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Home spa remodeling ideas are trending this year, as many homeowners choose to create their own private spa rather than going away to hotels or spa resorts for leisure and treatments. So let’s take a closer look at these bathroom remodeling ideas and trends for this year.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2023

January 14, 2023


2023 bathroom remodel ideas focus on ways to improve the homeowner’s lifestyle, while also permanently increasing the property’s value and overall appearance. Home spa remodeling ideas are trending this year, as many homeowners choose to create their own private spa rather than going away to hotels or spa resorts for leisure and treatments. Outdoor bathrooms are also trending this year, as homeowners want to spend more time outside and optimize their outdoor space. Another top bathroom remodel trend in 2023 revolves around timeless bespoke bathroom fixtures, as homeowners want to create unique bathrooms that express a distinctive style. Bathroom fixtures that focus on safety, accessibility, durability and low maintenance are also popular bathroom remodel ideas for 2023. So let’s take a closer look at these bathroom remodeling ideas and trends for this year.

Therapeutic Home Spa Sanctuaries 

2023 bathroom remodel ideas focus on enhancing homeowners quality of life, and bringing a feeling of tranquility inside the home. COVID-19 dramatically increased anxiety and stress levels, depriving many of much needed spa and wellness retreats, while lockdowns limited people's options to spend time outdoors. A spa bathtub is one of the best master bathroom remodel ideas, as it can help to significantly reduce stress levels, and allow you to truly enjoy every moment you spend at home.

Aquatica Downtown HydroRelax Pro Freestanding DurateX Bathtub With Maridur Composite Panels01

The Downtown HydroRelax Pro Bathtub is a great product choice for homeowners seeking to rapidly renovate their bathroom into an exclusive home spa. This innovative spa tub is equipped with 32 hydro-massage jets, 12 air massage jets and back massage with Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™). Bathers can benefit from a powerful whirlpool massage along the entire back, from cervical to lumbar. The Downtown HydroRelax Pro Bathtub also includes a Chromotherapy LED-powered lighting system. This allows homeowners and their guests to bathe in a tranquil environment, surrounded by luxury. Chromotherapy can help to relieve different types of ailments, lower stress levels, reduce inflammation, and accelerate open wound healing.

Aquatica Downtown HydroRelax Pro Freestanding DurateX Bathtub With Maridur Composite Panels05

Timeless Tailored Bathroom Sink Vanities

2023 bathroom remodel trends will focus around customizable bathroom fixtures, featuring a timeless design. The Millennium series offers homeowners the opportunity to order one-of-a-kind bespoke bathroom vanities. Different colors, configurations and sizes are available to fulfill the customer’s design and practical needs. The Millennium series is both fashionable and functionable, as it features smart storage compartments to optimize space and keep the bathroom clutter free.

Millennium Stone Wooden Cabinets 01 (web)

The Millennium White Stone Bathroom Sink with a matching floating vanity perfectly combines luxury with elegance. White stone and natural wooden tones are also expected to be popular colors for bathrooms in 2023. This year, we will also see many bathrooms, featuring black accents. The Millennium Vanity and Sink in black granite stone composite offers a truly exclusive style, and is a great choice for homeowners searching to add a bit of glamor to their bathroom decor. 

Millennium Black Stone Wooden Cabinets 02 (web)

Outdoor Bathrooms

Trending bathroom remodel ideas in 2023 revolve around investing in outdoor spaces. Home owners are considering different ways to make the most out of their outdoor areas, so they can spend more time outside. 

Bathtubs For Outside

Bring some Japanese culture to your outdoor space with the True Ofuro Duo . This modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese soaker provides the most relaxing outdoor bathing experience for two bathers. Ideal for couples, the outdoor tub features two ergonomically designed built-in seats, and plenty of space for even the tallest of bathers. Made of light-weight DurateX™ glass-carbon composite, the soaker is durable, weather resistant, easy-to-clean and will maintain its natural surface shine and original colour for many years. You can also buy this tub with a spa package, featuring air massage and chromotherapy technology. 

True Ofuro Duo Freestanding Stone Japanese Soaking Bathtub 03 (web)

Freestanding Weather Resistant Showers

Outdoor showers are also gaining in popularity, as they offer numerous design opportunities for an outdoor bathroom. The beautiful Gamma Outdoor Shower Collection featuring a real rain effect can perfectly complement any decor choice, including contemporary, tropical, rustic, scandinavian, Hamptons, zen and electric.The Aquatica Gamma 624 freestanding outdoor shower is one of the best showers for an outdoor bathroom. The easy-to-use hand held hose is a great feature for families, allowing you to easily wash your children or pets. It is also one of the best options for high latitudes, as it contains an automatic antifreeze emptying system, making it a great shower for high latitudes. You can easily install the 624 outdoor shower inside a wet room or outside a sauna or spa.

Aquateica Vibe Infinity Spa With Wooden Siding

Safety & Accessibility

Safety and accessibility continue to be some of the biggest bathroom remodel trends in 2023. The Baby Boomer 2 offers a safe and accessible bathing experience for everyone, including children, the elderly and bathers with limited mobility. Featuring a grab bar, low entry step, and easy-to-use door, this extremely safe bathtub allows bathers to comfortably enter and exit the tub, without the fear of falling. The wide ergonomically designed seat provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience for bathers of all shapes and sizes. If you're searching online for small bathroom ideas in 2023, then the Baby Boomer 2 is suitable, as it features compact dimensions, and can fit even in tiny bathrooms. It can also be equipped with special features such as hydromassage, bubble bath, color therapy, heater, lights, and rapid pump-assist draining. Bathers of all ages can benefit from these advanced, therapeutic features. 

BB2 Full collage2 1

Small Luxury Vessel Sinks

Small bathroom remodel ideas in 2023 revolve around stylish small sinks, exemplifying luxury. Small boring bathrooms have officially gone out of style, as homeowners opt to transform their tiny bathroom or washroom into a luxurious space. The modern, minimalistic design of the Solace Sink will provide a luxurious design element to a small bathroom. You can buy a solace sink with either a low or high basin, in white, black, or with a black exterior combined with a white interior, or in any colour from the RAL chart to meet your design needs. If you're looking to add an element of glamor to your small bathroom, you could combine this Solace wash basin with a stylish wall mounted tap in gold or black, and install it on bathroom furniture or on a stone base. 

Aquatica Solace B Wht Round Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink 01 (web)

Easy Maintenance & Durability

Budget-friendly cheaper bathroom fixtures have gone completely out of fashion in the world of bathroom remodeling and renovation. In general, consumers are investing in higher quality products, as they are tired of repairing products and buying a replacement product only after a year or two. Homeowners want to increase the overall value of their property and also install bathroom fixtures that can last a lifetime, increasing the need for easy to maintain and durable bathroom fixtures. Aquatica heavily invested in R&D to produce high-quality problem solving materials with strong, flexible, sustainable, light-weight and easy-to-clean features. All of Aquatica’s products are easy to maintain and designed to last a very long time. Aquatica offers a wide array of bathroom ware for sale in different easy-to-maintain and durable materials, including the award-winning stone composite solid surface AquateX™ , black graphite solid surface NeroX™ , Sleek Concrete, thermally treated Thermory Wood, and proprietary light-weight glass carbon composite DurateX™

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