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Solid Surface Bathtubs and Washbasins – Glossy or Matte?

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Solid Surface Bathtubs and Washbasins – Glossy or Matte?

March 25, 2020
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So you are looking to fulfill your bathroom design vision with a new bathtub. Great! Aquatica offers a wide selection of materials to choose from for your next luxury freestanding bathtub. Our very own AquateX™ material, a solid surface composite, proposes an elegant solution to all bathroom needs. Fire-resistant, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable, AquateX™ is an excellent option for your stand-alone bathtubs. But wait, there is more! To ensure you get the ultimate bespoke bathroom, we offer the choice between a matte or glossy finishes to your AquateX™ solid surface bathtubs and washbasins. What’s the difference? Let us help you understand the options and what would be a better fit for your needs!

Luna vessel sinks
Aquatica Luna Stone Vessel Sinks - Matte and Glossy

Matte Finish

To design the perfect bathroom space is no easy task. With so many factors to consider, every decision is of great importance. The AquateX™ solid surface offers a matte finish to your freestanding bath, sure to make a great centerpiece in any bathroom space. A contemporary trend, the matte finish is a lot softer than the alternative. Smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes, this option provides an elegant element to your bathing experience. When convenience is a factor to consider, the matte finish is an excellent option, as fingerprints, imperfections, and smudges are less apparent on matte surfaces. For easy maintenance and contemporary comfort, try a matte finish.

Luna Matte Bathtub
Aquatica Luna Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub - Fine Matte

Glossy Finish

On the other hand, there is the AquateX™ LuX material, which inspires an atmosphere of luxury with an elegant high gloss finish. Made from the same solid surface composite, AquateX™ LuX gives any freestanding tub an air of polished perfection. The glossy finish also appears slightly visually brighter, as the gloss reflects light much more than the matte option. Highly durable, the material is also easier to clean. The high gloss finish, with proper maintenance, ensures that any imperfection or mark can be easily wiped away with a standard household sponge and will not leave residue on the surface. AquateX™ LuX is bright, daring, and decadent, with the added benefit of a spotless surface.

Luna Glossy bathtub
Aquatica Luna Freestanding Solid Surface Bathtub - High Gloss

What’s the Difference?

The choice is ultimately yours! The best way to determine what the best option would be for you is to take a look at our Aquatica online store, where all of our products and materials are listed. A great place to start is the Aquatica Luna Freestanding Solid Surface, available with both a matte and a high gloss finish. If the matte finish seems more appealing, it is a soft, warm, and contemporary choice, even to be seamlessly mixed with bright color palettes. The high gloss, a sleek, sharp, and bright piece, is sure to draw attention to itself even in a room with darker color choices. If the decision is still difficult, think of what would appeal to you more visually and then consider other requirements, such as maintenance and glare.

Both are excellent choices for your needs and promise the durability of AquateX™. Our online store also offers material samples of both finishes, in case you need to see them work their magic in your space to come to a final decision.

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