small hot tubs, which will meet your practical space requirements, and offer all the therapeutic features you need to improve your health and lifestyle. 

Best Small Hot Tubs

August 31, 2021

Small hot tubs are perfect for homeowners, who are looking for a compact spa that can easily fit in their small garden, terrace, backyard or yacht. The best hot tubs for a small space should be compact in size, and fit perfectly, so they don’t take up too much space and make the area feel cramped. Small hot tubs create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, making them the perfect choice for individuals, couples and small families who would like to create a spa sanctuary in their outdoor space. Small hot tubs are also great for medium and large sized spaces, as you then have plenty of space to add some other fixtures, such as an outdoor shower , table, lounge chairs and plants .

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There are many different types of small hot tubs for sale online in different sizes, styles and prices. Inflatable hot tubs, soft tubs and rotomolded hot tubs are popular choices, as they are budget-friendly and light-weight, but they are not usually suitable for luxury homes. These types of hot tubs tend to lack luxury aesthetics, so they do not match a high-end design. Such hot tubs are also designed more for casual entertainment, rather than every-day wellness treatments. The best small spas for luxury properties feature a premium ergonomic design, high-quality materials, advanced spa technology and a beautiful appearance. Let’s check out some of the best small outdoor hot tubs, which are suitable for luxury homes, and are designed to last a long time.

The Best Small Outdoor Hot Tubs - Materials

Fiberglass Hot Tubs

Fiberglass is a popular material choice for manufacturing hot tubs, as it is light-weight. If you are buying a small outdoor spa, it is important to make sure that you choose a tub made of premium fiberglass, which can withstand changing weather conditions, and will not crack or fade. Aquatica’s best small outdoor hot tubs are made of DurateX™ , a durable in-house developed fiberglass material. This light-weight material is resistant against UV, blush and chemicals, including bromine and chlorine water. It can also withstand air and water temperature variations. DurateX™ is also easy to clean, and offers excellent thermal insulation. Aquatica uses this material for the shell and exterior cabinets for some of its best small spas.

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Small Acrylic Hot Tubs

Acrylic is one of the best material choices for small hot tubs, as it is light-weight, sturdy, and looks great with a high-gloss appearance. Also called Plexiglass, Acrylic is famous for its versatility, durability, and easy-to-clean properties. It is one of the most popular materials for manufacturing outdoor and indoor hot tubs and bathtubs. Acrylic hot tubs come in all different styles, sizes and prices, but the best small hot tubs, which are suitable for luxury homes, are made of premium acrylic. Some of Aquatica’s best small hot tubs, feature an acrylic tub shell, using only high-quality acrylic sheets from Lucite International UK. This is one of the world’s most well-known manufacturers of acrylic, and is known for producing sturdy acrylic sheets, which are long-lasting, and highly resistant against scratches, mechanical stress, and wear and tear. Aquatica acrylic hot tub shells are protected against the growth of bacteria, thanks to special AquaHygiene™ technology. These acrylic hot tub shells offer great heat insulation, and a smooth and pleasant to touch texture.

Wooden Hot Tubs

Ideal for a forest or lake-side setting, small wooden hot tubs provide a cozy and traditional appeal. Cedar, larch, beech, oak, and pine are often used to produce wooden hot tubs, but the problem is that wooden hot tubs often need a lot of maintenance and can crack or leak. Fungus can grow inside the hot tub and cause decay, if water is left inside. If you're interested in buying the best small hot tub made of wood for your luxury home, summer or winter property, you can consider a weather-resistant hot tub, which combines a high-quality wooden cabinet with a fiberglass shell and a strong steel structure. Aquatica manufactures small wooden hot tubs using thermally treated wood . Sourced from sustainable forests, Thermory ash panels are rot-resistant, knot-free, long-lasting and suitable for all weather conditions. Modified using only steam, the wood is completely chemical-free and non-toxic.


Plastic Hot Tubs

The best small spas for a yacht or sea-side property are made of a moisture-resistant material. You can consider a hot tub made of a premium and durable plastic material, which is specifically suitable for installing near the sea. Some of Aquatica’s best compact hot tubs are made of a high-quality plastic material, offering outstanding outdoor protection in all weather conditions. Specifically designed for marine applications, it features high-edge stability that is both swell free and rot free. This low-maintenance material is easy to clean and does not collect dust or dirt. The cabinet panels can be painted in any color from the RAL chart to perfectly match the homeowner’s outdoor design.

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Corner Hot Tubs

Corner hot tubs feature a triangular shape, making them suitable for smaller spaces. Hot tubs and bathtubs designed to easily fit into a corner are popular options for small gardens, terraces and bathrooms, as they are generally more compact in size. If you're looking to buy a corner hot tub for an indoor space, Aquatica’s hydromassage and air massage corner bathtubs are a great option for small indoor spaces, as they offer a therapeutic hot tub experience, thanks to premium wellness technology.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are soft tubs, which are blown up with a pump and filled with water, using a garden hose. These types of tubs are normally made of latex or vinyl. Inflatable hot tubs can easily be moved, deflated and stored in a small space. Inflatable hot tubs are a cheap, pop-up solution for temporary use, but they do not permanently enhance your property's value or overall appearance. This is the reason inflatable hot tubs are not a popular choice for luxury properties. Inflatable hot tubs are usually designed more for occasional entertainment, rather than regular wellness treatments and therapeutic use. Usually, inflatable hot tubs do not include seats or an ergonomic design.


Softtub are similar to inflatable hot tubs, as they are soft, light-weight and portable, but these types of small hot tubs tend to be more durable than inflatable hot tubs. You can easily move a softub to another location in your outdoor space, by rolling the tub on its side. Softtubs use green technology to maintain heat, and usually often feature a padded interior and exterior with a polybond foam shell.

Rotomolded Hot Tubs

Rotomolded hot tubs are rotationally molded spas, which are constructed from a single piece of polymer. These types of hot tubs are similar to acrylic hot tubs, but they are often smaller, not as deep, and are equipped with fewer jets. Rotomolded hot tubs are considered to be a cheaper, budget-friendly option, whereas acrylic hot tubs are considered to be more suitable for luxury homes, as they have a more beautiful, high-gloss appearance, and often feature more jets.

The Best Small Indoor Hot Tubs

Installing a spa inside your home can give you more privacy, allowing you to benefit from a tranquil and therapeutic hydromassage without any neighbors watching. You also do not need to depend on suitable weather conditions, so you can use it anytime, even when it rains. If you're looking to buy the best small spa for inside your home, it is important to make sure it fits your space and enhances your overall design. Before buying an indoor hot tub, you need to measure the area correctly to make sure you have enough space to install a hot tub, and ensure it can easily fit through all entrances. If you don't think the hot tub will fit inside your home, you can also consider other options, such as a hydromassage bathtub. Aquatica offers hydromassage bathtubs in different sizes and styles, including corner tubs and round tubs.

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The Best Small Outdoor Hot Tubs

The best small outdoor hot tubs are made of weather-resistant materials, so they can be used any time of the year. A well-designed outdoor hot tub should also have excellent energy saving thermal insulation, noise insulation and ground insulation systems. Aquatica’s outdoor hot tubs feature a special insulation system, which minimize energy loss, provide wind resistance, maintain a stable water temperature, and reduce the risk of freezing that might be caused by winter power outages. Aquatica outdoor hot tubs are built on an integrated, specially engineered, and well-insulated ABS base plate, ensuring outstanding hydro-isolation and extra thermo-insulation.

Aquatica’s Best Small Hot Tubs For Small Spaces


If you're looking for the best compact hot tub for your luxury home, then take a look at the Lacus outdoor hydromassage spa tub. The Lacus is a small square hot tub with a compact exterior of 70” (178 cm), making it suitable for most outdoor spaces. The tub’s spacious interior offers plenty of room for two bathers to stretch their legs, while the spa’s gently sloping walls provide excellent support. The Lacus spa features step-down integrated seating for two bathers, with ergonomically designed head and back rests. It is equipped with cutting-edge wellness features, including the Hydromassage Zone Control (HZC™), Air Assist Turbo Massage technology (AATM™), underwater chromotherapy lighting and advanced temperature control . The hot tub’s inner shell is made of premium Acrylic. You can buy a Lacus spa with a high-gloss composite cabinet , or a Thermory wooden cabinet . The Lacus series also includes the Lacus HydroRelax Pro Freestanding Bathtub for indoor spaces.

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The Downtown Spa is one of the best hot tubs for a small space, with exterior dimensions of 78.75"x59"x28.25" (200x150x72 cm). Bathers can enjoy a relaxing hydromassage experience, while resting in ergonomically designed lounge chair seating with comfortable built-in headrests. This wellness-designed hot tub features 32 hydro-massage jets, 18 air massage nozzles, back massage with an Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™) and four chromotherapy LED spot lights. Bathers can enjoy a therapeutic whirlpool massage targeting the entire back, from cervical to lumbar. The tub’s inner shell is made of proprietary DurateX™. There are different Downtown models to choose from, including the Downtown Inground Spa , the Downtown Thermory Wooden Spa , the Downtown Composite Spa and the Downtown DurateX™ Spa . The Downtown series also includes the Downtown HydroRelax Pro Freestanding Bathtub and the Downtown HydroRelax Pro Inground Bathtub , which are among the best small spas on the market for indoor spaces.

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Reasons To Buy The Best Small Spa For A Luxury Property

The best small spas provide the wow-factor, and enhance the property's luxurious appeal. Premium hot tubs are made of high-quality materials, feature a high-end appearance, and are equipped with only the most advanced wellness technology such as hydromassage jets and chromotherapy lighting. Investing in a luxury hydromassage hot tub offers a wide variety of benefits, including enhancing the overall appearance and value of your property , and improving your physical and mental health. Trying to find the best small hot tub can feel overwhelming, as there are many different types of small hot tubs on the market. Aquatica’s online store simplifies this journey, by helping you to choose the best hot tub for your space from the comfort of your home. You can use the product modifications section on the product page, to customize the hot tub to perfectly match your design and personal needs. You can add additional features to provide the best possible spa experience, such as Bluetooth Audio and the Aromatherapy Package . Aquatica can also help with your hot tub installation. We can dispatch an experienced engineer or technician to your property to train your contractor, and supervise the entire installation process. Aquatica Professional Services makes sure the hot tub is correctly installed and working properly. This helps to eliminate any warranty covered deficiencies.

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