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No luxury home is truly complete without a beautiful hydromassage hot tub in its garden, terrace or backyard. Not only do hot tubs enhance the overall appearance and value of your home, hot tubs can also be a great form of entertainment and therapy.

Best Hot Tubs

November 03, 2021

No luxury home is truly complete without a beautiful hydromassage hot tub in its garden, terrace or backyard. Not only do hot tubs enhance the overall appearance and value of your home, hot tubs can also be a great form of entertainment and therapy. Since the outbreak of COVID, the demand for hot tubs continues to rise dramatically, as many homeowners are eager to create an exclusive home spa experience, instead of going away to spas, leisure centres or hotels. Having your own private hot tub at home can provide many benefits to your general wellbeing. Hydromassage therapy is proven to relieve physical pain, muscle tension, and physiological stress. It can also help to reduce the secretion of cortisol and other hormones associated with stress. Let’s take a look at some of the best hot tubs with luxury aesthetics, premium materials, innovative technology and outstanding performance. 

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Top Rated Hot Tub Reviews

Top rated hot tubs are not actually hot tubs with the cheapest price, but these are the best value hot tubs, providing homeowners with personal and financial value. Most hot tubs for sale online do not feature luxury aesthetics, so even though they may provide great entertainment, these types of hot tubs will not enhance the overall value of the property. The best hot tubs to buy for a luxury home should feature world-class aesthetics. This type of hot tub is not easy to find online, as many hot tubs on the market feature an unattractive appearance. Aquatica focuses on designing the most beautiful luxury hot tub spas, which deliver the best therapeutic spa treatment. These exclusive hot tubs complement the natural beauty of the outdoors and improve the overall luxury appeal of a home’s outdoor space. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, all of Aquatica’s hot tubs are carefully crafted in Europe using only the best materials, and feature a large amount of jets to provide the best possible hydromassage spa experience. Whirlpool tubs and air massage bathtubs with chromotherapy features are some of Aquatica’s most popular and best selling tubs, but Aquatica’s new collection of luxury hot tubs and spas are also receiving a lot of attention from celebrities and homeowners across the globe. 

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Top 5 Hot Tubs

The Best Hydrotherapy Hot Tub For The Body & Mind

The Aquatica Vibe is the best hot tub for spa lovers, who are searching for the ultimate hydrotherapy treatment. The Vibe is the world's only hydrotherapy hot tub with both active and passive therapy floating seats. Featuring an innovative ergonomic design, chromotherapy LED lights, 40 whirlpool jets, 24 air massage jets, and special flotation style seating, the Vibe is the best mood enhancer. Integrated jets stimulate a special flotation sensation, providing a feeling of complete weightlessness, lifting up the entire body while delivering a powerful hydromassage . Hydromassage therapy is incredibly beneficial for physical and mental health, as it helps to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, muscle pain and improves blood circulation. The passive therapy floating seat transports the bather into a realm of tranquility, by focusing on post-therapy relaxation, completely clearing the mind. 

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The Best Compact Luxury Hot Tub Spa

The Aquatica Downtown model is one of the best hot tubs for anyone interested in buying a beautiful minimalist spa, which is spacious on the interior, but compact on the exterior, allowing it to fit in almost any setting. Three models of the Downtown series boast compact dimensions of 78.75"x59"x28.25" (200x150x72 cm). The Downtown With Composite Siding features a compact design with a sleek, minimalist appeal, making it one of the best hot tubs for a contemporary home. Developed for marine indoor and outdoor applications, this moisture-resistant composite material, featuring high-edge stability, rot-resistance and outstanding durability. 

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The Best Spa Tub To Enhance A Property’s Value

If you're looking to urgently add the wow factor to your home, in order to increase the value of your luxury home, then you should consider an Aquatica inground hot tub , which is a small spa pool. The Vibe and Downtown collections both offer inground spa tubs. This allows homeowners to build the hot tub into the ground to fit specific design and size requirements. Inground spas can perfectly complement almost any outdoor setting, permanently enhancing the value and overall appearance of your outdoor space. Accessibility is also a major advantage of inground spas, bathers can easily enter and exit the inground hot tub, making it one of the best home spas for users of all ages and mobility levels. 

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The Best Hot Tubs For A Forest Or Lake 

Wooden hot tubs are one of the best types of hot tubs for forest and lake settings. Perfect for nature lovers, the Aquatica Downtown Spa With Thermory Wooden Siding features a beautiful cabinet made of real solid wood, which is sourced from sustainable forests. The hot tub's wooden aesthetics complements the natural beauty of the great outdoors, making this one of the best spa hot tubs for a forest or lake. The hot tub’s wooden appearance creates a warm and cozy feeling, providing a romantic ambiance for couples, or offering a great bonding experience for families and friends. 

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The Best Spa For Couples

The Aquatica Lacus Spa With Composite Siding is one of the best spa tubs for couples, providing the most romantic environment. The Lacus can be installed in any suitable outdoor location such as a terrace, backyard, balcony or yacht. The Lacus boasts an incredible array of high-tech features. Spa lovers have the opportunity to reap the benefits of an impressive amount of powerful hydromassage jets, delivering a therapeutic full body massage, while over two-dozen bottom-mounted air massage nozzles provide a beneficial lymphatic massage.

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What Is The Difference Between A Jacuzzi & Hot Tub?

The word Jacuzzi is often used to refer to a hot tub, but Jacuzzi is actually just a trademarked brand of hot tubs. Hot water bathing and different types of hot tubs for therapeutic and recreational use date back to ancient times in Europe and Asia. It was not until the 1940’s that hot tubs started to make an appearance in the United States. These hot tubs were inspired by the traditional Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs . The Ofuro also inspired Aquatica to design and develop a modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese tub, called the Aquatica True Ofuro . This top selling tub is available to buy in different sizes and styles to meet the personal and design needs of homeowners. The Aquatica True Ofuro Mini Tranquility is one of the best compact tubs for small bathrooms. The True Ofuro Duo is one of the most popular spa tubs for couples, as they can enjoy a traditional Japanese soaking experience together. Made of  Aquatica’s in-house developed DurateX™ , this tub can be used indoors or outdoors, in all weather conditions. 

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Factors To Consider When Buying Hot Tubs


The first factor you should consider is size. This will depend on your capacity needs, overall design, and available space. If you're looking to buy the best hot tub for parties, then you should buy a large hot tub with enough seats for at least 4-6 people. The Vibe is a spacious, party-perfect 5 seater hot tub, while the Downtown is a more compact spa tub with four seats. Individuals and couples can take a look at the Downtown Hot Tub, or Aquatica’s selection of Whirlpool Hydro Relax Jetted Spa Tubs, or Freestanding Outdoor Bathtubs. Once you have chosen your desired capacity, you need to measure the area you plan to install the hot tub. It is important you choose the correct exterior length to make sure you select the best hot tub to fit your space. Make sure this space is large enough to fit your spa and its foundation.

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Jets are an important factor to consider when buying a hot tub. The best hot tub for a truly revitalizing body massage should include a minimum of 30 hydromassage jets. The jets should be made of a high-quality material, which will remain in great condition for many years. Aquatica’s hot tubs feature marine grade stainless steel jets, which are extremely durable and corrosion resistant. All of Aquatica’s hot tubs include ergonomically designed adjustable jets, allowing bathers to reposition and select the best pressure and intensity for the best possible massage experience. The jets are strategically placed in clusters to match the bathers' body contours and mimic the various massage types aimed to provide the best therapeutic hydrotherapy treatment for each body part. 

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Dual water sanitization system 200x200 (web)

Water Filtration & Sanitization

The best hot tub should have an outstanding circulation, filtration and sanitization system. Aquatica’s hot tubs include the innovative Tranquility package with excellent water filtration. This includes a very quiet but powerful and extremely reliable motor of 138 watts or 1/12 HP. The Tranquility system is equipped with a reliable heater, to keep water at the perfect temperature. Downtown hot tubs are equipped with a unique dual ozone and UV-C water sanitizing system. This is the world’s best, completely natural, non-chemical disinfection system that keeps the water clean and prevents the growth of bacteria. 

Additional Options

Include some additional high-tech features to take the home spa experience to the next level. 

  • The Aromatherapy package provides the best aromatic air massage possible. The soothing perfume canister is plumbed into the air blower system, heating the air and releasing relaxing fragrances from specially-infused beads. 
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  • Listening to music can also improve your relaxation levels. Aquatica hot tubs can be equipped with integrated Bluetooth Audio , featuring powerful Class D amplifier technology, weather-resistant pop-up speakers, and an integrated subwoofer. 
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Which Hot Tub Is Better?

There are so many hot tub brands on the market, it can actually be quite overwhelming to narrow down the best hot tub for you. Do your research and choose the best hot tub, which meets your practical, design, wellness and personal needs. Remember, buying a hot tub for your luxury home should be considered as a long-term investment, so it is important to choose a hot tub with durable materials, which are extremely resistant to changing weather conditions.

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