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Aquatica Downtown Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding

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Aquatica Downtown Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding

December 22, 2020

Aquatica Downtown Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding

Aquatica presents our brand new Downtown Spa with Thermory Wooden Siding  to perfectly compliment the true natural beauty of the outdoors. Enjoy the ultimate hot tub experience under the sky in our high-tech, hydro-massage hot tub with natural wooden panels. Aquatica has teamed up with Thermory, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of thermally modified wood to create an aesthetically stunning and exceptionally durable wooden hot tub cabinet. The wooden panels are created using special thermal treatment technology to ensure the wood remains rot free for decades, making this hot tub an extremely smart long-term investment.

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Stunning & Sustainable Natural Wooden Panels

The inner hot tub shell was carefully crafted using our proprietary light-weight composite material DurateX™ . The hot tub exterior features beautiful natural wooden panels made of Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding, creating a timelessly exquisite façade. The thermo-ash cladding offers premium durability, meticulous milling, simple installation, and easy maintenance.

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Special Thermal Treatment Technology For A Visually Stunning Hot Tub Cabinet


Thermory’s experts spent over 20 years perfecting its special thermal modification process to develop the best method for producing eco-friendly, durable and stable wooden panels with a flawless aesthetically superior surface finish. The modification process uses only heat and steam, making the hot tub panels a great alternative to plastic panels or chemically treated wood.
Thermally modified wood is completely natural, chemical free and does not harm the environment. The thermo-ash cladding provides excellent protection, guaranteeing your hot tub cabinet remains in outstanding shape for many years.

Unwind With A Therapeutic Hydro-Massage

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The Downtown hot tub with Thermory wooden siding will enhance the value and appeal of your commercial or residential property. The hot tub’s compact design creates a romantic and intimate ambiance for couples and friends to thoroughly enjoy each other's company, and completely unwind with a truly therapeutic whirlpool massage experience.

Integrated Bluetooth & Water-Resistant Technology


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Watch the stars in style with your favorite music in the background thanks to our powerful Class D amplifier technology, weather-resistant pop-up speakers, and integrated subwoofer. The Aquatica Downtown hot tub features one of the best hot tub audio systems on the market, specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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